Catapult Yuumi
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  • ssnipegunder gaming
    ssnipegunder gaming

    Now I have a weapon against those troll yummi

  • Nightwing 3718
    Nightwing 3718

    I think my favorite Yuumi bug I've encountered was one where I was playing Morde and my duo on Yuumi came to the shadow realm with me but he didnt come back.

  • zqua

    flash yuumni with predator LMAO

  • DavidDamar

    How is yuumi going that far

  • Gennadiy Derevyanchenko
    Gennadiy Derevyanchenko

    I think I saw it happened in my game with kaisa R. Not sure thou.

  • 9Jizhu


  • Tai J
    Tai J

    Damn riot, didn't know you put inertia in this game, that probably took 200 years right?

  • Xavier Firefly
    Xavier Firefly

    Get this s*** off me! - probably teleporting champs

  • Sam B
    Sam B

    Viego kills yuumi, steals her form with his ult. Jumps on TF or Tahm who reproduces this bug but sends viego deep into the enemy base to back door

  • Ficta


  • BgvB_Lou

    Thank you with traveling with Deutsch Bahn

  • AsDarkAsDeath

    Would this work with shen?

  • Lucas

    I love how your channel feeds from the terrible and absolutely disgusting job that makes riot trying to make this game

  • Makaran Productions
    Makaran Productions

    200 years of collective game design experience

  • Ash Buxton
    Ash Buxton

    Did you try to see if this works with Shen or Galio?

  • Tuna

    you can use this to backdoor nexus

  • Nika Chitidze
    Nika Chitidze

    Idk why but seeing yuumi die so many times makes me happy thank you riot

  • LegendaryJ0hnJuD

    “cat”apult yep i see what u did there

  • Renomix.-

    Kayle just walking around😂😂😂😂😂

  • Loot Ranger
    Loot Ranger

    Actually this one seems pretty simple. The further the traveler goes the longer she gets thrown. She probably has a multiplier that's been added to her distance modifier when she is traveling on a companion. most likely It's something to do with her attach ability.

  • Yuuky Music
    Yuuky Music

    It doubles the distance traveled

  • Theobracchus

    Best backdoor moment Pantheon Flying TF Teleporting Evelynn Sneaking Tahm Kench and Nocturne Swimming while under darkness. Meanwhile in enemy base: Release the kitten!

  • Germán Vicente Riolobos
    Germán Vicente Riolobos

    Lmao this bug happened to me long ago in aram😂😂

  • Balázs Vörös
    Balázs Vörös

    this is the ultimate backdoor technique

  • Sira Mira
    Sira Mira

    So how long is yuumi out? And now we find this bug damm guess nobody play tf and tham xD

  • Abolyemen ZIZO
    Abolyemen ZIZO

    So Basically yuumi travels double the distance

  • Hakki Nasiboglu
    Hakki Nasiboglu

    Wish seraphine would also get catapulted Possibly to the ocean

  • Desterus The broken
    Desterus The broken

    yeet the yuumi

  • Jeyser Reacts
    Jeyser Reacts

    Id tilt if this happen to me

  • Miu Iruma
    Miu Iruma

    does this work with viego or sumthin?

  • Rice Eater
    Rice Eater

    gank mid and top from botlane

  • Ralph Garcia
    Ralph Garcia

    How about ryze ulti?

  • Nick Desigio
    Nick Desigio

    wow what a cool bug!! Since yuumi is “attached” to the champ, its counting it as a x2, and doubling the range on what ability is used for her. Crazy coding 😂

  • Yang

    what is that build

  • Jiaxi hao
    Jiaxi hao


  • Bartekrabit

    [X] he's doing other champs because viego is out of bugs [V] he's preparing for a montage

  • Aaron Lee
    Aaron Lee

    How does it interact with Ryze ult? Thanks

  • Mr. Rabbit
    Mr. Rabbit

    Obviously, cause champs travels 500 units through the overlord, and yuumi goes 500 through the Nether

  • RuDe


  • IchWhite

    Finally riot added teleport system..

  • Frankensteinchen

    I have had a similar experience while being on a Yasuo and dismounting right as he ulted. Apparently you have some kind of momentum when detaching

  • Tiogar

    not a viego bug? impossible

  • Venixuro '
    Venixuro '

    Alternative title, How to troll Yuumi.

  • Diego Muñoz
    Diego Muñoz

    If tp to top or bottom line, where Yummi will be there?

  • Steven Keller
    Steven Keller

    This is the first time I really feel like that, that is a feature.

  • Tigerkwan

    Nasa: perseverance landed but ingenuity is way gone

  • TheTwistedRebellion

    Yeeting the cat

  • Virgle

    ,,Ayo Tf This Fish Ain't Shi"

  • lollilol lollilol
    lollilol lollilol

    Well for a small Indian company I think you judge them a little bit hard....

  • noam242

    So blinks(teleports) vectors are added twice to yuumis data...

  • Samotna Khada
    Samotna Khada

    Fling the cat

  • JanPan

    Wait its not all viego bugs?

  • gabriel cornejo
    gabriel cornejo

    Welp, time to do a back Door yuumi build

  • Eray Yazıcı
    Eray Yazıcı

    Can you control the attack distance of the towers? the first tower targeted me while the gromp was there and fired 2 hits.

