Tahm Kench R + Anivia W
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  • Vandiril

    More Spaghetti here: www.tiktok.com/@leaguespaghetti

    • Kurosendo

      Dude you must prevent the young ones from using tiktok

    • Zubarus

      i dont know if the bugg is still in but " if tham eats you and flash over a wall. and the eaten one get out in the wall (so in the flash over the wall) he get stuck for about 1-3sek" i haved this bugg long ago.

    • NathanQuoin

      @Icigs Looks like it locks movement inputs, so I doubt you can auto.

    • aymericpierre29

      Can you move when you are moonwalking ? Or does it do nothing ?

    • Icigs

      It is possible to kidnap an enemy during the moonwalk? Maybe with Hail of blades and quickly press W.

  • Vojta Michálek
    Vojta Michálek

    I know this is an old video, but this happened to me today with Gnar E

  • nugget

    Jackson is not alive he cant hurt you also jackson

  • Eduardo Oliveira
    Eduardo Oliveira

    Everybody be gangsta until they see TK moonwalking

  • Nefceh

    Cool, more pasta on the menu.

  • lStyxl

    0:26 Taxi tahm kench 1350rp

  • Ssynos Stan
    Ssynos Stan

    i lost it when he swallow the red on the way LMAO XD

  • Lee Sin Hanma
    Lee Sin Hanma

    Am I the only one who's singing smooth criminal while Tahm is smoothly moonwalking?

  • Omega Nexus
    Omega Nexus

    This is what happens when riot forgets his champions

  • MushroomBoi

    Tahm kench really said "oovoo javer"

  • Evan Veron
    Evan Veron

    lol moonwalk

  • wolf t
    wolf t

    I came here to see how many people called Tahm Kench a frog......

  • Narakarr arr
    Narakarr arr

    If riot released multilayer practise tool Vandiril would probably cry with happiness.

  • [enter name]
    [enter name]

    The moon walking fish

  • ergha widya
    ergha widya

    Weird, theres no "ft. viego" in this vid

  • el jojaja
    el jojaja

    Well is time to steal some buff

  • Ulises Castro
    Ulises Castro

    El paso lunar ._.

  • Ghost

    IS this fixed because you could do some cool buff steals with ivern

  • Reset

    Acontece o mesmo com o E do mordekaiser

  • 루노루노

    I see nothing wrong here Except for the part where it's wrong

  • MysticLuxray

    he waddle to the music and it makes me happy :)

  • ding366

    well that would be the most bm moment. Your 1v1 in a lean and your winning... than thams comes moonwalking out of nowere and just safes them

  • Félix Fages
    Félix Fages

    found a bug where yas's w effect stays after disappearing. Happened to me and couple of friends in Aram

  • Djafer Chelihi
    Djafer Chelihi


  • IkkezzUsedEmber

    Why tf didn't they just code it as a teleport?! Riot never ceases to amaze me with their incompetence

  • Hosea Mathews
    Hosea Mathews

    this also works on mordekaiser E, I watch this before in a trick2g video.

  • Ali G
    Ali G

    Slow zoe r ?

  • Icaro Abilío
    Icaro Abilío

    if he get stun, he still walking or he stop?

  • Gazel Bir İsim
    Gazel Bir İsim

    moonwalk yapam tahm kench :D

  • Cheems là công an
    Cheems là công an

    We have found the Michael Jackson 2.0! Tahmkench Jackson

  • Dekas

    Me looking through the comments not seeing a single brushy brushy reference... I must be getting old...

  • Fórum Legendas Br
    Fórum Legendas Br

    200 YEARS

  • arvin archie
    arvin archie

    "back it up, just baaaack it up"

  • Random MV
    Random MV

    this is the new method through which tahm can throw the adc into a fed enemy team

  • Brady Norman
    Brady Norman

    Did you try hitting blast cone during?

  • Zoey F
    Zoey F

    When he stole the red I laughed so hard lol imagine that happening in game. Tahm comes in, noms your red then moonwalks through the map away from you to eat his snack.

    • sixth sick sheik's sixth sheep's sick
      sixth sick sheik's sixth sheep's sick


  • ShockTheSystem

    They are really good at making video games

  • De Synk
    De Synk

    Guys calm down he is just getting a digestive

  • Damian Stasiak
    Damian Stasiak

    0:25 Trundle: Adios

  • CrisdeBug

    Michael Jackson isn't dead and it's on League of Legends

  • 지해꽃유우

    michael jackson

  • 지해꽃유우



    back it up back it up

  • Jarred Chua
    Jarred Chua


  • Big Smoke
    Big Smoke

    Mamma mia, that's some delicious spaghetti right there.

  • Baba Melih
    Baba Melih

    plug walk 🚶

  • Ha Su
    Ha Su

    loool. nice xD

  • Archem

    Can he be CCed during this?

