The Item that BUGGED in Pro Play!
Cull giveth, Cull taketh. Thanks Riot!
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  • Nepdex

    All the gold lost by this bug went to viego

    • Ricardo Hoàng
      Ricardo Hoàng

      @Arda Anıl Ergin Definitely Viego himself 😂

    • Arbelt

      Damn this why the viego in my game instantly has 6 items

    • Arda Anıl Ergin
      Arda Anıl Ergin

      Who then bought a drink to Mordekaiser, his bug buddy.

    • Nepdex

      @Fabrice Balan it all makes sense now

    • Fabrice Balan
      Fabrice Balan

      This is how he had the bug that let him get a ton of gold

  • wsn99

    What's the music?

  • Argie Santos
    Argie Santos

    Wasnt that additional Gold, if u only sold it when finished stacking ?

  • disturbed1734

    If Riot actually gave a shit, they would spend resources to fix the constant client and gameplay bugs, but they have chroma packs to sell so tough luck.

  • Mugen Token
    Mugen Token

    it s not a bug . It s the fenantisse of the dev . Just an "elif" and this "bug" is gone . But hey , it s riot , what are you expect about ?

  • Hubba Bubba
    Hubba Bubba

    what happens if u cs after

  • NoName Worm
    NoName Worm

    Sir... I nees help Whenever I load into a match, or alt+tab, my fps goes down from 200 to 15 I have to turn VSINC on and off for it to normalise Anione got a solution, or the same problem?

  • Mr Daydream
    Mr Daydream

    Never understood this item completely and why some top laners take it

  • DrOinkman


  • Lucsky Hetfield
    Lucsky Hetfield

    I found a bug with viego on normal, When you are in akali's corpse, the energy is on 10.000

  • R Sniper
    R Sniper

    Wait it's a bug I tought it was normal like this happens a lot to me since 2019

  • Blitzy

    How do you even detect these bugs lol

  • Seán

    Well seeing as how it seems to still give 1 extra gold, that means it would be a buff after a total of ~450 minions. This is a secret buff to Rekkles' Sivir.

  • Rub3nuak

    happened to me with aphelios twice in a row

  • Salty Tech
    Salty Tech

    Bug? Sorry Vandirl but my dad works for Riot and he says that's actually a feature.

  • KonDee

    I love riot games. They let me know that, even if you bad at something you still be fine.

  • mustafa demir
    mustafa demir

    İs the game fixed or no one noticed it

  • Temperor TZ
    Temperor TZ

    Game on beta felas

  • Alan Li
    Alan Li

    thats what we call a basic spagetti

  • Sameer Jain
    Sameer Jain

    That's not a bug. That was rigged.

  • Juan Romo
    Juan Romo

    This channel owner should demand money from riot by finding too many bugs lol

  • James Gao
    James Gao

    league with the shithead programmers

  • PartySage

    mordekaiser collected the money and sent to riot so they could add more bugs to his kit.

  • Gard Myhr
    Gard Myhr

    Did the support get it?

  • Heatless

    Since it's pro play,shouldn't the game reset? As far as i know every bit counts,and that certain bug can possibly change the course of the game. Idk tho could be wrong.

  • Hlllst

    Seriously, Riot need to start re-coding this game from scratch with higher graphic quality 3d model.

  • Riccardo Brunelli
    Riccardo Brunelli

    As an italian I'm impressed for how good these spaghetti are

    • Claire Lili
      Claire Lili

      i dont even think its spaghetti anymore i think its a whole damn lasagna

  • Rodrigo Chayamiti
    Rodrigo Chayamiti

    did they at least remake the match?

  • Nofiny

    Music used on vídeo?

  • Douglas Perez
    Douglas Perez

    Pô mano o jogo tá no beta, é de uma desenvolvedora pequena

  • Titania

    Billion dollar company, everyone.

  • Hard Sleaz
    Hard Sleaz

    Wait what if both the support and the adc have a cull ? has anyone tried that ?

  • Pedro Vinicius
    Pedro Vinicius

    This looks more like a HUGE oversight than a bug to me

  • Turtle Mike
    Turtle Mike

    Cull: 350 gold? Best I can do is 21g.

