0.20 AS Karthus + Stridebreaker
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  • Caenen

    Like Tiamat's active did last season, Goredrinker and Stridebreaker's cast time are the SAME as your AUTO ATTACK WINDUP at your current attack speed. This is especially apparentl for Stridebreaker, since the dash time can be MUCH shorter than the cast time this way, leading to an awkward pause before the effect happens - If you slow the attack speed of a Stridebreaker user hard enough, just walk comfortably out of the zone! Rell is the champion with the slowest attack windup of them all, but gets less affected by attack speed buffs or debuffs. So in the end, Karthus takes the crown; Stridebreaker Karthus, not coming to a soloQ anywhere!

    • Eternal wolve
      Eternal wolve

      too smart bro

    • O G
      O G

      @NikiBr0 He's the guy in the vid, (Fiora) probably saw it before it was public

    • Pieter Giesen
      Pieter Giesen

      @Pawcix would you be able to lower Rell or Senna to .20 AS by using Wither + Groundslam + Riposte? Would those autos be slower than Karthus? Also, just curious, what would Kalista look like on .20 AS? Do the hops slow down too? Or just the spear throw wind up?

    • Jeremy Delavie
      Jeremy Delavie

      @Caenen oooooh !!! thank you, nice one ! :)

    • Caenen

      @Jeremy Delavie The only effect that alters the attack speed floor in the game right now is Sion's passive; It raises it to 1.75 AS.

  • Richard Untalan
    Richard Untalan

    And this is why Karthus needs some rework or adjustments xD

  • Deathinition

    he's just an old man :(

  • Şafak Atlıhan
    Şafak Atlıhan

    Hızkesene basıp kısa dash atmak istersin ama aktif 3 saniyede etkinleşir

  • Matheus Ribeiro
    Matheus Ribeiro

    no make sense he were with 100ms i didn`t understand

  • Oskar Białkowski
    Oskar Białkowski

    this is the dumbest shiet i have ever witnessed

  • Hori


  • Òscar Ufoporno
    Òscar Ufoporno

    He looks so stone lol

  • hikaru !
    hikaru !

    he can have a lower as if you w him with nasus(idk if you forgot)

  • Colin Shaw
    Colin Shaw

    so smooth

  • Dqzziest 17
    Dqzziest 17

    u should have done it with nasus W and tryndamere W they both take attack speed

  • Dirty Donut
    Dirty Donut

    why didnt you use nasus w aswell, would be even slower

  • Pardeep Dhaliwal
    Pardeep Dhaliwal

    Why is this like oddly satisfying to watch

  • Seven Aries
    Seven Aries

    POV: Your internet in promo games

  • Onyx Solace
    Onyx Solace

    buying 500 gold physical vamp and attack damage does 0 lifesteal even though it specifically says it adds 15% physical vamp

  • BACKDOWN The Revenge
    BACKDOWN The Revenge

    No one builds Goredrinker and stridebreaker on karthus anyway, it dont matter.

  • Áhim Usztics
    Áhim Usztics


  • J. Van Pelt
    J. Van Pelt


  • AffenKönig_YT


  • Key Mi
    Key Mi

    took a break from league seeing kartus going stride breaker in ranked like why

  • Ivan Krnić
    Ivan Krnić

    I watched this at 2x speed and it was slow

  • Luis O
    Luis O

    POV: An old man is swinging his cane at you.

  • Game Lab Germany
    Game Lab Germany

    The morgana Q flashbacks kicks in :x

  • Sebastien Dnw
    Sebastien Dnw

    Me thinking it was slow motion o_o

  • Seiso ch
    Seiso ch

    This new metas are getting weird

  • jose Mosquera Manzano
    jose Mosquera Manzano

    no i want to see how will it look even with less attack speed or 0.20 is the lowest?

  • Renzo Pellinacci
    Renzo Pellinacci

    No entiendo

    • FernanWTF


  • Vortex-21

    Ah yes, the self stun

  • ルミやRumIA

    Should try this with nasus wither too

  • Hiç Öylesine
    Hiç Öylesine

    Nasus W?

  • 민성

    이게 뭐하는건데

  • nicolas pumilia
    nicolas pumilia


  • Chimken Wings Yt
    Chimken Wings Yt

    Also with Sejuani and Frozen heart and randiuns

  • Sam Gibson
    Sam Gibson

    Old eccentric man tries to do the whip, suffers from an onset of paralysis before he can finish, even the rocks leaving him after it.

  • Erdoğan Duman
    Erdoğan Duman

    dont getha

  • Stained Spear
    Stained Spear

    I really wanted to see 20AS lol

  • Ryan Rios
    Ryan Rios

    Malphite+fiora+Nasus w?

  • Sander Betchayda
    Sander Betchayda


  • Yiğit Dönmez
    Yiğit Dönmez

    tunç hocadan geldim sa

  • 1098-Yatin Shukla
    1098-Yatin Shukla

    Wait...karthus can auto attack ????????

  • D Junior
    D Junior


  • Grasp Faith
    Grasp Faith

    Can you tell someone in riot to fix this bug? If I mute someone in champ select why are their pings not muted in game even though it shows on scoreboard that they are? Thanks :)

  • Bengy

    Nasus W also lowers AS though, why not use it?

