Riot Finally Buffing the Supports!
Looks pretty good to me!
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    Me: Blue Ward The guy she told you not to worry about:

    • Ionrenaline

      Swain with his Wards : *Jujutsu Awareness Expansion*

    • William Zhan
      William Zhan

      @JustinsRealmMC underrated, deserves more likes LOL

    • Mg Tow
      Mg Tow

      repeat after me: It's called Alteration Ward

    • JustinsRealmMC

      it’s okay. At least he only lasts a few minutes.

    • Fiorane

      Hard to break it to ya bud, but I feel like our old friend was responsible for this 0:52

  • Raido

    1:24 CCP moment

  • Vítor Fogaça
    Vítor Fogaça

    que bemsa🙏

  • João Gabriel
    João Gabriel


  • Normund

    I mean when I said I wamt increased range I didnt mean half the map...

  • Pedro Portes Tavares Sergio
    Pedro Portes Tavares Sergio

    Swain's w in a nutshell and an item

  • No One
    No One

    Nocturne support, new meta.

  • Fire Stade
    Fire Stade

    do anyone mind the HOB lux?

  • Facundo Alarcón
    Facundo Alarcón

    ban or no ban?

  • Berat Sutcu
    Berat Sutcu



    enemy UAV over head

  • Lammyta

    Back door new alpha:

  • Ruv

    Another way to farm gold with my friend in enemy team

  • Dimitrije Tomic
    Dimitrije Tomic

    Indie game company

  • tallcamel 2175
    tallcamel 2175


  • Azzamania

    I think this bug shall be called Clairvoyance haha!

  • ssjMelooZ

    drake still not warded

  • Weaboo Nation
    Weaboo Nation

    gold farm for enemy team technically


    swain be like:

  • Osman Gülsoy
    Osman Gülsoy


  • Karatal 01
    Karatal 01

    Riot finally bugging the supports!

  • Alperen Sisman
    Alperen Sisman

    The Ancient Bug Finder

  • MoonLightLady Hild
    MoonLightLady Hild

    About the right distance if you dont want to get oneshot by an invisible assassin with 5 dashes, 550 MS, Execute, True damage and resets.

  • Tomasgamer 11
    Tomasgamer 11

    vandiril use the hacks for the videos?

  • Roberto Silva
    Roberto Silva

    Does the range increase by 300 each time you place a ward?

  • Onebeets 1
    Onebeets 1

    the... support meta only had to wait 10 seasons lol

  • Onur Alp Öner
    Onur Alp Öner

    bro wtf, this buff is broken

  • Carlos Dominguez
    Carlos Dominguez

    Why lux you cant put a Soraya or a mami yummi lulu etc? :(

  • Mete Yilmaz
    Mete Yilmaz

    Oh i belive its senna's auto attack range

  • zonattack TV
    zonattack TV

    how does it work? please

  • Mr Butters16
    Mr Butters16

    Aaah yes, blue ward with 0 cd! AND it goes invisible. No excuse to die while warding now..... no excuse T_T Please give me back my excuses!

  • Phạm Bá Phúc
    Phạm Bá Phúc

    game nhái liên quân

  • Dkodd


  • emsity

    Nice Being yummy and just afk was to easy for me, i wanted something harder

  • Wong Misterius
    Wong Misterius

    Plot twist:the supp get the worst score of vision

  • Aysom

    You sneaky bugger. You're trying to pretend this is just a generic support bug. But it's actually a Viego bug, and we all know it.

  • Dark Sound
    Dark Sound

    **sad support main noises**

  • TheDangerzone94

    the support is now a scout plane in base

  • DSB

    imagine supports recieving nerf in s11, not gonna happen i believe

  • easondan

    Anything to get that vision score up

  • AngelYuki

    "How the fuck have you placed 718 wards and only have a vision score of 3."

  • Dandi Putra
    Dandi Putra

    Blue Ward : Who are you? Supp Buff : im you, but more 200+ years

  • Pixel Higitsune
    Pixel Higitsune

    i like the idea but i think that lil bit to much

  • webed0blood

    so vandiril is a rioter ???

  • DabDimmaDome

    i just got the notification for this 4 days later

  • Vesarixx

    Please don't fix this Rito

  • swifty _swiftLP
    swifty _swiftLP

    the fuck???????????????????????? literaly sums about how i feel seeing this

  • Shikikan KillZone
    Shikikan KillZone

    No one: People with scopophobia: 1:24

  • Xuan Bach Lai
    Xuan Bach Lai

    lady luminosity huh, I finally get why she hates to be called by that xd.

