Leona is kinda BROKEN right now...
Understandable, have a nice day.
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  • Horti Culturalist
    Horti Culturalist

    This probably has something to do with the Yorik maiden changes

  • TheApeBot

    tower cant hit something that goes light speed

  • H

    when dashing she become untargetable for a while, did you just discover this?

    • H

      ouh the bug is when she hit the wall, never realize that cause i think she just become untargetable

  • The Best Killer
    The Best Killer

    Pressing F for all my adcs I let die by trying to dive the enemies.

  • Seiso ch
    Seiso ch

    oh yes, I like pasta, why? -Riot

  • nour tarek
    nour tarek

    I can now kill my toxic adc

  • Angel Giurov
    Angel Giurov

    Imagine working at riot, getting paid shit tone of money and then your playbase encounters gamebreaking bugs (other than the client ones) every single patch. That should be motivation to you guy !!! No matter how bad you are at your own work you can always get paid well.

  • I'm A Fan
    I'm A Fan

    Riot: it's a *feature*

  • Lady MGoHa
    Lady MGoHa


  • Ray Denki
    Ray Denki

    Well, you know, redheads don't have a soul, so they are broken by default.

  • firdaus gaara
    firdaus gaara

    So its just drop agro, pretty good for play-making potential.

  • Stalice Janiverse
    Stalice Janiverse

    OMG, now I understand Hylisang!

  • Shane

    no less broken then the 123908476102897346102498716401 other champs that do the same thing

  • Krzysztof Karnecki
    Krzysztof Karnecki

    same thing with maokai W, she is just losing agro and this is not a bug

  • GamersOnlieTV

    Riot:"Leona's new mechanic"

  • Gabriel Velasco
    Gabriel Velasco

    Vandril can you show the bug that is now on pbe, in aram you have infinity poro snax

  • Killea

    "i will tank the turret"

  • Kosmiczny Szkieletor
    Kosmiczny Szkieletor

    Always has been

  • ZnaQ

    Finally Leona got buffs she deserved ;)

  • JustME

    It's a blink skill that why perhaps the aggro of the tower goes to other champs? it is not a dash

  • Parkour Jesus
    Parkour Jesus

    Broken? Nah. She's just shining so grossly incandescently the towers become blinded to her existence

  • Jeremy Demers
    Jeremy Demers

    if this breaks turret targeting wouldn't it also break lock on abilities? Thinking like cait ult, vi ult, naut ult

  • 루노루노

    Leona uses E ( SNEAK 100)

  • rxxxng ___
    rxxxng ___

    This doesn’t look good for ADC

  • Best Laughs NA
    Best Laughs NA

    no wonder sometimes i dont get why turret suddenly aggro

  • Antyseba

    Thanks time to abuse

  • nice

    i'm assuming this happens because when leona "dashes" she becomes untargetable for like half a sec because of spaghetti code and also nice

  • Alejandro Petit
    Alejandro Petit

    A non-viego bug at last

  • IHate TheInternet0notTheBand
    IHate TheInternet0notTheBand

    This wasn’t the kinda broken I was hoping for

  • RYRY

    only now? kinda since forever.

  • VietCong InBush
    VietCong InBush

    maokai 2.0?

  • Matthew Andrade
    Matthew Andrade

    Working as intended

  • ADeadlyFork

    Is this on the live server?

  • Daniel Junge
    Daniel Junge

    but why xD

  • William Lampke
    William Lampke

    Shh this my main stop it

  • Bradyo

    Rememeber kids: Riot Games is a company.

  • d beezyboy
    d beezyboy

    cant wait to flame my adc for standing to close to the wall. Fucking irons

  • A Temperamental Octopod
    A Temperamental Octopod

    it's not a bug. *I T ' S A F E A T U R E*

  • Arabeske

    I got a new viego bug: if you take galio and lose him again, you will keep his passive shield

  • Just4 Fun
    Just4 Fun

    I played as Viego and The other team has Galio and i killed galio and possess him and after the possession i have unlimited magic shield. Sorry if my grammar is bad!

  • OppenHeimer the Soilderproky
    OppenHeimer the Soilderproky

    schon iwie cringe da selber immer "?" zu pingen haha

  • Nepdex

    I was playing aram yesterday and me playing jayce went apeshit after kalista using ult on other teammate and i was able to right click turret like azir passive. You know anything about that?😂

  • RVH 10
    RVH 10

    I dont understand how leona has been in the game for so long and then this bug happens now.

  • Nghị Trấn
    Nghị Trấn

    How about Leona with yummi?

  • Eric Downing
    Eric Downing

    So she pulls a pseudo alpha strike, not terribly broken, but useful if she dives to get a kill with her E.

  • Pop Cat
    Pop Cat

    Every ADC in a Tower Dive: I Guess I'm tanking now

  • Kufcio

    Spaghetti code and this music 🙈

  • Limland 22
    Limland 22

    I hope she is feeling better!

  • Tired Potato
    Tired Potato

    So it's just a worse maokai W?

  • Alexandre MARGOLIS
    Alexandre MARGOLIS

    Imma pretend I didnt see that she can tank 7+ turret shots with only hp

  • NoticeMe Sen-Pie
    NoticeMe Sen-Pie

    no wonder, just an hour ago played in aram, we tower dived and i E on low hp champs with quinn and tower ends up shooting to quinn lmaoooo~

  • Damjan Smilkov
    Damjan Smilkov

    This happened to me in a ranked playing adc and i was so fkn confused how i started tanking tower all of a sudden


    Every time in my game was a Leona she was S every time.

