Bug that broke the LEC game (FNC vs XL)
Riot pls fix.
Also: english subtitles are available!
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0:00 Introduction
0:42 Bug breaking FNC vs XL game
2:58 LEC please
3:44 Bug reproduction
5:47 Other interactions with this bug
6:30 Final thoughts

  • Miguel Garcia zabala
    Miguel Garcia zabala


  • Ren Kagamine
    Ren Kagamine

    its not azir its ga and resurrection that has the bug, you yourself said zilean can cause it too so its not azir only

  • eddie kna
    eddie kna

    like it does matter they were losing hard

  • IpudI

    O kurde polski akcent tutaj słyszę.

  • XxZackAttack27xX

    Is it Azir or could it potentially be "knockup" statuses in general?

  • ChrispyKris

    Maybe that bug worked with GP killing Samira because at the moment Samira died she was still airborne. If that's the case then maybe, every champion with a knock up (or a relocation ability, I don't know in which category Azir ult is in) is bugged and it should be looked at.

  • Kevin Wu
    Kevin Wu

    That Azir build.

  • Wumbo Woody
    Wumbo Woody

    I wonder if this would work if you were to get knocked up and knocked back at the same time by two separate abilities

  • Kostas Spirou
    Kostas Spirou

    00:18 IMPOSTOR!? KINDA SUS! 😳😳😱😱🤣🤣

  • Syrius Lyxid
    Syrius Lyxid

    Update: I had the bug with Pyke using Guardian Angel in a ranked game This is not samira, azir or gangplank, it's actually the item. I've casted my ultimate, but 0.1s later i died... So my ultimate shouldn't finish its animation and execute none Right? Wrong! My ultimate animation finished, even after death, executing someone. WHILE i was reviving from the Guardian Angel. (FYI @Vandiril : I've sent you a mail sharing the video\Highlight)

  • Decent Cap
    Decent Cap


  • What a fucking cunt
    What a fucking cunt

    Ngl if the gangplank didnt used w he wouldve went out alive

  • squidwurrd Cobb
    squidwurrd Cobb

    Man do you guys get paid for this or something?

  • Ashen Ronin
    Ashen Ronin

    poor players!! must be indeed a career chanllenging situation that they have to sit there 3 more hours to play 1 more game!

  • special ed player
    special ed player


  • HorizonTea

    wait, I know this video is quite old but could it be the condition where the character dies when moving airborne, thus it happened when Gangpank killed Samira when she was still airborne and moving. Or it could be Azir's R effect is still on Samira due to her being pushed over the wall acting as an extented duration of the R

  • Netan V prod
    Netan V prod

    This game it's bad n broke now

  • Eric Lin
    Eric Lin

    Riot: Shit we are so sorry Vandiril we ran out of salary fund for you this month Vandiril: damn how am I gonna afford rents Riot: It's okay, we'll just make some bugs so you can make videos about

  • Dante Díaz
    Dante Díaz

    Remember the time when a top laner i can't remember the name. He got minion block and wanted to chornobreak the play xd

  • Dawid Kaczmarek
    Dawid Kaczmarek

    I have to say that passion you guys have to find these things in leage is impressive

  • KeroroGuns0

    Literally XL was in a pretty good position before the restart, so I think this just shows why you need to make your games more than bo1. Well actually, it depends. If you have bo1, it makes individual games matter more which has a certain appeal to it, while bo3 basically ensures the better team is going to win but doesn’t completely eliminate upsets (because there still are upsets in LCK and LPL).

  • BuschCola

    Well there is similare bug that champion can aa in lulu polimorf, got killed of that few times Sadge.

  • Daniel Francisco Arias
    Daniel Francisco Arias

    Bugs = exists Azir = oh shit, here we go again

  • david arriaza paz
    david arriaza paz

    Bugzir as always doing his job! XD

  • Frostcrown

    I think this bug is bigger. I've had a game of pyke where I died mid air in ult died and it still went off. Could be a fluke.