  • Petr Kmoch
    Petr Kmoch

    SpaceGlider Tahm Kench

  • PsyGuy Yggdrasil
    PsyGuy Yggdrasil

    He be walkin

  • Hector Soto
    Hector Soto

    So, that ability is just teleport?

  • Castellan

    How do you find these

  • Inmortal Soul
    Inmortal Soul

    Nice bug

  • Shortiez

    Tahm kench has had enough

  • Sam Kibby
    Sam Kibby

    Aight Vandiril, now tell me why viego's disabled

  • Eric Bright
    Eric Bright

    Imma just mosey on back where I came from.

  • danny maher
    danny maher

    imagine if riot could actually code

  • Castor Pantenon
    Castor Pantenon

    Waiting for why viego is disabled from league

  • Agustín González
    Agustín González

    Waiting for today's viego bug

  • Random Discord Videos
    Random Discord Videos

    Riot disabled viego cant wait for the new upload XD

  • 69 years ago
    69 years ago

    Vanidril make a vid about dark seal viego bug :D

    • Al XE
      Al XE

      He already did.

  • Travis L
    Travis L

    Siv HD vibes

  • -Insanity-

    Infinite dark seal stacks viego exploit, I saw it on Synapse latest video in scrubnoobs game, if possible

  • Alireza Masodi
    Alireza Masodi

    bro there is a now bug with viego dark seal if u kill sombody and poses them if u die while posesing tgem u get 214714 ap

  • Vipdedov

    Can anyone answer my question please. Can i get banned on pbe for abusing bugs? like major bugs im saying like 1 shot lvl 1 bugs or stuff like that.

  • Quang Vinh Lê
    Quang Vinh Lê

    make new viego bug please

  • Elias Frings
    Elias Frings

    There is a new viego Bug with dark seal where he gets 2000000000 ap, you should check it out

  • Mateus Sebastian
    Mateus Sebastian

    Moonwalker is back

  • Mateus Sebastian
    Mateus Sebastian

    Moonwalker is back

  • EDP445

    Does anyone else have a bug when you left click or right click on the mini map the game crashes for you?

  • Michael Giannouris
    Michael Giannouris

    Can I eat an ally on your way back?

  • S.O.L

    Oh the steals, smite tahm stealing baron and just walking away That reminds me, interactions with cc?

  • Nika Chitidze
    Nika Chitidze

    Can't wait for the Viego dark seal bug!

  • yosef mohamed
    yosef mohamed

    Basically a "T H I C C" Michael Jackson

  • BS Guard
    BS Guard

    Tahm can finally be an uber driver!

  • Mark Harris
    Mark Harris

    Yah maybe show it from the Anivia POV at least one time? Idk

  • Chowy The Pug
    Chowy The Pug

    Lol community when they see anivia in vandrill’s titles: *Ah Shit Here We Go Again*

  • El succo
    El succo

    Wonder if u could kidnap somebody using this

  • daFroakie

    You’ve been hit by, You’ve been struck by, A smooth-talking fish

  • Đen Mèo
    Đen Mèo

    Michael Jackson: walk Moonwalking Tahm Kench: yes

  • Dalagar

    the real questions is can you save someone going back

  • celes chan
    celes chan

    This is the first Walking-TP I've ever seen

  • James Russell
    James Russell

    Somehow...the grayfruit reddit got me here

  • TheRox

    Heee Heee!

  • Ceredril

    Riot serves enough spaghetti to fill up the hole in tahm kenchs stomach! Easter Egg confirmed?

  • Reveled

    Yo vandril kled hp bar is bugged, you take damage each time you respawn

  • Alexander Heidner
    Alexander Heidner

    0:25 tahm kench delivery system We have a ms raptor who ordered a trundle?

  • Arne Bart
    Arne Bart

    what if Tahm gets hooked during his Moonwalk

  • Thicc Thighrelia
    Thicc Thighrelia

    Pretty sure it has the same interaction with Darius E

  • Griško Samohonka
    Griško Samohonka

    When you remember you forgot your adc

  • Frooty

    Plot twist:Vandaril is a riot developer


    Uber Kench

  • Askin

    didn't this work with all knockbacks and has been known and has been reproduced in pro play as well? riot aint particularly keen on fixing this one

  • Novato Investidor
    Novato Investidor

    I'm glad it's in the beta

  • Sirminimuffin

    *Tahm taxi*

  • Ilija Ilic
    Ilija Ilic

    *Michael Kenchon*

  • BSC Lieutenant
    BSC Lieutenant

    This would be fun to troll your teammates, just dropping them some in the enemy base.

  • Francisjunior Sousa
    Francisjunior Sousa

    Tahm Kenchee-hee

  • Peter Todorov
    Peter Todorov

    This is actualy practical

  • Nakki0987

    Fast delivery guy kench

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