Shutdown Yourself?! Jayce & Sion Trick (11.6 Patch)
League of Legends being League of Legends...
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  • Bullet Professional
    Bullet Professional


  • tomáš herajt
    tomáš herajt

    200 years xD

  • NunuMussLulu

    remember int sion? HE BACK

  • Alexis

    sadly you dont get the kill to your kda

  • nombre

    it also aplies the collectionist lol

  • Erion

    Just for sure- is league still in beta? 10 years had passed,i want already full release

  • Firefox EA
    Firefox EA

    next video: Viego turns into a minion when farming

  • Eren Peker
    Eren Peker

    trash company

  • ggFlayeep

    ez gold farm.

  • Tetroxide

    League of Spaghetti code

  • Garrett Ord
    Garrett Ord

    Next week Vidgo will pull everyone into the Mordekaiser Death Realm on Gromp's 4th hit

  • Mr. Shambles
    Mr. Shambles

    Inting Sion return, more broken then ever. *River Inting Sion*

  • Andreas_xs

    What ?

  • Masikinias

    I would not be surprised if the Syndra picking up baron bug somehow worked again in the next 2 years

  • Fero sauce
    Fero sauce

    good death

  • 13yo Predator
    13yo Predator

    Well you need to be fed for this to work

  • bence:D

    Holy why did u publish this video, now yas mains will have 60 deaths at 12 mins

  • finn

    Actually it's working with Azir when i w e q into the bottom lane wall .

  • JungleINSECt Spikewall
    JungleINSECt Spikewall

    This just doesnt make any sense

  • TigerMafia


  • Big Smoke
    Big Smoke

    I want next video enter in game files bring back twisted treeline and domi

  • Poopen Farten
    Poopen Farten

    riot probably hired yandere dev

  • GraveX

    Can they just make LOL 2 and rewrite the codes? Make more realistic graphics .. It got so many bugs ~ 😵😵😵

  • langeweile

    Indie Company btw

  • Quang vinh Tran
    Quang vinh Tran

    Well im poor but im rich

  • Handsome

    Riot: "this guy knows too much, its time for the hitman"

  • Mr Dino Otaku
    Mr Dino Otaku



    Again this makes me wonder...who the fuck found that out and how

  • KerchaK 04
    KerchaK 04

    Who discovered this was basically trolling xd

  • Yue wot
    Yue wot

    damn free gold

  • Jian Ortega
    Jian Ortega

    Free gold i guess

  • Nightx974

    back in my day we grabbed the nash to fountain

  • Muhammad Noor Amirul
    Muhammad Noor Amirul

    how to get full item from dying

  • James Sunderland Seventh
    James Sunderland Seventh

    Riot: Nah jayce ultra low win rate is fine we don't need to buff him Jayce: OK SO IM GONNA FCKING KILL MYSELF

  • Sam Wilder
    Sam Wilder

    Next video: baron can walk and attack your enemy

  • Llean Areñoz
    Llean Areñoz

    Does this work in wild rift

  • Joris Baillot
    Joris Baillot

    Just wondering how you can discover every single issue on this game...

  • Angelo Audije
    Angelo Audije

    When you have 1000 bounty then the enemy team is targeting you: HAH I shall get this free bounty!!!

  • Pantelis Panagiotopoulos
    Pantelis Panagiotopoulos

    Task failed succesfully!

  • Ulises

    This is the real infinite money glitch POGGERS

  • Ulises

    This is the real infinite money glitch POGGERS

  • kyle phan
    kyle phan

    Free gold for myself

  • MoonLightLady Hild
    MoonLightLady Hild

    So killing the enemy nexus just uninstalled my league of legends. No idea how, but I had to reinstall it.

  • Phúc Hưng Nguyễn
    Phúc Hưng Nguyễn

    new feed to win

  • Wilson Chen
    Wilson Chen

    How to get rid of your shutdown in league? Google: give it to the useless enemies Bing:

  • Aryan Kumar
    Aryan Kumar

    money money

  • ClownOcidE


  • BlueSea

    Next vi- *SHUT DOWN*

  • Kayle Support
    Kayle Support

    Kayle supp

  • BrutalizerRiven -
    BrutalizerRiven -

    Shilling gang? Where are you?

  • Slatyi

    200+ years

  • njål sand
    njål sand

    how to deny shutdown bounty?

  • Team Bro
    Team Bro

    so worth move

  • FproM AsterV
    FproM AsterV

    The question is will you have a bigger shutdown after you respawn or no shutdown?

  • Hugo Amorim
    Hugo Amorim

    Great feature

  • Benjohaus TutaCar
    Benjohaus TutaCar

    Does it riot fix it

  • Douglas Jenkins
    Douglas Jenkins

    To be honest if been seeing weird things in my death recaps, a lot of the time it claims my own team mates and once it was myself killing me but only with ignite

  • Random User
    Random User

    finally you can feed yourself

  • Jonathan J.
    Jonathan J.

    I'm totally abusing this to get free gold.

  • lambert dobry kolega geralta
    lambert dobry kolega geralta

    11 years of the experience

  • Uthael Kileanea
    Uthael Kileanea

    Instructions not clear enough. Gold ended up on enemy mid.

