Poro Wet Dream
Finally we can have unlimited amount of POROS!
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  • Igna Nacio
    Igna Nacio

    omg this is to much.............. XD

  • Fascinasien Sekki
    Fascinasien Sekki

    Reminds me of feeding sheeps in minecraft

  • Suuupi1

    So poros actually have hitboxes?

  • dadadada379

    looks like Diablo 3 4-man runs :D 20 fps and then server crashes...those poros are fps hungry

  • Miguel Vigário
    Miguel Vigário

    How can I acquire that power ?

  • Lynn_Ln

    Lag wet dream

  • InsaneBasti

    how can u make this without braum D:

  • Furqan Md
    Furqan Md

    i didn't know there was a biscuit throwing animation.

  • Soul fire
    Soul fire

    Daily reminder that Diana is a fighter

  • Illinoska Buluama
    Illinoska Buluama

    Thank you so much I will never have to play aram again now

  • Gunter The Dark Penguin
    Gunter The Dark Penguin

    If Braum was there, all those poros would have had mustaches haha

  • Tuấn Anh Hoàng Nguyễn
    Tuấn Anh Hoàng Nguyễn

    Ah yes, the "Poro King mode" we all need.

  • Anastasiei Sebastian
    Anastasiei Sebastian

    They are playing salt the cracker with poro snacks.

  • Bar Davshi
    Bar Davshi

    Dont get too exited they will become hamburgers soon

  • AliLaToon

    NO , I want this on live servers. Why would you show them this!

  • Jonathan Gillooly
    Jonathan Gillooly

    If only braum was there to help the poros get a great mustache.

  • atakan oksay
    atakan oksay

    0:51 I'm not playing aram anymore

  • Jared Dato
    Jared Dato

    thats whats gonna happen next 10 years in this world

  • Christain

    riot: **adds a small feature** Vandiril: I can break this...

  • Josh Ritz
    Josh Ritz

    1:17 amumu: "let's find some friends" Bruh are you blind

  • derek levano
    derek levano

    team poro 100% uwu

  • Erabu kun
    Erabu kun

    Fps dropping, ping sky rocketing and more and more bugs poping out of thin air... Yep that is PBE ARAM game alright.

  • Ryan S
    Ryan S

    The Trouble with Tribbles meet The Problem with Poros

  • びんびんごはんケーキー

    Plays heart of fluff card:

  • Yikes

    the fps gradually gets slower lol

  • Zek Çek
    Zek Çek

    Thanx for spaming 18min

  • Breast Cancer Yoshi
    Breast Cancer Yoshi

    The void is the most dire threat to all of Runeterra, growing exponentially in an attempt to consume all life. Poro: Well yes, but actually no.

  • Chan Shen
    Chan Shen

    I thought my phone is gonna blow up

  • Crismon Z
    Crismon Z

    more like amumu wet dream

  • Eg

    So many cute poros

  • DILe BriX
    DILe BriX

    Why arent there any Braum Poros?

  • PwnWin Win
    PwnWin Win

    This video only tells me that you can bring a poro army to their base and have them tank the lasers and they'll be completely fine while you massacre the enemy team.

  • PwnWin Win
    PwnWin Win

    finally a wet dream video.

  • 七Nana Chi乳chi
    七Nana Chi乳chi

    Now Heart of the Fluff it

  • Jars Hei
    Jars Hei

    Nooooooooo!!! you can't just feed so many poro!!! Vandiril: haha cookie goes brrrrrrrrrrrrrr

  • McDerpalds

    0:00 Oh look at all the poros, I love it. Who's a good boy. 0:50 NOOO, FOUNTAIN STOP, THEY'RE GOOD BOYS!

  • Mika-13

    Would be nice to have more poros on the bridge, but not this many lmao.

  • The Chainsaw Man
    The Chainsaw Man

    If there was a game solely about owning and raising your own Poro farm, no lie, I would play it for sure.

  • furo

    Very beautiful, very powerful.

  • Quang Phạm Hưng
    Quang Phạm Hưng

    best bug ever

  • IDK

    You can change the title to "Good night PC"

  • Hrfazasz

    0:15 Sion while feeding Poro: Rest is for the living!

  • League of Silvers
    League of Silvers

    Guys, I'm sorry that I'm not in the subject ,but could you please rate the videos on the channel and tell me how you like it, normal or so .The format ,of course ,is not very good, but I try .

  • Mizzar

    1:57 i play like that... 14/16fps, 11 on big tf, help me

  • Mizzar

    Where is braum?

  • ッRian

    When i playd this on PBE i though it was an april fools joke or a new game mode

  • Dido ve kedicikleri
    Dido ve kedicikleri

    1:44 One of requiem poro: i'm about to end this man's whole career

  • Dido ve kedicikleri
    Dido ve kedicikleri

    Poros be like minecraft cows?

