This Bug LITERALLY REMOVES the Game...
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  • MrFlexID

    2:56 "They found it and fixed it" Minion in left upper corner: "But at what cost"

  • Paguo

    I'm waiting for a bug that uninstalls the game and restores my mental health

  • Trust HD
    Trust HD

    At this point they should just remove viego.

  • The Fist
    The Fist

    im going to troll with my duo ehheehe

  • lem on9
    lem on9

    Riot:sorry we cannot see any match history of this bug happening,we cannot fix it

  • jarek jarek
    jarek jarek

    Co on ma taki polski akcent?

  • Максим Распорский
    Максим Распорский

    Dude just fix your internet connection, like wtf

  • emsity

    The toxic people be like : if you dont delete ur game i will delete it myself

  • Eduardo Giammatteo
    Eduardo Giammatteo

    gane una partida de aram y desaparecio por completo de la match history/ i won a game in aram and de the replay is gone dosent show on any page or in game

  • DerpASherpa117

    Viego certainly lives up to his title, "The Ruined King". Ruined King = Ruined Game. It's like poetry...

  • SK Gaming
    SK Gaming

    My computer actually froze when opening up this video. Wow.

  • Gabriel Sevilha
    Gabriel Sevilha

    This gives me season 3 tiamat vibes

  • Kyojin, desu
    Kyojin, desu

    This is even better than DDLC where you had to remove files manuelly.

  • cloudglider

    I believe a Rioter once said that they don't document all the bugfixes in the public patch notes. Only the ones that make you go "Wait, what?!" when you hear their description. But I think this one probably qualifies.

  • Julia Raine Maglalang
    Julia Raine Maglalang

    Interesting. This happened to me once in a ranked game waaaay before Viego was in league. So I suppose there was a similar bug before and I didn’t know that that’s what it was. Tried to reconnect but just saw the game lobby like the game never happened.

  • Mr Fisher
    Mr Fisher

    Maybe it's the year of the mist because Viego keeps breaking the game.

  • Joaquín Ceriani
    Joaquín Ceriani

    As an Anivia main this is mad scary and i am lucky that i still suck at placing walls, played against a Viego, if this bug was still around, i would have obliterated a 20 - 5 kills game

  • Phsycres Conquest
    Phsycres Conquest

    This is litterally just Tiamat Bug all over again LMAO

  • DeeNaaRee

    Kinda like that tiamat bug before

  • Tyr_159

    Viego and Anivia be like: *ZAA WAARUDO*

  • Kenosis Axel Teofisto
    Kenosis Axel Teofisto

    next: trump and viego

  • damien merle
    damien merle

    billion dollar company

  • oyun arayan adam
    oyun arayan adam

    thanks riot. thanks for trying to rush an unfinished game breaking champion into the real game.

  • Dániel Nagy
    Dániel Nagy

    Basically this bug is so obvious from sw dev point of view. Universities, even better High Schools teach basic concept of programming, so you can make sure you never use them. Meanwhile, they put it out, like code reviews, unit tests, etc. (other technical processes) and finally QA doesn't mean anything.

  • Josie Bianchi
    Josie Bianchi

    200 years of collective spaghetti-making experience on display right here

  • Maralo - Ciliueta
    Maralo - Ciliueta

    does it happen with ornn Q too?

  • Suga

    200 years.

  • Onebeets 1
    Onebeets 1

    viego: losing promos *welp gone, no more of that never happened*

  • საბა სილაგავა
    საბა სილაგავა

    he has necrit in his friends list thats wholesome

  • Latenight

    The wall messes with the pathing of his e and the server crashes

  • Ben Irons
    Ben Irons

    I wonder what happens to the other 8 players after u did this... do they get stuck in the void or something? does the game appear in their match history? r u in it? do u lose LP? this is SOOO weird wow

  • Shirei-kan

    Veigo: the ruined king : the bug king : error king

  • George Anos
    George Anos

    That's gonna scale up to a blue screen real quick.

  • IHate TheInternet0notTheBand
    IHate TheInternet0notTheBand

    Then who was player?

  • Lord Jaraxxus
    Lord Jaraxxus

    we can't lose if there is no game. 10/10 riot. 100% winrate guaranteed.

  • Small Diva
    Small Diva

    A few years ago people had drophacks now they need about 10000 blue essence nice one rito hahahaha

  • Owen Hogge
    Owen Hogge

    What's next? Uninstall league?

  • DarkLineSnes


  • Mikołaj Tomas
    Mikołaj Tomas

    Why not just remove the god damn champion form the game, fix him, add him back? Or just remove him

  • CH Gaming
    CH Gaming

    **sees Anivia and Viego in enemy team** Me: i don't like where this is going

  • M.izinami

    this is good if All enemies r fed.

  • Egg Egg
    Egg Egg

    He is really the king

  • Lucks

    Whats next? Viego giving free RP?

  • ETPS

    so all this time when i randomly disconnected it was all BUGS ? OMG. i get that atleast once in like 3 games and my internet is stable and that stuff happens only playing viego...... bruh

  • Bmarm

    1:53 - 1:54 there is an actual visual bug too! Look at some random anivia shadow near the Raptors pit

  • filip markovic
    filip markovic

    Riot degenerates still can't nerf this broke piece of shit

  • DakuTenshi

    The old morde knew he needed a ancestor so he created Viego

  • Joseon Dynasty
    Joseon Dynasty

    Next: viego deleted your whole computer

  • Ventel

    Lmao for me the game crashes or freezes randomly when I auto-attack sometimes. It's not just Viego i Think haha

  • Rastaman _V
    Rastaman _V

    they do not test anything before releasing, do they?