  • Kaleinyo

    Meh. They just put pyke bug on them.

  • goodthunder Playz
    goodthunder Playz

    Jayce and Sion in baron: *Call an Ambulance Call an Ambulance* (Gets 1k gold from baron) *But not for me*

  • Alex Kis
    Alex Kis

    This already doesn't look like bugs, this is rather an easter eggs that pastavelopers hiding each patch so Vandiril can find them

  • Ice Cube
    Ice Cube

    Is it bannable?



  • ShineStreet

    Yeah sex is cool and all but have you ever dealt 4000 true damage to your champion yourself?

  • FlexiumGD

    viego gone wrong

  • Km Tempe
    Km Tempe

    /all why your team feeding in baron wtf

  • adrian BYG
    adrian BYG


  • Shockmaker


  • Miika

    everyone: why jayce and sion? me: baron doesnt cast stuff randomly?!?!

  • Nikola Ristic
    Nikola Ristic

    Who finds these

  • Spook Skellington
    Spook Skellington

    "Join us next time as we watch how neeko passive can permanently transfer Veigar's ap stacks onto every single lane minion, and how killing those minions will let you use actives to instakill jungle camps"

  • Mustafa

    thank god i deleted this fucking game

  • Nazareno Laran
    Nazareno Laran

    I know a annoying bug with shaco r

  • Will

    Baron looks constipated af

  • pflaumi

    So does Baron have some blood of Jayce and Sion or the other way around?

  • This Is Hande
    This Is Hande

    Next viego: Video turns into the FOUNTAIN

  • Piece - kun
    Piece - kun

    Dota 2 players, be saying that should be in every champion

  • MR.FickNuggets3000 van der Flex
    MR.FickNuggets3000 van der Flex

    I dont understand this cn someone explain this to me please? Why wont it count as baronkill? they die from a baron attack right? What does having a on_hit effect have to do with this. And why only Sion and Jayce. You can get on-hit effects with anychamp byung a on-hit effect item so,....PLEASE AMERICA EXPLAIN!!! Sorry im too retarded to understrand by myself

  • Li

    jayce be like i hate my self in this patch i wanna died

  • Bilbo Begins
    Bilbo Begins

    Gg rito broken

  • Alexander Camargo
    Alexander Camargo

    Hey, @Vandiril, I know it's something really minor (maybe it is, to me it isn't), but the ghost effect is bullshit most of the time. I play Kassadin a lot, and there are moments that I just get stuck between minions and die or just have a difficult time farming. Kassadin's passive should be a permanent ghost status, just like Fizz's. I mean, there are times when Vayne will simply pass through minions lvl 1 too. I don't really know if there's a pattern here, but I'm more and more convinced that some stats in League are plain bullcrap.

  • Travisimon

    Stop missing pinging

  • JanPan

    Thank you for explaining what actually happens in the video, i like it way more than just showing what happens without any explanation whatsoever

  • Xuan Bach Lai
    Xuan Bach Lai

    what's this? Viego's day off??

  • Juan Romo
    Juan Romo

    Riot games 200 years of experience

  • Ben Hassine Ahmed
    Ben Hassine Ahmed

    Next video please how to get out of league of legends and go study 😥😓😔

  • The Broken Dragon.
    The Broken Dragon.

    oh thank god it's not viego related

  • Tamás Zsombor Tolvaj
    Tamás Zsombor Tolvaj

    I have stopped playing League a while ago. I plan on getting back to the game when it will be officially bugfixed and balanced. :)

    • Philip Rößler
      Philip Rößler

      @Tamás Zsombor Tolvaj know that. Last game that really sucked me im was hadean tactics

    • Tamás Zsombor Tolvaj
      Tamás Zsombor Tolvaj

      @Philip Rößler yeah, actually Im playing Dota 2 right now, but these games cant really give me happiness. So I just rarely play them.

    • Philip Rößler
      Philip Rößler

      Ah i see youre not going to play it ever again xD good for you :)

  • Jeff HJ.
    Jeff HJ.

    Alguien me lo explica en español?

  • Kornél Zsebe
    Kornél Zsebe

    And I'm surprised why the Morgana q hits when it barely misses me, but then League comes up with this and the hitbox problems dont even seem like problems anymore. Modern problems require modern solutions I guess

  • Kreeper Killer
    Kreeper Killer

    Sion finds yet another way to int to win

  • Aurelion Sol's Magnum Opus
    Aurelion Sol's Magnum Opus

    Can someone tell me what is that music he uses often? Is it project theme or something else?

  • Đoàn Công Anh
    Đoàn Công Anh

    Dota : "cut off enemies income by executing your own minions" League:" ye... We don't do that here "

    • Aurea Mediocritas
      Aurea Mediocritas

      gangplank was able to do this with his q

  • Sett master
    Sett master

    video clickbait.. what normall pepole see:Shutdown Yourself?! what i see:suicide

  • Umbra Witch
    Umbra Witch

    Please make a video about how to turn blue essenes into rp🤣

  • CreeperBadMan03XD

    Looks like Baron's farting to Jayce

  • azmir johari
    azmir johari


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