  • Kyugure Kyu
    Kyugure Kyu

    This is the best video I saw in my entire life

  • Bekir Hamdi Esen
    Bekir Hamdi Esen

    oh god ! i eventually learned that poroes do mitosis

  • zxkredo

    Its actually a big poro-orgy

  • ⫷⪓丂ㄖ尺几卂ㄒ⪔⫸

    Very uwu

  • yikes

    i Didnt actually know that poros can get targeted by the nexus tower.

  • The_Flare001

    I need them. I need a poro

  • süleyman Fiur
    süleyman Fiur

    Slime rancher

  • jekster

    So many proos!

  • MoonreY

    Braum would be so Proud

  • couscous

    Why is the tower attacking the poros?

  • Alexandra P
    Alexandra P

    des porossssssssssssssssssss

  • Mrowkaqq

    I remember making poro hordes on PBE until we all had like 10fps

  • RC Mendoza
    RC Mendoza

    Braum will surely love this😍

  • Orni Mask
    Orni Mask

    This, this is the new best game mode. Screw Urf one for all solo queue. I want an Mode where you feed and make endless proros. Heck I would even pay for that.

  • manu Man
    manu Man

    "poro wet dream" *poros get chain killed by the fountain*

  • Night Radical
    Night Radical

    PORO MILITIA *kills you with cuteness love & fluffiness!!!*

  • iLluZionZz

    Welcome to Poro's rift!

  • ʞɔɐɥʍ sᴉ ɯsᴉɔɐɹ sʎɐs ǝpnɐlƆ
    ʞɔɐɥʍ sᴉ ɯsᴉɔɐɹ sʎɐs ǝpnɐlƆ

    I like how Poros don't get killed by the fountain laser 🥺

  • Xexomaru

    im amazed at no time the poro king appeared... Rito dissapointing me ever more

  • Hoàng Nguyễn Xuân
    Hoàng Nguyễn Xuân

    no braum in this game ? this isn't wet dream, this is nightmare without Mustache poro :(

  • just a fan
    just a fan


  • ChosenToKill x3
    ChosenToKill x3


  • Michael Holst
    Michael Holst

    I got lag just from watching this video...

  • Dirtygloveoj

    yorick is the best split pu-..nvm

  • Dirtygloveoj

    Feed the poros. or else we will continue this onslaught.

  • Cao Zihao
    Cao Zihao

    Report for feeding

  • Cao Zihao
    Cao Zihao

    Nice fps

  • Preston Hong
    Preston Hong

    176 fps to 17fps Huh, I wonder why

  • Adnox

    fountain diving with poros be like

  • Five Name
    Five Name

    Pc : why you bully me

  • Gabriel Silva Rocha
    Gabriel Silva Rocha

    THIS is how skyrim was meant to be played

  • Jake Rosler
    Jake Rosler

    It- Its- Its *beautiful*

  • Łukasz o o
    Łukasz o o


  • Im Phanta
    Im Phanta

    Do you even Poro bruh?

  • Leon

    Fun fact: if u have any execution on morde like elder dragon or collector u can kill dummy’s . U have to ult the dummy , make it low health and you can ONLY kill it with your q . Little site note: u can ult dummy’s unlimited so u can be in 100 morde ults

  • mister man
    mister man

    The population exploaded they ate that land dry void of nutrition even the soil now has no minerals nothing can grow it is now a barren wasteland

  • Happy KISKA
    Happy KISKA

    Shuryma army HAHAHA

  • Necrokora

    game character *ENEMY* tooltip poro? Thats just plain wrong

  • zFren

    Amumu: Let's find some friends Also Amumu: *Poro feeding intensifies*

  • luxide

    how hard the pores, the source does not damage them

  • Ink 1nTle
    Ink 1nTle

    I haven't played in like 2 months what happened

  • Martin Vajdak
    Martin Vajdak

    The cutest and the best bug ever.

  • Shinoa Hiiragi
    Shinoa Hiiragi

    Wait fountain attack poros?

  • Shinoa Hiiragi
    Shinoa Hiiragi

    Stop killing the poros

  • Ante Klisović
    Ante Klisović

    Poro wet dream? This is my wet dream

  • Elyika

    this should be regular league on april fools

  • Minh Mang
    Minh Mang

    what happen when a rize fountain dive with lots of poro like this

  • Phoenix I
    Phoenix I

    I never had a wet Dram in 16 FPS, thank you!

  • Cat - In - A - Cup :3
    Cat - In - A - Cup :3

    MORE! *M* *O* *R* *E* *!*

  • Siras Les
    Siras Les

    How did you even do this wtf

  • el jojaja
    el jojaja

    There is a story of someone who eats pore meat and the pore simply comes out of his stomach as if it were a breastbreaker from the alien saga, and then surely you should already know what happened next with the man knowing the reference, scary

  • Willi Steffens
    Willi Steffens

    now i can go from this world in peace this video will be played at my funreal xD

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