  • Tobias Dang
    Tobias Dang

    This is normal man ... Like in movies, when they got hit and fire the last shot to kill the enemy

  • Chen Jiaming
    Chen Jiaming

    I suggest the enemy team can’t build GA when Azir is on the other team


    How can the Chronobreak even fail?

    • Low Ceyn
      Low Ceyn

      too powerfull spaghetti this time

  • Day Light
    Day Light

    Multi Billion Company why should a Bug that is litteraly 5years in the game should be fixed By now

  • Troller el melloi
    Troller el melloi

    fucking riot ban guardian angel samira when azir is the problem

  • Pepis

    I think this can be fixed if they reduce the bug's movespeed by 5.

  • Lilybun

    Being able to cast during GA has been in the game for at least 7+ years probably since the beginning and I always thought it was a feature because it was never addressed despite multiple reports. I even submitted a clip to support in season 3 that shows a riven casting Q into R2 during the resurrect animation and it never went anywhere, I wasnt sure if it was ignored because I recorded it through through the third party replay program that was available back then and it wasn't perfectly accurate with certain interactions. Very interesting to see it's now recognized as a bug.

  • Long Le Trong
    Long Le Trong

    this bug happen in vcs too. how interesting

  • atreas pl
    atreas pl

    0:18 The real what?

  • Onebeets 1
    Onebeets 1

    can't wait for malphites to buy GA and ult into my team when theyre resurrecting

    • Low Ceyn
      Low Ceyn

      Is just for no-mana and no-energy spell, potentially urgot after lvl 9 will be affected too

  • Nick White
    Nick White

    bro you can do this with kog passive too sometimes i get an extra auto off while in undead kog form

  • Niels Sørensen
    Niels Sørensen

    so this bug could properly be recreated with all push abilities, some examples Janna and Trist, but they have to die in the animation? Or is it only Azir

  • Frucek

    My guess why it works is something like after landing the Azir ult knock up ends giving the character (Samira in this case) and since you died in the air the GA also triggered in the air so you are now dead landing on the ground with the help from the Azir ult knock up ending I am guessing that due to landing they pepegad it and wrote that it would give back abilities after the knock up is finished so there is a split second where the game gives back abilities and that somehow overrides the fact that you are dead and being resurrected giving you a short time frame to use your abilites /attack. And since this is my theory it is worth mentioning that it might also be possible to do with other champions but it is likely it is only azir, if you can remove cc mid flight due to azir r and stop then it might be possible to use other champions to achieve a similar bug? But azir r pushes back and incapacitates at the same time they might have messed up with the combination giving back character control for a bit after landing. Based on that a ability that comes to mind that causes a somewhat similar manner would be taliyah i think w or maybe even her r but the time-frame to kill before landing would be very small. in the LEC game then my theory could be used GP killed her mid air so it still had the ability to be used upon landing. Kinda here and there but gets the thought across. (am late cuz RSloft did not want to recommend :D)

  • xMcSK

    Does someone remember a similar og bug with anivia egg where she could still e to kill an enemy wonder if they are related in some way

  • jacktjong

    Ok, so what I'm guessing is the issue: the status effect that is applied by Azir ult overwrites the disabling of abilities from dying when it wears off. Basically the game's process is this: Azir ult stun activates, which disables abilities. Death occurs, which disables abilities. Ult stun wears off, which enables abilities. Ability is cast, which updates the death check and disabled abilities again because champ is dead. Because most champs use mana, and during death you don't have mana to use abilities, I guess this bug took longer to find. I really wonder how Neeko W would interact since it doesn't cost any mana.

  • Rafael Delantes
    Rafael Delantes

    Can you make wild rift bug? There is amumu bug in wild rift but I can't find out how to activate the bug.

  • Levi

    Azir bị lỗi như đâu phải samira ?

