Riot, WHY is this a Thing?!
Anyone hungry? Spaghetti for everyone!
Thanks to Jóhann for showing me Morde Bugs:
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0:00 Smallest Mordekaiser Ult
0:22 Walking out of Mordekaiser Ult
0:47 Hello Riot, why is this a thing?

  • Rakiri

    the fizz bug happens to me almost every time I try to get out of spawn with akali e, I aim it behind me and this just goes left/right

    • Soul of Artorias
      Soul of Artorias

      The same with Kayn w after you TP. it will just be cast behind you .

    • João Pedro C.Nogueira
      João Pedro C.Nogueira

      This big happened with q Yasuo

    • Anguis Memes
      Anguis Memes

      I main fizz and this shit is so annoying glad his cd is not long

    • Miller Miller
      Miller Miller

      Same with cait e

    • Elphealer

      I got the same if I try to build a portal with Bard

  • Kazemaru

    One with the fizz is probably because if it would go behind the fountain it would just crash the game instantly, just as it was with Xerath years ago

  • Video Nomad
    Video Nomad

    was here

  • kawaiiempoleon

    Can somone explain what's happening

  • Spelle Spelle
    Spelle Spelle

    The fizz bug happens sometimes to me when I Flash/Dash and use a spell ... Like Thresh E on Smart Cast ...

  • OnionMaster03

    The thing about Fizz... It happens even when just walking lol, with any champ, clicking outside of the map in the corner

  • Mars Potato
    Mars Potato

    back to the roots

  • haiku

    and i thought i was just bad at aiming skillshots

  • Alvemaster

    thats cool af

  • VolTorian - Minecraft
    VolTorian - Minecraft

    that thing with fizz is exceptionally annoying when i play bard because i often try to hug the wall so i can get a good tunnel out of fountain

  • Akai Kiseki
    Akai Kiseki


  • Fawkes

    I hate that bug... U want to dip back into the base to pick up an item (clicking in the corner) and you just walk out because movement does wack shit...

  • Ahmad Z.
    Ahmad Z.

    I actually noticed something similar. I was glitching out of my ulti as jarvan while standing on open terrain. And it happened to me at least 2 times yesterday

  • ImmortalSusanoo

    THe fountain bug could be due to the map itself as we know its mirrors and you can draw a perfect line through middle, so the game could be going nuts at the spawn and thing if you are a bit far to the left or right of the fountain that you aim into that diraction instead of behind or infront of you.

  • Hi Im Andicus
    Hi Im Andicus

    Wait Vandiril why am I not subscribed to you? I swear I subscribed to you a long time ago

  • Philipp

    I actually discoverd that fizz big aswell but with qiyana w

  • Kiki

    The bug with skill shots tho. This has happened to me before and my team is like ??? but my cursor was in the complete opposite direction.

  • Kcaspa

    your aim with fizz ult trash bro :v

  • Luca Robertson
    Luca Robertson

    im pretty sure the fountain bug happens with movement, whenever i spam move bottom left while in shop this seems to happen a lot on purp side

  • Dr Gray
    Dr Gray

    The fizz's bug works with velkoz's ult too.

  • Luke Jarvis
    Luke Jarvis

    Real life patch notes: -brazil has shrunken by 70% -added: corona virus vaccine

  • Ahmed Khamis
    Ahmed Khamis

    fizz the more fish travel distance the bigger ?

  • Voltz Mccloud
    Voltz Mccloud

    Oh thats why ive been missing so many fizz ults lately

  • Kyle Lacey
    Kyle Lacey

    the fizz bug i think is because of pathing and the way his ult interacts with terrain i guess

  • PMatics

    The fizz bug also happens with corki package sometimes, you just fly left or right


    0:26 0:39 actually that is pretty usefull when theres a feed enemy and you wan't to help your team whitout diying (sorry for my bad english)

  • Targom

    200 years of experience in game development

  • Isaac Garcia
    Isaac Garcia

    Somebody said spaghetti?