  • Shaun Wilding
    Shaun Wilding

    200 years

  • TJayZLP

    Normally Relic doesnt trigger Cull or count as Stack like jng camps

  • Hakan Er
    Hakan Er

    At least Not a viego bug :^)

  • Astronomical Pot a toe
    Astronomical Pot a toe

    Doing gods work. My duo though i was crazy when i told him multiply times that i did not get any gold from cull.

  • Picoroja

    1 gold for 350 a small price to pay

  • andrea masu
    andrea masu

    I have found a Huge bug: a talon made a quadeakill by killing 3 people, how can i send it to you to analize?

  • Timeweave Bot
    Timeweave Bot

    not like RNG needed it anyway

  • yutiroe

    I have a question then. If veigo posses someone with 1 cull stack left, can he get the bonus gold on the minion kill ?

  • Kevin Forbes
    Kevin Forbes

    Was the match reset? Because thats a huge loss in gold.

  • H2ranza PH
    H2ranza PH

    Hi everyone! I start playing this game too and its cool.. I wish someday my Jinx will recognized.. 💓 thanks.. Have a great day ahead .!

  • Lazy Lee
    Lazy Lee

    the Mordekaiser tax

  • Djafer Chelihi
    Djafer Chelihi

    oh shiet here we go againe...somebody toucha my rito sbaghetti coding againe

  • Michael Chen
    Michael Chen

    imagine playing this at a professional level, being at the mercy of the spaghetti code.

  • Nicolás Pirola
    Nicolás Pirola

    imagine denying 350 gold to a korean proplayer hes fucking hunting down the Riot CEO

  • Gabriel

    Sion R + Kalista R

  • Rui Pinto
    Rui Pinto

    Dude I used many times de full and he never counts the minions that supp farms for both of us . Isn't supposed to work that way?

  • MiljanPlayer

    yooo this happened to me like 2 or 3 times

  • itachi noob
    itachi noob

    Reed me plis : cuando Caín lleva la runa para gastar más oro del que tiene y se mete en la pared con la E pierde 50

    • itachi noob
      itachi noob

      @ShaunKid si pero cuando sales te quita dinero por salir?

    • ShaunKid

      Cuando sales de las paredes cuenta como que sales de la base ...

    • itachi noob
      itachi noob

      @ShaunKid ya pero la runa te quita más oro cuando sales de base "tonto"?

    • ShaunKid

      Asi funciona la runa tonto

  • Jervis lin
    Jervis lin

    There's a Chinese version of vandiril that already found the invisible tp bug

  • Apocalypse Dreams
    Apocalypse Dreams

    Its an old bug btw. Happened to me like 1 year ago and it was the first and the last time i used this item bcs of that. I thought they fixed it.

  • JPartner Napussakorn
    JPartner Napussakorn

    Rito be like: Afther kill not assist from relic

  • El1te_ W1tht0x
    El1te_ W1tht0x

    I had the same bug its disappointing

  • janissaire111

    Sad that we didn't see what could have been interesting. Is the passive disabled ? Do you still earn +1 per creep ?

  • Segicus

    Hey @Vandiril I found a bug with Senna where when i have 60 souls or so, and buy crit items to reach 100% and then i buy Guinsoo, then the crit chance goes down to 0%, check that out


    There is the bug with Kayn where it always(even when Rhaast wins) says in his passive that Shadow Kayn won and what is his special passive, it never says what is the passive of Rhaast.

  • Ian Sanders
    Ian Sanders

    "Support Dif"

  • qwe qqqw
    qwe qqqw

    Riot employee be like: Dude, why isn't relic give cull stacks? Let's change some code. Well, let's test. Now it gives stacks, cool! Document changes? Well, let's do this tomorrow (never). Someone watching the changes: Well, I don't know what is this but it should work. Let's push it to the live server in the next patch.

  • Maciek Sobieraj
    Maciek Sobieraj

    There is more stupid stuff with relic. Like Viktor not geting hex cores for minions killed by it

  • Akiwwi

    Facts the support got bribbed

  • Никола Миклић
    Никола Миклић

    And riot said they fixed the item 😂😂😂

  • Bruno Luís
    Bruno Luís

    Riot, fix this please

  • André Tortolano
    André Tortolano

    Pyke Stole it

  • Julien Swidlowski
    Julien Swidlowski

    What Happens when you kill a ward as 100th stack?