  • pearvar77

    This is actually a feature to get rid of those annoying troll Yummys that just want to take away exp from you.

  • WizardofTruth

    Advanced flank yuumi

  • Blurick

    So bugged

  • xatex1000

    this seems to clearly be a intended feature XD

  • Fllamber

    TK: Vector + Distance Yummi: Vector * Distance Riot: oops

  • johnrhen salvador
    johnrhen salvador

    Dance of the sugar catapult yuumi

  • Eraser Lp
    Eraser Lp

    Finally a way to kill that stupid afk cat without dying yourself

  • Bogdann Kave
    Bogdann Kave

    Holy sh*t, what did this game turned into? 😐

  • Rasmus Bæk
    Rasmus Bæk

    ATTENTION URF GAMERS: if youre playing naut, u can q into nexus and take canon and fire at the same time, this allows you to use spells in the air, and removes the landing circle cc. Go try it out, super funny.

  • Krelius

    Thats a good way to get behind the enemy lines. At least it would be, if Yuumi wouldn't die by getting sneezed at.

  • Grommy

    They had to nerf her after support item buffs

  • Bjarni Bogason
    Bjarni Bogason

    i don't know what's worse. the fact that this bug exist..... or that he built yuumi with predator

  • Antonio Pio
    Antonio Pio

    Hi vandrill, while i was playing taliyah i discovered a new strange interaction where if you hit the Ulti on allies (knockupping them) and you have Horizon focus you will apply hypershot passive on your team mates

  • MrXaoras

    you could have yuumi attach to tahm kench on toplane and send her to your adc across the map with ult

  • Nekrodex

    what about shen, galio or panth? does that work too?

  • Jelle Westenberg
    Jelle Westenberg

    Does this work with shen ?

  • Kristijan Ilijevec
    Kristijan Ilijevec

    By far, this is one of my favourite means of killing this untargetable litttle bastard child of a healer

  • Gergő Kerekes
    Gergő Kerekes

    no one: Teleporting champs: cat go YEEET!

  • Mert Göksel
    Mert Göksel

    Teleportation doesnt add to coordinate but multiply it?! Dafaq

  • Saeed Ahmed
    Saeed Ahmed

    Oo, finally no ft. VIEGO

  • KosViik

    Riot designer: 'So, yuumi.traveldistance=tetheredally.traveldistance; Okay?, Developer: 'yuumi.traveldistance=rand(1,1.5)*log(MATH.PI)*tetheredally.traveldistance*0+spaghetti_f(parseint(versionnumber)); There, that'll impress the guys.' Designer: What the fuck? Dev: Why? Math is hard. :(

  • Никита Крайнов
    Никита Крайнов

    Try it with ryze Ultimate

  • Salem B
    Salem B

    Why does this background music at first reminded me of bully

  • gringo335

    Instead of warding like a support, Yummi became a blue ward.

  • Hisui

    Ah yes yuumi the assassin coming in to dive the backline

  • Gidiotic

    Yuumi teleports behind you: Nyathing personal kid

  • Ismael

    hm... funny there is no viego here

  • YouWantMyPancake


  • Zoey F
    Zoey F

    What she deserves.

  • Mielarka Do Mielenia
    Mielarka Do Mielenia

    Finally good yuumi nerfs

  • MatikoxPL


  • Ân Trần
    Ân Trần

    I wonder if Viego still suffer the same bug when he turn into Yuumi :/

  • IVicktor!

    League Of Bugs

  • Sans Undertale
    Sans Undertale

    This happened to me with lb W

  • g.karak 1996
    g.karak 1996

    "Now delivered at your door following the c virus regulations!"

  • Legus Y.
    Legus Y.

    Seems like Yummi travels TWICE the distance of the main champion every time. Maybe it’s intentional at this point

  • Galdorg

    How does this work with ryze pantheon and galio? Normally?

  • İmam Darwin
    İmam Darwin

    What happens if Yuumi mounts TF and TF teleports with Tahm Kench R?

  • Ryex Anuri
    Ryex Anuri

    Holy shit, a bug that ISN’T Viego? What is this, 2020?

  • Swas Loids
    Swas Loids

    this could be used for some insane back caping with yumi or with a viego possessing a yumi

  • Ben Irons
    Ben Irons

    r u hopping off at a specific moment? or is that the form of tp jus punting u off by default into an odd place? u cant follow the summoner spell TP, but ult TPs should work normally (i was able to follow pantheon ult not too long ago)

  • Rafael Oliveira
    Rafael Oliveira

    this happened to me today with pantheon R

  • Technus Pegases
    Technus Pegases

    finally, she can be usefull, as a deep ward atleast

  • Jazzer Okami
    Jazzer Okami

    Now we can throw yuumi to make a backdoor

  • Nilspferd!

    This also works with yone e

  • Beingallowed

    wasn't she suppose to stay? I doupt they touched her code or anything... WHAT KIND OF SPAGHETTI CODE IS THAT?!

Viego E + Lux E
1,7 мил
Tahm Kench R + Anivia W
251 хиљ.
2,3 мил
too small chest
644 хиљ.
worth it 😂
878 хиљ.