10224 Attack Range Viego?! Teleporting Everywhere!
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  • Sleepy siblings
    Sleepy siblings

    It's not the viego the ruined king anymore it's viego the bug king

  • ThreshAqua

    So it was intentional?

  • White Fatalis the Ancestral Dragon
    White Fatalis the Ancestral Dragon

    Never mind its no longer viego the ruined simp its the bugged king

  • MoonLightLady Hild
    MoonLightLady Hild

    Thats actually a cool bug that I didnt mind if it stayed in the game.

  • Zodiac

    each new champion released is +1 year of dev exp past aphelios 200 years ROFL

  • Hello Hi
    Hello Hi

    My question is why it's specifically set to 10224. The number doesn't have any neat properties in terms of factorization or primes, and 27f0 in hex isn't totally as nice as you can make a hex number either, so I just don't see why this number was chosen.

  • Ame are Shrimp
    Ame are Shrimp

    Bruh how many bugs do this dude have?

  • Khánh Quý
    Khánh Quý

    At this tike just creat a new channel and only post viego bugs Viedrill?

  • Kylesico912x

    So provided Veigo gets a kill, teleports, and then gets another kill/assist before the first soul disappears... He essentially gets a get out of jail free card that rivals Ekko's ultimate. Riot's debugging team must be constantly high or something because this champion is on crack.

  • Elvis De Jesus
    Elvis De Jesus

    but why doe

  • camille the steel shadow
    camille the steel shadow

    You're getting much vìdéós by víegõ

  • Hello There
    Hello There

    wasnt there a anivia egg bug once ?

  • Dominic Galarosa
    Dominic Galarosa

    You know League's broken probably because of your explorations right?

  • Ian Sanders
    Ian Sanders

    Ok but i think this should stay in the game as a cool mechanic 😆

  • Skelet0 Ic3
    Skelet0 Ic3

    this spaghetti engineering is al dente

  • UnrealArchon

    Anyone know the background music?

  • Linkingx2

    Does anyone has issues with Essence Reaver? like the passiv is longer then 1.5s / it only works either every 3 seconds or every two abilitys (ezreal)

  • Cualquier nombre suena mal xd
    Cualquier nombre suena mal xd

    what happened? xd

  • gostwarior47

    possessing kled as viego put you down to 30% heatlh idk if that would happen with any onther champions. why am i no suprised to have my first live bug discovery be on viego?

  • Sejha Chisholm
    Sejha Chisholm

    I wanna mention, this, isnt a bug, this is intended behavior

    • gostwarior47

      yes ofc why would it not

  • xXMelonpro91Xx

    is someone else waiting for the next "Why Ranked got disabled" Video? I rly wanna see what happend XD

  • Josh Cross
    Josh Cross

    Memes aside, the auto attack range part isn't actually a bug. It's so that when changing forms, you don't lose range on the soul you're trying to possess, canceling the possession infinitely. Obviously being able to possess a different soul while in the animation is, though

  • _ Punkypie
    _ Punkypie

    not sure if its a bug or what but when i turned into my teammate with neeko right before he disconnected the game threw some of us out

  • lukilsn

    here after EUW is down (again)

    • lukilsn

      @ali almazmi bruh nothing is working, not even Tft xd

    • ali almazmi
      ali almazmi

      yeah ranked issues, game is crashing

  • an nguyen cao truong
    an nguyen cao truong

    what is the name of the song??? :3

  • Ysaac Silva
    Ysaac Silva

    That's Diego...

  • thisisnotokay

    what's the song used?

  • Olimar

    200 years experience

  • Jonsku 666
    Jonsku 666

    Viego: Designed for content creators

  • Naxar

    For the love of Rito...how many more videos with viego´s bugs you have? why they just doesn't disable him until they finally fix him

  • Ege Serin
    Ege Serin

    WHAT THEeeeeeeee fu****

  • Roland Boros
    Roland Boros

    This guy will never see competitive play

  • vincent deleon
    vincent deleon

    The worst thing riot did was make a champ like sylas

  • Roland aka Ecak
    Roland aka Ecak

    Seems like a feature to me Kappa

  • minhhoanglazy

    Rito cooking up some tasty spaghet. Just in time for dinner 🍝🍽️😋

  • Sonny Hu
    Sonny Hu


  • Tales Galilea
    Tales Galilea

    You could make an entire channel just talking about Viego bugs, has so much content.

  • M7 Rengy
    M7 Rengy

    so is this a bug or mechanic?

  • Jerry Juutalainen
    Jerry Juutalainen

    Why is this champion still not removed again?