  • Lmao Lyl
    Lmao Lyl

    Same thing with Yi. I would assume that Leona teleports out of the turret range when she starts it and then teleports back like Yi.

  • lil sleep
    lil sleep

    where can i tell a bug so u can see it for urself, its not that special but i dont think someone will see it often and it probably wont get fixed if it isnt showcased

  • Jay Phan
    Jay Phan

    i have bug with seraphine. Q of sersphine is longer than normal

  • Aterssky


  • Lenin 6969
    Lenin 6969

    Name of song: Ristorante Italiano 5 by Hakan Eriksson

  • Nicolas Nahody
    Nicolas Nahody

    I thought that was a mechanic/feature...

  • Dolphinboi - Play Monster Rancher
    Dolphinboi - Play Monster Rancher

    Take a look at the recall on your UI

  • Paul Mutzel
    Paul Mutzel

    as a Leona main I don't see a problem here! :D

  • timerac3r

    - So if Leona dies during E, she loses her model. How do we fix it? - Can’t die mid-E if you lose tower aggro post-E.

  • Unzayere

    those pesky turrets, I always knew they were the biggest wintraders ever

  • Victor Munhoz
    Victor Munhoz

    The sun is so blinding, not even Ms. Tower can see her

  • EventHorizon

    Didnt know Vandiril was german!

  • kamil

    the towers work? NO

  • Paulo Lucas Cerqueira
    Paulo Lucas Cerqueira

    enemy chaser?

  • Evering Hall
    Evering Hall

    This is actually really bad for leona, can't tank for adc like this

  • Smone Smone
    Smone Smone

    sure, she blinded him....

  • Joshua Jimenez
    Joshua Jimenez

    And here I was... Thinking she'd being broken all this time...

  • Alan Li
    Alan Li

    ngl heimer is smurfing

  • Marfmarfalot

    The champion is stupid

  • Selman Bing
    Selman Bing

    Imagine playing one for all leona rn

  • Zoap

    Now imagine the ADC tanking the tower shot. FF15

  • Adam Pham
    Adam Pham

    I’m eating spaghetti while watching this spaghetti

  • Limbaq


  • szybki hecarim robi brrr
    szybki hecarim robi brrr

    "We dIVe toTHe DawN!"

  • T.D. Bernard
    T.D. Bernard

    I thought while traveling to your target with xenoblade, you’re untargettable for like 0.2 seconds so turret drops aggro

  • CeeZy

    imagine if there wasnt anything broken

  • TEIJboy

    Does this bug on only "Work" whit Leona and Sion?

  • Bohan Xu
    Bohan Xu

    it's amazing that league is so buggy that it can sustain a youtube channel about bugs, with nearly 1M subscriber

  • Xentharas

    How long is this in the game? It would explain so much moments, where noone understood, why I lost tower aggro and my ADC died...

  • Smokers fun
    Smokers fun

    @Vandiril Btw ii think there is bug on viego where he can at put his Shodow thing close to the wall but not on it He becomes invicible whole size of wall shourd but the shourd wound animate

  • John Thomas Perez
    John Thomas Perez

    Do katarina one for all bug. You can dash to your teamates daggers and there daggers wont disapeer, so you can infinitly spam dashing to their daggers until it disapears or your teamates pick their daggers up. When you have e maxed out or have that cdr you can infinitly do it and its hillarious...

  • charles kim
    charles kim

    Riot (A small indie company) : I don't see the problem, her skill is working as intended.

  • Cris San Juan
    Cris San Juan

    This would suck so much when youre diving with your adc

  • I Dunno
    I Dunno

    *Reading title "Always has been."

  • Gaming Emma
    Gaming Emma

    Leona: Hi turret wanna see a trick? Turret: Yes Leona: Use's E Turret: where did u go?

  • Ouriou de Nohr
    Ouriou de Nohr

    Vandiril, where wet dreams? I miss them

  • Waki 310
    Waki 310

    - Let's go dive Ashe, there is nothing to be scare, I'm 300 armor - OK, I belive in you Ashe last words before die

  • Wilk Kox
    Wilk Kox

    Ah yes the '''Why am I taking agro'' makes a lot more sense now

  • Andrei Maltsev
    Andrei Maltsev

    so it's the same clip repeating over and over for 1 minute? ok

  • Sven Grün
    Sven Grün

    Can u Dodge skill shirts with that? Or aoe if Times correctly?

  • Strast

    You can tell that tower works for Riot games. Repeatedly hits on a woman, then pretends nothing happened when she tries to hit back.

  • The Wind
    The Wind

    More like league is broken everytime

  • benoit gael
    benoit gael

    Now that explains my recent dives with Leona. I was really skeptic because i thought my partenaire always took aggro before me or something.

  • UnknXwnYeet

    i was coming here ready to say that rell is clearly superior, but no, this is clearly fucken broken KEKW

  • Garrett Ord
    Garrett Ord

    That's Fizz doing a Leona cosplay

  • Mr. Rabbit
    Mr. Rabbit

    Im starting to think someone should gather a team of 'meta exploiters' and go pro scene. Maybe then they'd start hiring real programmers and team leaders. It's just insane

  • Anthony Creighton
    Anthony Creighton

    So what it looks like is its trying to place her in the wall so there for i guess untargetable then dropps her out of the wall because she is not supost to be there and there for makes her modle tagetable again is my guess