  • Amargado


  • L. Hepi2121
    L. Hepi2121

    The fountain cursor bug killed me a few times aight. Saddest thing is that its quite old.

  • ArKi

    The fizz bug also happens with vel’

  • Berkant 35
    Berkant 35

    last one always happening to every Aram player

  • Cyrus Uy
    Cyrus Uy

    Probably domain expansion.

  • Marlon Torres
    Marlon Torres

    por alguna razon la mayoria de bug de lol son cosas q tienen q ver con el cursor xd

  • Luna Nova
    Luna Nova

    this game shouldn't have left beta

  • LiettDyved

    The same type of bug on fizz's ult has happened with Sion and Kled (and maybe more but that's what I've experienced myself) ult for years, you point somewhere and the game just sends you wherever the fuck it feels like

  • Dilan Pearson
    Dilan Pearson

    I've noticed the skill shot bug alot with champions like lilia and corki it will shoot completely the the opposite direction and your just sitting there like okay I guess I'll leave now

  • underkekz

    The fizz bug happens with any champion that has a skillshot, it also happens with Sivir’s Q, I don’t think it’s a bug honestly, the game doesn’t allow you to throw skillshots back there

  • Jeh1

    I can finally land a skill against my enemies.

  • hitscher2205

    i think its not necessarily a fizz only bug... i dunno if they fixed it but i had it sooo often on other champs aswell. most of the time with the ashe arrow. First i thought it was just because i clicked on the minimap or something but it happened so often and sometimes i was so sure that i didn´t click on the minimap. But it still went on other directions. My friends thought i was stupid because my arrows went the opposite site from the direction i wanted to shoot ^^.

  • Thiện Lê
    Thiện Lê

    The Fizz's ult yes. I already known this for months maybe years

  • Lucky Craft
    Lucky Craft

    Mordekaiser: "Who is the bug god now, Viego?"

  • Filbert Gonzales
    Filbert Gonzales

    Viego's back at it again giving bugs to game

  • DisjointSaturn 8
    DisjointSaturn 8

    1:03 ye, this happened to me a few times when trying to ult people in base as Sion

  • Dovo


  • Resomius

    All hail the King of Bugs!

  • Penkuin

    Fizz thing works the same for pings btw

  • Face Man
    Face Man

    "Watch my cursor" There is no cursor Plz

  • nimrod films
    nimrod films

    0:47 yea, this one has been around since pre season 11. it's actually really annoying, when i play akali, i normally use my e backwards for the little dash. but sometimes it just does it to the side.

  • tim X
    tim X

    the fizz bug works also with movement and other things realy weired

  • RedDarkMoon

    Soundtrack Name?

  • Rajan Gaubert Dela Cruz
    Rajan Gaubert Dela Cruz

    So that's why I Always Miss On Fizz ult

  • Black Diamond
    Black Diamond


  • Bakir Babić
    Bakir Babić

    Song from start pls?

  • Fujtajblus

    Not sure about the Fizz bug but there is a bug with Snowball in ARAM for like 6 years now. Basically when you smart cast the snowball with your shift key, it goes like 30 degrees off. The degree is wider if you do it mid rotation, like you are running away, suddenly you want to actually attack the one chasing you, so you turn around, smart cast the snowball and that shit just ignores where your cursor is and goes like 30 degrees south.

  • Shrimp of Gura
    Shrimp of Gura

    That's why I played Wild Rift longer than League of legends

  • tiago l
    tiago l

    Riot, pls fix.

  • Vitor Santiago
    Vitor Santiago

    Morde is trying to step his game up now that there's a new king of bugs xD

  • A Youtube Channel
    A Youtube Channel

    Ask Leona, why she can hit you when she actually does not touch you or your hit box.

    • Agains Slayer
      Agains Slayer

      XDD leona : grabbing your neck whit sun power

  • Shantaru

    The fizz bug happens with Aurelion Sol too, if you use Q in front of yourself sometimes it'll go behind you instead

  • Rexzero Xx
    Rexzero Xx

    Its not a bug.... Its a mechanic

  • Leonardo Barros
    Leonardo Barros

    What's background music?

