Rengar vs Champion Terrain! WTF?
Riot can you explain this please?
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  • Paguo

    that actually makes sense

  • Manish Peiris
    Manish Peiris

    Honestly they should keep this effect. It will be cool to see players coordinate and combo team fights 😂

  • Jerry Parra
    Jerry Parra

    Completely normal phenomenon.

  • Raptor

    Lol I think the algorithm that checks the nearest available position isn't working as intended

  • hinro

    that is pretty neat. secret get the fuck away from me kitty tech

  • daruthebeast


  • mysticcalm

    The Micheal Jordan of League

  • Yannick Bordiss
    Yannick Bordiss

    Is this because there’s no space to put rengar when he jumps so it puts him in the nearest spot with space?

  • wad

    Should have had an ivern on the other side and make him hop lol

  • Ertoses

    Wait, it's not even Viego

  • Verlisify

    Small indie company

  • whYLiE09

    Actual footage of league working as intended. (2021 colorized)

  • PewnedBywat s
    PewnedBywat s

    Indie company

  • The Broken Dragon.
    The Broken Dragon.

    not a viego bug at least

  • TheFireSword HD
    TheFireSword HD

    Hi Vandiril the Ap Support Item Spellthief´s Egde have a Bug if you Start the game with it not give his effect before you dont kill a Minion

  • Shearper2

    huh, well, people who main those champs can use that to their advantage potentially by creating the wall at the right spot for Rengar to completely flub his jump. imagine rengar ulting then anivia just throws up a wall and rengar goes over the wall into tower range for anivia to stun and Q to get a kill. how tilted would the rengo be then i wonder?

  • Vik6 ata
    Vik6 ata

    Let's go another bug! I love this game

  • Benger Alkoholik
    Benger Alkoholik

    id never expect you to play h3 lolz

  • OutlawRide

    Considering how quick thinking Rengar OTP's are. I full expect to see clips of some insane outplay where they get away with 3 hp using this trick.

  • Iñigo

    It works with ally generated terrain? If so, you could make some sick plays with it

  • Micheal Crossan
    Micheal Crossan

    Shocking that one of the most bugged champions is bugged

  • Alleo John Cruz
    Alleo John Cruz

    great way to escape

  • Tú Nguyễn Ngọc
    Tú Nguyễn Ngọc

    This bug happened to me last season, saved me when I made a latch ditch effort to get out of a cheesy situation. Needless to say the whole team spam pinged me.

  • Phat Spheal
    Phat Spheal

    I'm gonna have to remember this. Some small amount of actual counterpart to bullshit levels of mobility, just for the one championship I guess, but let's extend this to champions like talon and kayn too!

  • Zanof sky
    Zanof sky

    Talon teaching rengar how to be a proper Assasin

  • Mr. Reese
    Mr. Reese

    What the hell did I just watch?

  • azayner

    Where’s taliyah and jarvan?

  • Abdou Lasri
    Abdou Lasri

    What if you target Yorick w instead of him ?

  • Soul fire
    Soul fire

    Daily reminder that Diana is a fighter

  • Rainbow Dash
    Rainbow Dash

    So what you're saying is my Trundle counters Rengar? 😂 Take that cat!

  • Cirex2118

    More counter play for the oneshot kitty? Awesome ~

  • Eagan _
    Eagan _

    This looks more like anti wall clip Similar to the flash that is longer than it is supposed to be because of the large wall

  • Benxall

    Self yeetus

  • Makak1

    This is pretty cool actually i mean its like rengar wants to go over the terrain but when he does cant go immediately down

  • Godphox

    Found a bug on one for all today, but dunno exactly how it works. We played Lulu but when me and my friend got a kill on bot our toplaner got the kill instead. This happened numerous times over the course of the game giving kills to toplane and awarding most of our teammates with assists without them even being remotely close to where the kill happened. Would love to hear if anyone know how to replicate this.

  • captain potato
    captain potato

    Kha zix evolve E and bunny hop: rengar you cant do it Rengar: you sure?

  • dragonoyxd

    When you main Trundle support and u see a new trick 👁👄👁


    never a vandiril video without the random pings

  • ArceusShaymin

    Daddy Riot, I think it's time for that pathfinding and collision update!

  • JediMage

    Jarvan, where

  • Der Wuselnator
    Der Wuselnator

    Weird buff but okay.

  • Gabriel Lewis
    Gabriel Lewis

    Next video: "Rengar can jump anywhere anytime as he pleases"

  • iLeoNox


  • Altay Furkan Kıyıçkan
    Altay Furkan Kıyıçkan

    Is this bug works for ally champions? If it is, will be broken.

  • JustPapyrus

    What if you try attacking an enemy control ward or regular ward and a teammate puts their champ terrain down?

  • marcin knyc
    marcin knyc

    Rengar, you're drunk, go home...