  • OverKillFTW

    Would be an interesting feature

  • The Wind
    The Wind

    releasing viego was Riot's gift to vandiril. 10 000 hours of content

  • Adrian Soto
    Adrian Soto

    The Game would called Bugs of Viego

  • Randomdudu

    200 years, gentlemen

  • Cexer

    you should work for riot you have founded already so much bugs in this game

  • Auresol

    Viego is kinda like a test subject for league now ahahahaha

  • gabriel cornejo
    gabriel cornejo

    Can´t wait to viego just uninstaling LoL from your PC or strait up blue screeing you

  • jobriq5

    This actually makes sense from the cinematic. While possessing Senna he got global attack range so he could summon the mist in Demacia, Noxus and Ionia simultaneously.

  • Judgeharm

    Riot: Are you just following my champions around? Vandiril: Lady, he is putting my kids through college!

  • Alexandre Lefebvre
    Alexandre Lefebvre

    I love how with 1 champ you can make so many videos shows how riot released a god of crashes and bugs lol keep up the vids

  • Annabeth

    okay. this is. this is getting ridiculous.

  • Flif

    Give Mark Yetter a rise

  • Andrew B
    Andrew B

    im confused is this a bug that you have to kill certain champs to do? or is this a bug that viego can ALWAYS do?

  • Atarge

    with riots combined "200+ years of game design experience" they actually created enough bugs for this channel to upload everyday for 200 years straight

  • Jonathan Findra
    Jonathan Findra

    How many bug does Viego have?

  • Amph? YES!
    Amph? YES!

    I am so hangry i need to eat. sry i will back.

  • Zion

    So you can basically kill someone over the entire map while in this animation? (when the enemy is low)

  • Yuumi

    Whoever made the coding for Viego, surely was Italian.

  • Mr.Random

    Viego : create for vandiril Vandiril : 19 years laters... still making video about viego...

  • Mr.Random

    i think riot do shit actually ... like wtf...

  • Hermes

    Plot Twist: It’s not a bug. It’s an intended game mechanic like Akali’s second E range.

  • James

    Vandiril, I challenge you to find a bug in league that does not involve Viego

  • Jonoth123

    Is there a counter between Old Mordekaiser bugs and Viego bugs, if so how is the score?

  • mas1904

    Unlimited Bug Works

  • Richard

    yo this songs slaps whats the name

  • Anthony

    Like for music

  • Der Fux
    Der Fux


  • Eren Köse
    Eren Köse

    nice hack

  • Rinanuary

    Morphling dota2 belike: First time??? :D ???

  • Rexafrek

    Do that old morde vs viego poll again lmao

  • Aron Svanlaugsson
    Aron Svanlaugsson

    Cool bug but impossible to utilize in a match. The things Viego brought to leeg mahn X,D

  • Rahmenlos

    vandiril testing viego bugs *it‘s free real estate*

  • Reminder

    Another day, another bug

  • Weeb Overlord
    Weeb Overlord

    One bug a day Keeps Viego away

  • Cicada

    The bug King

  • Klick

    Привет от Русской части аудитории. Vandiril

  • Setback

    viego, the ruined code.

  • Kryštof Kabátek
    Kryštof Kabátek

    Mordekaiser is nothing against this Lmao😂😂

  • Lil Freezie
    Lil Freezie

    What are those evil symbols in the chat?

  • A to Z Bests
    A to Z Bests

    I'm doing champion montage from a to z, I would be glad if you support

  • Oskar Borecki
    Oskar Borecki

    I am not even suprised at this point xD

  • Bry4nlol

    Minato namikaze le decían xd

  • Philipp G
    Philipp G

    So and what do you do for a living? Vandiril:

  • TheActualGod

    Vandiril Is living on Viego buggs

  • Allen Drew
    Allen Drew

    Next time: Viego becomes Summoner's Rift

  • Sklatscht

    so Skins get disabled for less buggy stuff .. but viego

  • JohnnyNumber11

    PLS Vandiril, how much money did u pay riot, to create this champion, so you have enough content for 5 years?

  • 7Herik


  • Șafak Can Temiz
    Șafak Can Temiz

    Again bug again viego

  • soulglitcher

    I am the true king of bugs

  • Loto974

    What's the name of the music? It sounds great

  • Sleepy Simpy
    Sleepy Simpy

    Oh boy, this gonna be a very very very long series about viego... imagine how many bug vandrill have to explore after with veigo himself only( if our van dude somehow find all of them, which is also impossible...)

  • AKindOfBird

    Flying raishin level 3

  • ArcaneZedReaper

    It's confirmed riot doesn't test champions before release then again after the law suits they have against them they can't even run a company.

  • Plankton

    Mordekaiser: The bugged king Viego: The bugged prince

  • Cross!Sans

    Name of the song used? ^^

  • akilmilo

    10224 number must be super important.

  • d i
    d i

    another day another viego bug

  • Giakhanh Duongmac
    Giakhanh Duongmac

    At this point Riot should open an Italian restaurant already.

  • Aleswar

    The 200+ years of collective experience as developers really shine through with this new champ and his daily surprise-mechanics!

  • Andres Faraco
    Andres Faraco

    Wiki: The list of Viego bugs is incomplete, YOU CAN HELP BY EXPANDING IT

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