10 Cho'Gath Game that will restore your faith in League community
POV of that game: rsloft.info/loft/video/qJdkxnzQ05WxkYI
Thanks to Naitrodex for the replay! Check him here!
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  • Naitrodex

    Thanks again Vandiril!

    • Naitrodex

      @Ricardo Hoàng kisses to you :D

    • Ricardo Hoàng
      Ricardo Hoàng

      @Naitrodex Your 3000th like here! Love you 3000 😁

    • B. A. E.
      B. A. E.

      where can i say to riot games that i want to a chogath secoia skin?

    • Pascal Law
      Pascal Law

      Music: Bach - Prelude 1 in C Major BWV 846, the Well-Tempered Clavier

    • Naitrodex

      @troll 1 mom get the camera! haha :D

  • Kyletheinilater

    Turret be like: "Am i Joke to you"

  • VR Isaac
    VR Isaac

    that was clearly a Cho diff

  • AtomGhost

    Destroyah reaches his final form during Godzilla vs Destroyah (1995)(colorized)

  • Slenderman

    I want to play vayne with olaf ult against them they make me so cringe

  • Dimaratos Georgiadis
    Dimaratos Georgiadis

    I got clickbaitet only because it's Vandiril.

  • TehRik 00
    TehRik 00

    OFA Gragas when?

  • Klaus Katsu2K2
    Klaus Katsu2K2

    I'm watcing league of legends or ark survival? lmao

  • Yasin

    Why I cant see this people while I playing

  • Jean-Pierre Coffre
    Jean-Pierre Coffre

    They betrayed. That didn't restore anything

  • ホイホイ

    That looks so vile

  • jeff brubh
    jeff brubh

    yo these underlord plays are kind of crazy

  • Dzaba Leba
    Dzaba Leba

    Top gap

  • Alex Trollip
    Alex Trollip

    You can visibly see who is the most fed. Pun intended

  • B E A N O S
    B E A N O S

    What a peaceful game

  • Aloolf

    This reminds me of the video where hundreds of people in T-rex costumes stormed a mall

  • Yasuo TheUnforgiven
    Yasuo TheUnforgiven

    What a great friendly match.

  • Rolo López
    Rolo López

    10 Chogaths fighting under tower for 10 minutes. Tower: Am I a joke to you?

  • Ardi Waskita
    Ardi Waskita

    Cho'Gath : when SIZE is matter

  • Păun Ionuț
    Păun Ionuț

    It didn't

  • dendyds

    Graceful... like 10 black swans

  • Dekisare

    thats some cannibalism shit

  • egebeyim / egeiskid
    egebeyim / egeiskid

    attack on titan banned episode

  • xd Warmonger
    xd Warmonger

    a teammate of me picked cho. thought we would be fcked because enemy would take ranged. then in loading screen i saw that the enemy's had cho too. one of the best games of my life. was so fun

  • giotro007

    No shields no dash He only needs R to turn you into dust.

  • Massyl Touat
    Massyl Touat

    This. is. art.

  • Creative name
    Creative name

    2:00 wholesome part

  • Luke Jarvis
    Luke Jarvis

    I had a game where there was 80% cho votes, and some idiot chose yasuo so we got yas and we went into a cho team. Im glad this video could restore my hope

  • Annaxul Draugworc
    Annaxul Draugworc

    I wonder why riot stopped making the Pacific Rim skinline when they can make a bunch of money out of Kaiju Cho'gath. Up to now we have 5 Yeagers but only 1 Kaiju is Urgot

  • Pedro Pimenta
    Pedro Pimenta

    Gentleman best skin, fight me.

  • Metrice Senapi
    Metrice Senapi

    Had a 5 yi vs 5 garen where i straight danced for 20 min 4 of them

  • rei

    i wish i had that many friends to play with. :)

  • Michal Kovalčík
    Michal Kovalčík

    Plot twist: pacific rim film didnt end well

  • Salvador

    The stronger eats the weaker Welcome to the jungle

  • Stachu_Kosiarka

    POV: You can move

  • David Matus
    David Matus

    I recently played a 10 Cho game and honestly it was the most fun I had playing this game in a while

  • Camilo Gonzalez
    Camilo Gonzalez

    Cho'aGath is the more wholesome character in league period

  • Mīżü

    I love Chogath

  • SuccyTheSausage

    This was weirdly spiritually cleansing

  • Wolfi

    that was actually boring :/

  • Victor Velloso
    Victor Velloso

    It is a good game, but our community...

  • Marc Jerick Cabasaan
    Marc Jerick Cabasaan

    So this is how godzilla and his homies play~

  • Jean Pierre
    Jean Pierre

    Riot wants team fights to be flashy and fast, i enjoy watching 10 Cho'gaths fighting

  • Byemiek

    Don't cry

  • IHate TheInternet0notTheBand
    IHate TheInternet0notTheBand

    ⁱᵐ ᵍᵒⁱⁿᵍ ᵗᵒ ᵍᵒ ᵖˡᵃʸ ᶜʰᵒᵍᵃᵗʰ

  • Jester Martin
    Jester Martin

    Every one for all cho'gath game we have that one smol guy

  • Hepsima

    We needed this in these turbulent, depressive and lonely times

  • UnimaginablyCheezy

    Welcome to jurrasic park

  • Eduard

    You restored a little bit of faith but i lose it all yesterday and there is the reason: me and my boi picked Zed in Ofa just for fun and someone started crying we were taking Zed because we wanted to be faker?????????? I mean, i can lose the faith of league comunity with everything but that was ridiculous af

  • Veilean

    Honestly why am i not hearing 'jump around' with all these knockups displayed in this video?