  • Petty Pastor
    Petty Pastor

    I’m just waiting for League of Legends 2

  • Ld Alexandrite
    Ld Alexandrite

    the funny part is, both of these items have been existed for _years._

    • Ld Alexandrite
      Ld Alexandrite

      OutrunninKarma so riot decided to make random change without implementing any fixes. What’s new under the sun huh

    • OutrunninKarma

      until this preseason, the shared minion wouldnt count to your cull stacks. to be fair

  • Jefer Flores
    Jefer Flores

    What are you saying? A new bug? Nah, nerf Akali

  • SPR Mehmet Emin Savaş
    SPR Mehmet Emin Savaş

    The amount of lost gold went to funding this video I think


    I don't even want to know how many times this happened without me knowing about it.

  • Jiaxi hao
    Jiaxi hao

    This happened to me as well

  • Gungnir Estevas
    Gungnir Estevas

    meh normal stuff nothing new

  • tfw no gf
    tfw no gf

    what bug whas on fnatic game that caused chronobrake?

  • Sad Jhin
    Sad Jhin

    I love how some people want to say that 350 isn't gonna make a difference. Dude waiting like 10 secs in fountain to make 50g is a huge difference in pro-play, let alone a (non diminished) kill's worth of gold +50g ontop. Makes a huge impact.

    • Codan 3
      Codan 3

      it's only 20 gold per 10 seconds btw, it's ruff ruff

  • Eren Peker
    Eren Peker

    Trash company

  • Arashi S
    Arashi S

    Is this fixed? Tho I doubt it

  • Jensi Oquendo
    Jensi Oquendo

    If Relic Shield disables the Cull passive without giving its reward gold, then it's possible there's a bug that causes every minion kill to grant the Cull reward.

  • Best Irelia PH
    Best Irelia PH

    Mom's spaghetti code.

  • Bob cuzman
    Bob cuzman

    I like to buy this item just to force myself to fam

  • Victor Lopez
    Victor Lopez

    That happens with viktor's passive too, the mininos killed using the relich shield aren't counted for the hex core

  • Tehiyok

    This has to be one of the worst bugs so far because I can imagine this happened many, many times in ranked games already without noticing.

  • Ömer Can Ömeroğlu
    Ömer Can Ömeroğlu

    that happened to me too

  • Jakub Bláha
    Jakub Bláha

    Hello Vandiril, I found another glitch. If viego transforms into akali that died with the new W passive on (bonus energy if she is in W). He gets 10k energy.

    • David Olde
      David Olde

      I also found this bug yesterday, I remeber transforming into Akali and being like, wait, I have unlimited energy

  • Super Saiyan King Vegeta
    Super Saiyan King Vegeta

    there's another cull bug that would make the display - 99999 but it won't effect the stacks you get in game. it'll just visually say a lot of numbers.

  • egemen kilic
    egemen kilic

    i dont understand

  • empty spaces
    empty spaces

    wait there are bugs in this game, i recently stumbled upon?

  • Federico Pasqua
    Federico Pasqua

    Poor August, more work for him

  • Duel Fever
    Duel Fever

    Playing trist top, deserved

  • Orł Bielik
    Orł Bielik


  • Kaan Kut
    Kaan Kut

    I like when codes just work as they written and care about nothing else.

  • Alex

    I think this is riot's way of saying" We are rich and we don't care, you will play this anyway".

  • Alex

    How long till we can get a bug where we can have full builf lvl 1. God this game man, wish i had this money to not care.

  • Diopside

    Lol this bug made the item completely useless.

  • F T
    F T

    It's clearly a new feature to troll your adc

  • Young Mert
    Young Mert

    What bugs in League of Legends? That's new....

  • Gabriel Darin Doli Purba 1520046
    Gabriel Darin Doli Purba 1520046

    the 2nd best duo in league of legends : cull x relic shield

  • Goupil Thomas
    Goupil Thomas

    The worst part is that you don't get the 350 golds but the other part that says you don't get +1 gold for every minion anymore does work.

  • Kewada

    riot really needs to bring lol 2 and reprogramm the game.

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