  • Тихомир Петров
    Тихомир Петров

    Doesn't graves have the lowest attack speed?

  • rodrigo corrales chaupi
    rodrigo corrales chaupi


  • Sir F
    Sir F

    Yo vandiril. The q animation of soulflower riven is currently broken. Look a bit in practice mode

  • lambert dobry kolega geralta
    lambert dobry kolega geralta

    Project theme music

  • Zotex


  • Kiwi


  • pentagonofpeople

    Slap an exhaust and wither onto that

  • Nikos Emman
    Nikos Emman

    Try nasus w also

  • Justin Richter
    Justin Richter

    oh damn that makes my stridebreaker grasp senna build much worse

  • Kaw


  • Salgo96

    Is 0.2 AS like the lowest it will go, or why didn't you use nasus wither?

  • 238SAMIxD

    what about Nasus W?

  • Stampy_ HD
    Stampy_ HD


  • J S
    J S

    Aaaaaand... Why should I care about a karthus sidebraker?

  • TonyMontana

    Why u laggin bro

  • Jet

    So, what was the point of this video?

  • ELGashong YT
    ELGashong YT

    I wonder how fast you can wind stride breaker now

  • Box


  • Mohamad Alrashed
    Mohamad Alrashed

    Karthus Auto Attacks !!!!!

  • Tevfik Yıldırım
    Tevfik Yıldırım

    Nasus W ?

  • Luis Ga
    Luis Ga

    No entendi nada

  • Infamous Veigar
    Infamous Veigar

    What is the music?

  • ACB

    can ab

  • 13yo Predator
    13yo Predator

    Why do you have to repeat the same thing over and over again?

  • Silersun

    This is just plain self-hard cc now

  • Luca

    Vandiril try it with Nasus W, it actually gives the enemy a cripple of 47.5%.

  • alejandro lorenzoherandez
    alejandro lorenzoherandez

    Vandiril i have a question for u is the yasuo´s w not inteded to block the fidl q cause i been playing a bit of yasuo recently and i found out this problem and am not sure if that should work like that cause fidl q is supose to be an proyectile right ?

  • Galdorg

    Notice how it actually comes out when one of the two as reduction is gone, this how cancer they are

  • Sasaki Kojiro
    Sasaki Kojiro

    Now I want to see this but with Nasus joining the party and Frozen Heart applying its debuff

  • Drachenrecke

    Rito pls nerf

  • Mati Pedi
    Mati Pedi

    You should use nasus as Well his W slows and reduce your atack speed a lot

  • Man Chul
    Man Chul

    "This game is made in china"

  • Falss Pryde
    Falss Pryde

    A bug from before has come back on live where it kicks me out of the game for no reason. It was fixed last time but now it's back and I cant play a game without it kicking me out randomly. I hope it gets fixed


    Actually that was a nice trick for players who are playing with gore drinker and the other item. But its just bad to learn it new for me :)

  • Nils Arnerlöf
    Nils Arnerlöf

    Why is the channel time so long?

  • Kingwelch908

    Hey it’s the Minecraft guy that helps me sleep!! I’m so happy your ok, I thought u were dead!

  • Minh Nguyễn
    Minh Nguyễn

    Nasus W

  • Alexukuru

    My man is playing in slow motion

  • Destroyer

    Where Nasus W?

  • Nikolai Kyrillov
    Nikolai Kyrillov

    The video started loading when karthus pressed the stridebreaker on 0.20 as xD

  • Amethonys

    Weird that MS slows haven't stacked in years, but AS slows still do. Does it matter? No, not really, but is still odd nonetheless.

  • Braulio Noh
    Braulio Noh

    When you in .25% slow put another .25% of speed in the video: *ZA WARUDO* *Toki otomare* ざワルド時お止まれ!!!

  • LautT

    No entiendo xd lol

  • Luca Marino
    Luca Marino

    Damn that's slow

  • Daniel Ahmetaj
    Daniel Ahmetaj

    Imagine having no mana to kill the crab with karthus, and you have to hit it to death...

  • KuerbisGold9247

    Nasus takes the attack speed as well and even more :)

  • Lucas Charles
    Lucas Charles

    And with a nasus e ?

  • さくや

    And i didn't even see the AA itself 😥

  • orichimenor anderson cj
    orichimenor anderson cj


  • Perphena NoLastNameThoPls
    Perphena NoLastNameThoPls

    Vandiril: posts a video Riot employees: Aww shit. Here we go again.

  • Walking Shadow
    Walking Shadow

    Give us the fastest one Vandiril!

  • Walking Shadow
    Walking Shadow

    He still does the dash i guess...

  • Pedro Caetano
    Pedro Caetano

    what if you use nasus W?

  • Radoon Ridoan
    Radoon Ridoan

    Add nasus w

  • Joker Plays
    Joker Plays

    Imagine slowing down something slow :|

  • CrimZ0N

    I mean, should we really care though? Nobody would build this on Karthus anyway.

  • Pixel

    Couldnt u get less as with nasus w?

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