  • Styner Grimm
    Styner Grimm

    "Tell me, how was League back then?" Me: yeah I wonder about that too my friend who played in S1:

  • Polka Dots
    Polka Dots

    LUX IS NOT SUP!!!!!

  • IchWhite

    Finally a buffed ward

  • Capsel

    RIP Fiddlestick mains

  • XAussieMarksmanX

    How do you find these?

  • YixinNotFound

    Please let programmers of riot go

  • Brad DeepHole
    Brad DeepHole

    Feral Flare part2

  • but why
    but why

    seems fair

  • Enkidu Kyrielight
    Enkidu Kyrielight

    But doesnt that mean that top laners are the most viable option to be ganked?

  • Enkidu Kyrielight
    Enkidu Kyrielight

    I can already see adcs using that Item too

  • İbrahim Ataman
    İbrahim Ataman

    1:23 big brother is watching u

  • José Luis Rosas
    José Luis Rosas

    I really don’t get this buff. I’m a support main and always thought of that vulnerability as a fair trade off but watever, Riot wants mages as supports again in the bot lane.

  • AnarchoTugafight

    lux is not a support champ kekw

  • malgo

    lux isnt a support

  • Nathan Santos Diaz
    Nathan Santos Diaz

    Guess i can play yummi and tft at the same time

  • Ækame Ga
    Ækame Ga

    All heroes with swain w

  • The Yazgın Official
    The Yazgın Official

    really ????????

  • Josias Fraga
    Josias Fraga

    is this a bug?

  • Ege Nalbant
    Ege Nalbant

    imagine: you are going to press thresh's lantern then a vision comes from nowhere...

  • That Sona Guy
    That Sona Guy

    As the Sona main that's 4th in NA for mastery points in her I'd like to happily say that I am NOT okay with this level of buffing. Dial it back, Riot. DIAL IT A TAD BAAACCCCKKKK.....

  • Shojin Sensei
    Shojin Sensei

    Nice, now I don't have to risk my damn life anymore to get deep wards in enemy jungle

  • Art Demayo
    Art Demayo

    Thats not soo bad though but annoying as hell

  • Love Johansson
    Love Johansson

    Sry, but i fail to see how lux is a support :/

  • furia155

    my team support trying to ward: *Dies* Enemy team support:

  • Ken Ken
    Ken Ken

    How to use that bug?

  • Matyáš Patejdl
    Matyáš Patejdl

    I'm glad I'm not playing that shit anymore.

  • Leon Sixt
    Leon Sixt

    I just want there to be many bugs this gamebreaking on a competitive level so even the most ignorant and retarded person will call out their inability to run this game. For me their games already have less of a value then made in China, in fact, China makes some pretty good video games but what the hell is this

  • Julius Varzaitis
    Julius Varzaitis

    Lux, here I come

  • Tim Infinite
    Tim Infinite

    I think they should think of making this an item called the ward cannon. I think it would be pretty interesting but I'm not sure about balance

  • Seagull gaming
    Seagull gaming

    Can u tp at them tho?

  • Chavvo Bimbo
    Chavvo Bimbo

    So supports can finally do their job while afking in base now?

  • Koekor

    im confused

  • Jiaxi hao
    Jiaxi hao

    what is this hell?

  • 儀水鏡の妖怪霊

    Imagine the plays with Teleport.

  • Hi Dere OWO
    Hi Dere OWO

    Not going to lie. I would kinda like this but you have drastically reduced ward slots, and they regents over time like a trinket and not upon returning to fountain. So you have like two blue wards to place instead of normal ones.

  • Alexandar Zeng
    Alexandar Zeng

    1:25 where ever I go the eyes follow

  • kelvin delallana
    kelvin delallana

    A support main's *wet dream* .

  • Vincent Pagnotta
    Vincent Pagnotta

    Can anyone tell me how this actually works?

  • Crash TV
    Crash TV

    Finally my vision score will increase

  • Sai Kisaragi
    Sai Kisaragi

    I actually saw this bug and thought that it was just a ghost teemo trolling

  • hue tqp
    hue tqp


  • Karyi

    "Wards are temporarely disabled because of Vandiril"

  • Kazutoification

    Long ranged ward incoming!

  • Zodiac

    ward satellite gameplay ROFL sightstone will finally be useful LMAO

  • s3cret

    this is stupid.

  • Jp Wright
    Jp Wright

    Finally a way to get enough vision score for S+

  • Junyu Chen
    Junyu Chen


  • DrOinkman

    now i can finally have a good vision score as yuumi xD

  • jonh dead 3
    jonh dead 3

    is that a joke ?

  • Mehmet Karaca
    Mehmet Karaca

    İs that buff or bug ?

  • FlamingDeception


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