  • Maiden Lonely
    Maiden Lonely

    You should watch VCS GAM vs TS Game 1

  • Hoai Le
    Hoai Le

    They ban Samira from build GA

  • Nhật Tân Thái
    Nhật Tân Thái

    In VCS we just have another same bug and the game was paused. Samira's player had to sell that item and the game can continue go on after that

  • Phat Spheal
    Phat Spheal

    I'm actually not sure that GP killed Samira in the original clip. I think Azir managed to get an auto attack off while she was mid air just before the GP could finish his Q animation

  • Thọ Mai
    Thọ Mai

    VCS: Gam vs TS :)))

  • Huy Dean
    Huy Dean

    GAM vs TS

  • Dat Thanh
    Dat Thanh

    Ok great. Now samira cant buy ga if the opponent’s team have azir in vcs .-.

  • Antares

    Ah yes, it isn't a bug video if azir is not in it LOL, feels bad when u main this champ and you complain about bugs but noone believes you because they play boring ass champs like Miss Fortune who are literally impossible to break.

  • nguyen nhan
    nguyen nhan

    Xem gam vs ts chuôi qua đây :))

  • Huy Trung
    Huy Trung

    Có ae VN nào từ trận Gam qua đây k

  • OsOk od
    OsOk od

    The problem is easy to Fix, just Charchaters dies only after "Lending" from Azirs Ultimated, so its suppose to be easy just let the Person direktly "Die" where the Smash from the Soldiers starts so the dead body wont get "Tossed" anywhere. So there wont be any "after Dead" szenarios can happen...

  • Yeray Lopez Jordano
    Yeray Lopez Jordano

    ah, I missed the old azir so much

  • Augmented

    FNC bug abusing? LMFAO

  • ragadaDeath

    Been 4 days without a vid ???? SHEEEZ COME ON MAN

  • Just a Person
    Just a Person

    Of course it's an Azir bug. He's the only one that can get to the levels of spaghetti that legends like Viego and Mordekaiser have

  • SillyPangolin

    I was still in Highschool when Azir came out, and they still haven't fixed all the bugs he causes, good job riot :")

  • Olivier vdB
    Olivier vdB

    I wonder if you can recreate this with other knock back ability's like Lee sin and Tristana ult instead of azir

    • Duong Minh Khoi
      Duong Minh Khoi

      Nope. Their ult is quite simple. Azir ult is quite a mess itself

  • No Name
    No Name

    JO Vandiril, i dont know how else to reach you- but collector is bugged, try it out !! following situation: if e.g. teemo with collector and with dot e autoattacks someone( going lower than 5% ) , he wont be executed - collector does not work on Ap/dot dmg try it out !

  • Zirob

    Vandiril is the saviour of LoL.

  • Tomek :3
    Tomek :3


  • Elexir Cristobal
    Elexir Cristobal

    4:48 it's like the movies when they almost died they have a chance to acctually shoot lol

  • THE Conney
    THE Conney

    I have a question to all of you that played for a pretty long time what happened to the minion level up system where they got a buff if the minion last hitted a lot of other minions when was that removed?

  • RandomGuyOnInternetWithNotEnoughSpac

    You sound like Vandril

  • PotatoKicking

    Azir Breaking the shifest of bugs record

  • Stef

    Is it only the azir knockup or do other once work too?

  • O_0

    ARURF Kassadin ult is bugged

  • Carmpulse

    Riot, do you have a bug researcher? Riot: Yes, we have Vandril.

  • Distorres

    So riot has a program to pause and rewind the game and this also didnt work? No wonder champs are bugged

  • zxkredo

    Why the f do they hide the vod, like wtf

  • MoviesShowForU

    Better nerf Irelia next

  • Jimmyjonjillakers

    Ah, good to see they never fixed azir

  • Pedro Neto
    Pedro Neto

    Today I played a game where someone did quit on the select champion, but the match still went on, it was Aram so we played with less one and lost the game, did anyone had this bug too?