  • tabon tabons
    tabon tabons

    do it with Warwick ulti

  • kaizer heikichi
    kaizer heikichi

    Asa a rengar main, i approve this bug as legal

  • Julian Kulus
    Julian Kulus

    You could've done this with Ivern as well, to show other wall jumps :D

  • Sir Loser
    Sir Loser

    rengar gg :D

  • Saul Ferreira
    Saul Ferreira

    i've once died because of this bug with katarina

  • Disconnect3d


  • Sklatscht

    i'm actually kinda sad you never jumped back to where you started, for example with the yorick walls. but i guess it's a specific angle so you couldn't

  • White Fatalis the Ancestral Dragon
    White Fatalis the Ancestral Dragon

    Gragas E: I will not be a memory

  • Eduardo Rubio
    Eduardo Rubio

    200 year collective years for you

  • bobonela

    what a shit game

  • MultiZero1995

    Finally some counter play to rengar

  • Trần Phong
    Trần Phong

    nah this is just a hidden interaction

  • Keyzer

    Tbh this is the most understable thing I've ssen on this channel

  • Kebein

    now thats what i call 200 years of gamedesign

  • Vince Willem Brevet
    Vince Willem Brevet

    all fun and jokes untill the rengar flies over your head and kills you on the other side of the wall

  • Philip Penkov
    Philip Penkov

    Thank lord i don't play Rengar, this would made me uninstall.

  • Zaplock

    how do you even find these

  • coldblaze

    imagine oneshotting someone like that

  • Doxal Ruzze
    Doxal Ruzze

    Speaking of cats, have you seen that Yuumi bug on live servers? At first i thought it was a visual bug but she gets assists across the map just by attaching to her teammates once

  • BluBluB

    So disgusting this spagetti-codes from Riot I Main Rengo and didnt know about that shit, so hillarious D,:

  • ItzTouki

    I'll now start playing trundle to counter rengar top, thanks vandiril

  • CancerLordIm

    I noticed that all of the champs where near wall, what if it was lets say open space will it still jump over ?

  • End Of The line
    End Of The line

    So rengar have a hidden mechanic huh

  • Mauvín


  • Spacegliding Rat
    Spacegliding Rat

    That's actually good

  • Jonsku 666
    Jonsku 666

    Looks like pretty practical counterplay for a bug imo If you know he's coming and time it right, you can make his attack land him over a wall and prevent him from doing his burst, giving you a window of escape All the while this is too unlikely to occur when chasing him to end up letting him escape from a death

  • itachi uchiha
    itachi uchiha

    The jump might be a little off but at least the hits are still connecting.

  • Dirovex

    I wonder the technical reason this happens. Is it similar to why you can flash over walls that are too big?

  • Lolis Are Mine
    Lolis Are Mine

    Rengar Is becoming a plane

  • DrOinkman

    finally rengar has jounterplay

  • Nikos Giannopoulos
    Nikos Giannopoulos

    I hope they dont fix that, rengar is too op as he is now XD

  • Skyler Graham
    Skyler Graham

    imagine you're playing rengar top and this dude last picks yorick 😔

  • RealJeefy

    That could save him in some trouble.

  • Hardcore Henry
    Hardcore Henry

    Rito pls

  • Logical_FDYT

    finally a counter I just now need to find a top laner to help me

  • Rx


  • Crazy_Blood63

    1:15 Rengar: Im so shy, let me stay in the Bushhhhs !

  • Soulless

    Just a normal day in league of bugs.

  • Hossam Rajaie
    Hossam Rajaie

    Riot every time vandiril finds a bug : SOMEBODY TOUCHA MY SPAGGET !!!

  • Rainer saat
    Rainer saat

    imagine stealing baron like that

  • Sabatoff

    102 metry

  • Quốc Việt Trương
    Quốc Việt Trương

    Ok Caitlyn main saw this 👌

  • Mark Diedrichs
    Mark Diedrichs

    should this be a bug? no it is totally game desine

  • default pfp with a fly
    default pfp with a fly

    Anivia : *places her wall* Rengar : no birdy for this cat tonight i guess.

  • Dialgos75

    Idk if you will see this but Talon has similar reactions to this.

  • Gakamis Gaming
    Gakamis Gaming

    What if its right by the border wall?

  • JustJup4Fun

    It seems that if the champion can be reached, Rengar will jump to the first point after the champion it can land, which is blocked by the hitbox of the wall. This leads rengar jumping to the first free spot, after the champion in the same line. Could you please try pushing this to its extreme by using 2 Anivias + 2 trundels + 2 yoricks + Ivern(for easier starting points) + Rengar?

  • nik laz
    nik laz

    This should be a feature. Maybe then will we have counterplay for rengar


    Rengar with RFC is also kinda buggy.

  • KittyQueen Tengu
    KittyQueen Tengu

    What is that? a bug that doesn't involve Viego?

  • Bliskoit16


  • Murat

    Hey Vandiril i saw a bug on yoricks E. it showed me twitch while he was invincible on aram.i just shift e'd and saw him on e . i saw this before too it can be very old.

  • Shibiru

    Rengar is practicing for the Olympics

  • Nhạc Kênh
    Nhạc Kênh

    Bug man :v

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