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  • Mélancolie Mélancolie
    Mélancolie Mélancolie

    no f ing wonder why riot fined a pro doing the disconnect in a pro game that's messing with the code and is toxic

  • UmaruMyWaifu

    There's a bug on sylas where he keeps vex's ult even after using it, when the cd of his ult comes back he directly get vex's ult and cannot choose any other player.

  • pinho

    adc's seeng this = fuck

  • Nachoboy350

    ... the real.... tsuNami. Still need a cool vid for kameNamiha

  • Gökhan Özer
    Gökhan Özer

    When yasuo wants to get his powerspike

  • False Panda
    False Panda

    Riot trying to tell them that they're all losers for playing League

  • Frank

    That actually looks like a really fun champion design.

  • Jose Franco
    Jose Franco

    "Dead man walking"

  • Jorge Hurtado
    Jorge Hurtado

    ME after reading title: "That looks like fun" Me after reading first second info: "Well that sucks"

  • sleepy bear
    sleepy bear

    Cant watch a seraphine vid without seein the hate comments my god lmao

  • Pr. Zugzwang
    Pr. Zugzwang

    1:40 it will pops out nautilus again... 1:41 Oh it didn't ? 1:42 FOR DUCK SAKE

  • 夜桜

    Vex r + Sion r please

  • CaptainKalus

    Not a bug, riot is just testing out the new Win Forgiven feature

  • luis fernando pabon narvaez
    luis fernando pabon narvaez

    1:30 im the only one that thinks that looks great?

  • Irineu José
    Irineu José

    200 years🙏

  • Right Clicked
    Right Clicked

    Ultra tank lmaokai part 2??

  • KillerQueen

    its a bug if you lose

  • VlaDragoN7

    Just happened to me. No change in LP but I think Imma quit this whole alt+f4 thing for now...

  • willzombieking

    I love Fizz and his ult so much, it makes me want to show my affection by *jumping off a bridge*

  • Minh Tuan Chau
    Minh Tuan Chau

    riot said : "we don't have time to fix it, because we must spend time on skin due" :))

  • MamboFaya

    I knew it ! Since it came out i tried it out and i found it to be really useless af. So that's what was happening. Damn riot wtf

  • Toast651gaming

    One of my favorite clips is me throwing a yasuo q in ga to get a penta

  • Matteo GM
    Matteo GM


  • REvE


  • Jay Ron2 Mobile Legends
    Jay Ron2 Mobile Legends

    Seems like a new hero in the mlbb

  • abc dfg
    abc dfg

    I play Jayce since release, he has alot of bugs like that, for example, he also attacks when he's stuned or can use his e (melee) when stunned and all, funny

  • Taner Genç
    Taner Genç

    Normender1234 😂😂😂

  • B P
    B P

    U forgot iron of elixar

  • Zeyad Abou Ghannam
    Zeyad Abou Ghannam

    How there is a dark harvest. And letaltempo on one champion?

  • Ahmad Bugshan
    Ahmad Bugshan

    this proves that missing with the game isnt that hard and they can make something called chaos patch it wont stay for pro league and it happens every 5 patchs they change a champion with weird rework that might actually work if it works and players like it it stays if not they revert it lol + they love nautilus

  • im tired
    im tired

    hes just a good driver dude

  • Milkenm

    i always wanted to know what spaghetti would happen if everyone alt -f4'd the game, here it is

  • Sheevlord

    So, the meme "I hope both teams lose" finally came true.

  • Kakegouri Light
    Kakegouri Light

    Better than in game pathing.

  • Relz I.
    Relz I.

    Smaug in league at last

  • Relz I.
    Relz I.