  • Norixious

    Chronobreak : *Fails Riot Games : It was said that you would stop the bug, not join them!

  • Luka Tatomirov
    Luka Tatomirov

    "League is a good game" Sead no one ever

  • Antoshka GameChanle
    Antoshka GameChanle

    so. they all try to be mordekaiser. and azir is just remember his trainings from when he got out live. but nobody will be spared by our metal lord mordekaiser.

  • Trashkink Lp
    Trashkink Lp

    Just dunno why lec is blamed for that.. It's a Special situation for them too and they are'nt riot developers 😂

  • bumbi37

    My question is if Samira w works as a windwall then how could the azir ult go through it?

  • NiceTShirt

    Someone please sion r with this bug

  • Anazz

    Does it works with sylas stealing azir ult?

  • Phsycres Conquest
    Phsycres Conquest

    What is it with nonTerrain wall building abilities and being spaghettified messes

  • Zodiac

    200 years + one year per bug = the next champion lvl of overload, just wait till Isolde comes out in march LMAO

    • Krisztián Tóth
      Krisztián Tóth

      Given that she is the wife of Viego himself, we can expect some bugs for sure

  • mister man
    mister man

    But the gp killed him? Aint it maybe because the knockup and dieing? Idk havent tested yet. But with the lec the azir ult was pretty far away.

  • Redfy

    I found a new bug. Azir's(BLUE Team) "R" dodge Kled(BLUE Team)"R" .

  • DrAgOn_LeGeNd_66

    a lot of spaghetti

  • Exiwus

    Alright we are all making fun of Riot being small indie company and all that stuff, but this is actualy sad for real. At this point Riot should just remake their whole fucking code or however that goes (I'm not programmer) which would be final release date for finished game called LoL v1.0

  • Stefan Ristic
    Stefan Ristic

    So kata and nunu can ult in guardian and win the fight 1 v 5 ah nice game

  • Zuzki

    I think the problem is when the "champ status" changes, not Azir at all because when the camp is hitted by Azir's ult the habilities became available when the champ hit the floor what I mean is the status of the champ changes from "airborne" to "free" and then "resurecting" leaving a small time gap to launch habilities I can't test it beause I'm lonely, but I think this can be reproduce with others Airborne cc, like malphite's R, Zyra's R

  • Michael Chan
    Michael Chan

    My man vandril could you explain the senna nerf with the rageblade interaction? Don’t quite get it. Thank you!

  • Ryan Nunes
    Ryan Nunes

    Have you tested this without Azir ult? What happens in the character just dies from another displacement ability?

  • Juwentone

    Just an idea what if it not actually Azir who creates the bug but rather someone dying in a knocked up state?

  • Pwnerest

    I hope people start abusing these bugs. People need to learn how buggy, crappy and inconsistent e-Sports is. Maybe then we... as gamers can actually play the game

  • Xqwzts

    As an ocasional Azir player, I just assume every bug is his fault. Even when he's not in the game. Remember disabling towers? Good times.

  • Rado Sam
    Rado Sam

    When is it not azirs fault

  • beast

    It seems like dying while knocked up is the culprit, no?

  • Whisperer Hunter
    Whisperer Hunter

    I remember this happening with me playing Yasuo, but I died before the R was casted, yet it casted anyways and killed enemy Kayle.

  • Gabriel

    i already killed a lux with Pyke's R during my revival with archangel

  • Mihail Yordanov
    Mihail Yordanov

    I actually have experienced this bug in a normal game about 1 or 2 years ago but i didn't know it was a bug. I can't remember any of the champions played but i remember it was an ADC champ and while i was killing it i procked its GA and the champion still hitted me with its ability, i can't remember if there was an Azir in the game though.

  • Deadpool

    Im pretty sure you would be able to recreate this with basically any champ that doesnt use ressource points for their abilities