  • Dusk Roller
    Dusk Roller

    they literally didnt even fucking playtest this champion dude

  • Dimitris Koukoulas
    Dimitris Koukoulas

    A re ton gianni

  • Twin Screw
    Twin Screw

    next: viego destroys ur computer community: well this cant go any further viego: are you challenging me? ww3 caused by a misunderstanding between usa china korea and rusia source of the misunderstanding: oh yeah you guessed it it was lilia

  • Mister Cool Skin
    Mister Cool Skin

    Battle of the king please

  • Tamo neki Drug
    Tamo neki Drug

    This happened to me, I thought it was an internet church!

  • Practical PosiTVty
    Practical PosiTVty


  • Cordillera

    When Viego Possesses Aphelios the game freezes for a sec due his weird hud

  • Nyaa Guy:3
    Nyaa Guy:3

    Funny that they fix the bug but not the fact that his mist doesnt spread around the wall

  • Moritz Hübner
    Moritz Hübner

    Next bug: viego uninstalles League from your PC

  • Tottaly not darknasredine
    Tottaly not darknasredine

    *Tiamat flashback*

  • Wildturdhole league
    Wildturdhole league

    It’s still not patched. New method for it already. It’s currently being used in a boosting group

  • It's Me Dimos
    It's Me Dimos

    Dimitri αν βλέπεις το δικό μου σχόλιο, είσαι μάντης

  • John Fuckerbutt
    John Fuckerbutt

    So when are they going to be starting fresh code? They can't keep building and iterating off of this forever. It gets worse every season. Company dosnt care about sustainability only maximum profit.

  • Lito Maldepenas
    Lito Maldepenas

    When you're team losing inivia said I have a plan.

  • Zaitoon

    rito indie company should delete the game

  • Abel Csanaki
    Abel Csanaki

    Well done RIOT. This champion is broken anyways and it even does this?

  • Stützlager

    And I-

  • Putch

    Losing League? Throw it on the floor and que up again for no cost!

  • Dark Heart
    Dark Heart

    Hey man I am sure they don't have the staff to handle something like tracking their own work. You can tell how much they care about pumping out a new cash co.. *cough* 'Champion' they don't even do proper testing people putting out a champ that has even more interactions than Sylas.

  • CENON VENZ Encinas
    CENON VENZ Encinas

    i saw the ms i think its slow interneg

  • Dutay

    Moms Spaghetti

  • H O A X
    H O A X

    200 years of programming

  • Ω310K39ζ

    you should be hired honestly. whatever qa is doing is alot less than you are

  • NoName Worm
    NoName Worm

    Now I get it... This had happened to me...

  • Tom Klemp
    Tom Klemp

    Riot ?????????????????

  • Torben Eid
    Torben Eid

    It's not a bug, it's just a CertainlyT champion ability.

  • Heracles St.
    Heracles St.

    I wonder if the same bug is possible with qiyana ult .

  • Holocene Event
    Holocene Event

    Obvious: his ability is having issues with player made terrain.

  • Dr. Nevermind
    Dr. Nevermind

    Like "gone" gone? Like LP + or - wouldnt count if this happend in ranked??

  • Radosław Czuj
    Radosław Czuj

    Imagine this happening at a tournament

  • Towdy Fehrias
    Towdy Fehrias

    *Viego game breaking bug appears* Riot: Better nerf and rework Udyr

  • Darkness Dash
    Darkness Dash

    the way you say spagetti is very cute edit: no homo

  • 五十嵐

    Its like the old tiamat bug


    When you on the loosing side this is the coolest safe.

  • Spec

    can't wait for league to die in the next 5 years. along with the company.

  • Stefan Mandić
    Stefan Mandić

    Fck me im 2 days late RIP my rank 1 ambitions

  • VWU Gameplays GD
    VWU Gameplays GD

    0:28 RiotClientServices.exe because leagueoflegends.exe doesn’t exist xD

  • Qlirim Gashi
    Qlirim Gashi

    i found a bug if you have a controll ward as viego and become fiddle see what happend to your ward sorry bad eng

  • Dark Goblin
    Dark Goblin

    Viego is officially the Ruined King of bugs

  • MTP UdyrBot
    MTP UdyrBot

    The guy in the thumbnail is greek like me !!!

  • Fabian

    some student missed the algorithm class algorithm 1:0 computer science student

  • niceu

    How to remake lmai

  • IoriNoHana


  • Patryk Ruzik
    Patryk Ruzik

    100% winrate challenge never seemed so easy

  • WaLLy

    How did people not found this out during pbe.

  • Nima Dima
    Nima Dima

    His power is scary

  • sammie slater jr.
    sammie slater jr.

    maybe, just maybe, riot should straight up stop making new champions and focus on reworking the old ones

  • KEX CZ
    KEX CZ

    WTF ???!!! 😮 Its just 2 abilities together 😆

  • Dat Canard
    Dat Canard

    I hope Riot gave you a free skin x)

  • lukilsn

    Does anybody else have issues with the graphs after the game? Also when you buy wardstone it says 4/3 or 2/1 wards placed instead of 4/4 and 2/2 :/

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