    Steal nidalee's ult = big ass cougar

  • The Emperør
    The Emperør

    I believe this "works" for azir too

  • The Lost Crusader
    The Lost Crusader

    I had this in a ranked a couple of weeks before

  • Сергей Иванов
    Сергей Иванов

    Потести Е браума, что прикольного можно с ней

  • chokage

    "the final boss isnt that hard" the final boss:

  • LelleOne

    Thats a known bug tho

  • Minh Nguyễn
    Minh Nguyễn

    It's a feature

  • Nguyễn Minh Đức
    Nguyễn Minh Đức

    Didn't know Sion took driving classes

  • Ursii

    if he killed khazix would he have gotten a hexakill?

  • Johnson Trimble
    Johnson Trimble

    But does anyone ever really win when u play league of legends?

  • Okagemi

    I think it might be a bug interaction with his Q's crit mechanic if it doesn't hit more than 1 target. Perhaps it's still coded as a crit even if it hits zero targets, and that somehow makes the game think that he must have hit something, so it procs tear and gives him the mana essentially for free.

  • 까마귀ItsCrow

    It just happens to be that Jayce could move a single bit of second in a frozen time and Sett was close enough for Jayce to land a killing blow.

  • Đoàn Công Anh
    Đoàn Công Anh

    Finally they bring back doom bots

  • がもろう

    As people say: You already lost when you are playing league

  • Dimitri DB
    Dimitri DB

    quinns passive mark and kraken slayer have had a nice interaction for the past year

  • Reggae Marley
    Reggae Marley

    For anyone looking for the updated Morde vs Mundo interaction, Mundo now no longer gets pulled into the death realm. You just pop his passive and the ult fizzles.

  • dot txt
    dot txt

    fizz: but little did he know...

  • Furkan

    türk agalar be

  • Mediccarp

    Naw looks like he just got his opportunity attack you can clearly see sett running away without disengaging

  • Rod Grazen Esquivel
    Rod Grazen Esquivel

    Its like a killable missile.

  • COWSEP '
    COWSEP '

    Why is this recommended

  • Hakan


  • Xavier

    See this is actually just the next champ's ability

  • Kevin Kostman
    Kevin Kostman

    Co tu się odkurwiło?

  • Nico Steins
    Nico Steins

    You can hear them speaking French. Makes sense considering WW 2

  • Citronity

    1:17 nice miss fortune buffs

  • Princess Zephyr
    Princess Zephyr

    Why tf are you playing a POE character in league???

  • Masterio

    Polish mountain

  • DNK Kavach
    DNK Kavach


  • CraezyFXβ

    If that doesn’t scream out chad energy then idk what does.

  • Zoelove

    League of legends, the first MOBA game with a 49% winrate

  • SFM Animator
    SFM Animator


  • The Perfect Sidekick
    The Perfect Sidekick

    Hello, we are Riot games. We are pretty cool, right?

  • Keddy

    alternative title : vandril cs hack 英雄联盟 4000 cs 24 min

  • mirea cristi & patri
    mirea cristi & patri

    And now this is what I can call a good feature

  • Oleksa Koshovyy
    Oleksa Koshovyy

    Hey Vandrill I know 1 funny Yasuo bug to do the bug you need Spirit Blossom Yasuo then be in game recall and click ctrl 3 while recalling

  • Sael 'Allk
    Sael 'Allk

    not even Sett himself could stand such bullshit there XD champ literal said "Really?" XDXDXD

  • KazzSama

    Yay so already overpowered zhonyas now has an attack function! But no seriously even if this was the case would not be suprised at all if rito would add something like this .-.

  • Alpha-Byx-07 qwq
    Alpha-Byx-07 qwq

    1:23 of unstopping nami

  • Francisco Anfuso
    Francisco Anfuso

    all your videos have to got this title

  • Matthieu NEPLE
    Matthieu NEPLE


  • Evan Edwards
    Evan Edwards

    Didn't T1 actually get one of these during the mid lane challenge?

  • Energy0124

    Echo slam!

  • Norbistro

    0:27 Vysotzky to nerd xDD

  • The sexy gaming channel
    The sexy gaming channel

    how does this happen?