  • Gabriel Rhodes
    Gabriel Rhodes

    I love how the red team just has a "tiny" cho'gath in the back as the bigger ones eat the blue team and their towers

  • Александр Щепочкин
    Александр Щепочкин

    Zerg rush

  • Mihai

    Planet: Where all of the dinosaurs dissapears Dinosaurs:

  • ༺Hakku༻

    I like how they r vibing to the radio of battle cast cho

  • Sean Keeley
    Sean Keeley

    I was hoping to learn they decided not to end the game before they all had at least 30 stacks

  • HunterX


  • dean morello
    dean morello

    looks like cho got knocked up just saying

  • mysticcalm

    Me and my cousins on the moon bounce

  • deep sp ce
    deep sp ce

    when a free to play game isn't good you have to make it good. bless these folks

  • Dimitris

    Normie kids: My favorite epic battle is kong vs godzila Me an intelectual: le 10 cho'gath

  • Shek1nah

    that cannibalism thou

  • Alessandro Rodia
    Alessandro Rodia

    Can this be considered as cannibalism?

  • Rubem Ferreira
    Rubem Ferreira

    Moido :3

  • Gustavo Martins
    Gustavo Martins

    just played two games in a row, and in both of them someone told another member of their team to kill themselves Sorry, this is not enough to restore my faith

  • Gunter Fröhling
    Gunter Fröhling

    now make them all use gentleman cho´gath

  • SrBlood YT
    SrBlood YT

    Welcome to jurassic park

  • Luis Nicio
    Luis Nicio

    2:01 a la rueda rueda de san miguel san miguel 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Arn deGothiaSZ
    Arn deGothiaSZ

    Oddly satisfying

  • Alex Chang
    Alex Chang


  • Surflash

    This is the living imbodyment of let's beat up the big guy

  • Vilim Branica
    Vilim Branica

    When you play the game of Cho'Gath, you either eat, or get eaten, there is no middle ground

  • TigerKirby215

    The general media: "Video games instill violence in children! They're all about murder!" 5v5 Cho'gath One For All: _They vibe._

  • Hamza Alfeel
    Hamza Alfeel

    Can we add Animal Kingdom Commentry to it ? lol With love

  • bar9 lil
    bar9 lil

    attack on titen secret season prelease (by Vandrill)

  • Lorenzo Fucilini
    Lorenzo Fucilini

    We played a 10 heimer game, asked the oposing team to do an all mid game, they said yes, game lasted for 68 minutes and we only lose cuz our friend tried to tp and base rush alone :v

  • eertyek themad
    eertyek themad

    Better than therapy.

  • Oskar Limon
    Oskar Limon

    Hell Yeah!! Go team 4Skin, we knew you had it in you.

  • Blindfold 10
    Blindfold 10

    Just homies being homies

  • Henry Means
    Henry Means

    i love the bouncy castle of q's

  • Andre Organista
    Andre Organista

    Up we go

  • TobySkov

    It restores your faith all the way up till the lobby of your next game. Then you remember how dogshit awful both the game and the community around it is.

  • Антон Георгиев
    Антон Георгиев

    It's... just beautiful.

  • XCoyoknife

    This is fine. Meanwhile: *Everyone bouncing for a kill.*

  • Axel Nahuel Velardes
    Axel Nahuel Velardes

    Godzilla: Destroy all monsters

  • Poseidonic X
    Poseidonic X

    14th of july in league be like:

  • DZiX PL
    DZiX PL

    The fact that one has build serpents fang is amazing.

  • Archer Legends
    Archer Legends

    wow lovely

  • Ekeros

    Imagine if Cho didnt have percentage damage.

  • Geferson Geraldo II
    Geferson Geraldo II

    It looks like SC2 with zergs fighting XD

  • Jakob Mafia
    Jakob Mafia

    So this is the real hunger games?

  • CamandrKreen

    Wholesome af thankyou

  • Vicente Westerhout
    Vicente Westerhout

    In a day with not many bugs to report

  • steven badger
    steven badger


  • Un Peu De Pognon
    Un Peu De Pognon

    0:20 Let them have a piece of meat

  • Mirio Togata
    Mirio Togata

    Top 10 anime betrayals 1:10

  • Tymon Tomczak
    Tymon Tomczak

    It's beautiful.

  • Peterson kanzyz
    Peterson kanzyz


  • M July
    M July

    "Don't do it Don't give me hope"

  • ZinoTechOne

    League Of Titans.

  • dame dane
    dame dane

    What if one for all and urf combined that would be a lot of fun😂

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