  • Princess Zephyr
    Princess Zephyr

    Bugs about Morde? *pretend to be chocked*

  • Kibbleru

    i had this when i was in blue side lmao.

  • Gustavo Rolim
    Gustavo Rolim

    Its his realm and he can do whatever he wants

  • LegalWrights

    Fuck I thought that skillshot thing was just me not knowing how to aim my Jinx rocket. God damn.

  • LaMeule

    They have a nice client anyway so it's okay

  • TsG Something
    TsG Something

    Trying to e out of fountain as akali does something similar

  • Poline Chan
    Poline Chan

    fizz ult, you gotta hold with one hand

  • Jay Haviland
    Jay Haviland

    Now I have an excuse for missing my Fizz ults

  • Einjharr Elraca
    Einjharr Elraca

    the fizz bug also happens on ezreal and jinx a lot.

  • Kha'Zix Opresor
    Kha'Zix Opresor

    La W de K6 si la spameas en un muñeco, una de las W va a atravesar el muñeco de prueba

  • s4tisfaction

    why do I have a feeling that the spawn fountain thing is happening because of some sort of spaghetti bandaid for the global ability bugs riot put out

  • Jacky L
    Jacky L

    New vfx update for morde is looking good

  • charles kim
    charles kim

    Give them a break, they are a small indie company.

  • Callum Anon
    Callum Anon

    bruh that last one has killed me in fountain like 5+ times

  • Hadley Beaumont
    Hadley Beaumont

    I wonder if a riot employee has ever seen these videos and thought, "Hey my game is shit :D"

  • iHurt

    The fizz bug also works with Zoe Q.

  • IHate TheInternet0notTheBand
    IHate TheInternet0notTheBand

    Looks like you’re going to the shadow realm jimbo

  • Keksmania

    The morde bug happened to me and my friends didn't believe me.. xD

  • Ufuk Metin
    Ufuk Metin

    You can kill muppet with 18 level mordekaiser ult

  • Kidale Smith
    Kidale Smith

    Now THAT is how mordes ult should be

  • Ali Taher
    Ali Taher

    Mordekaiser Ghosts into an enemy stunned for long enough, ults, welcome to Oblivion-Lite.

  • dǝǝd ɯopuɐɹ
    dǝǝd ɯopuɐɹ

    Domain explansion :

  • hebsYT


  • Diabolicu

    it's called shitty coding

  • Some awesome Guy
    Some awesome Guy

    The fizz bug reminds me of the tf thing in Aram, you could tp to a certain spot on Howling abyss and end up in the enemy fountain.

  • Long Nguyễn Hoàng
    Long Nguyễn Hoàng

    I remember the old morder, he not that good but fun to use R on a super fed enemy

  • DeltaYD

    now these are some unhealthy amounts of spaghetti

  • Emanuel Lopes
    Emanuel Lopes

    The fizz bug happens to me a lot when I'm playing with Zoe, it's very annoying

  • DeNiSs_

    fizz bug suck hard xD you think there are less situations but there are some xD allways if the enemy try to end and i throw a zoe q i had this shit xD

  • WePlayTogether

    This fizz thing happens often if i use global ults

  • TFC 343
    TFC 343

    yeah when you try to path into the fountain it paths you outside of it, at a guess they added this to stop those global bugs where you clipped into the fountain, but it has got me killed so many times

  • Furkan Bozkurt
    Furkan Bozkurt

    Riot should give you a salary

  • Draven

    You're on fcking PBE, it's normal

  • EscapingChaos

    The fizz thing has been happening to me with Ashe e every time

  • Mi Shi
    Mi Shi

    Ahh yes the most infamous bugger

  • Ant the Gord
    Ant the Gord

    Oof long unskippable ads at the start? Thats a dislike. Lol Also ty for reminding me to get adblock on this new phone.


    I play Neeko and she do same shit sometimes

  • Vicky Sidikovick
    Vicky Sidikovick

    well atleast i got a reason to blame for missing fizz ult

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