This is why Viego got DISABLED!
Viego 1 Shots EVERYTHING and casually has 2 BILLION Movement Speed.
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  • Sibernetik ve Hububat A.Ş
    Sibernetik ve Hububat A.Ş


  • George Fritz
    George Fritz

    This shows how many glaring holes of bugs and unbalanced problems there are in the newest champions.

  • Fhxhejc Dhehcb
    Fhxhejc Dhehcb

    I have never experienced sth like that when playing him xd Why?

  • vevy

    imagine with old store with 5 rabadon

  • Magnus Kose
    Magnus Kose

    How bad they faked it at 1:11 by just tping over the map with the hot key.

  • TheRamenShamen

    I'm sorry? This truly is 200 years

  • Krahesticks

    Can we just remove him from the game? Hes kinda cringe asf...

  • SamsungHUMAN

    Made me wish I should have bought him just after he was released

  • IDK David Kim
    IDK David Kim

    Viego in the books

  • Black Diamond
    Black Diamond

    fake =)

  • Hughwie

    *It's a feature*

  • A la creme De la black
    A la creme De la black

    this is my enemy after i feed them in lane

  • DMT Racing
    DMT Racing

    imagine your just chillin in base trynna clear waves and a flash of light shoots past you and all of the sudden it says defeat

  • Unhearted

    Ruined king: *Ruins the game* Idk why are people complaining that’s what he’s supposed to do,

  • Oliver Sotir
    Oliver Sotir

    200 Years

  • John Andre Mondejar
    John Andre Mondejar

    Now that is the RUINED KING!

  • Lord Pirögiewolf
    Lord Pirögiewolf

    *teleports behind your turret* Omae wa mou shindeiru

  • I bim dumm
    I bim dumm

    I wouldnt even be mad if i lost like that that looked hilarious

  • zCinNa


  • Quang Đào
    Quang Đào

    2:20 Now I want a TAS run where he knock all the tower down at the same time and win instantly :D

  • GrabOverLord

    What am I looking at?

  • Anadaere

    Lore wise viego lmao

  • R. Günther
    R. Günther

    0:30 did that happen in a normal game?

  • Ethan Styant
    Ethan Styant

    Yeah I feel like this is a champion's in lore power

  • Martha Nielsen
    Martha Nielsen

    Just baned in raked nothing change

  • Erik Lellep
    Erik Lellep

    Strange how you are not banned yet for abuse.

  • Ruilin Deng
    Ruilin Deng

    wait but how did he get that many stacks on Mejais doesn't it cap at like 25 stacks

  • Victor

    Me looking at this and asking really you could do this? So simple?

  • Ğ

    gerçekten hiç bir şey anlamadım malphite nasıl ışınlanıyor

  • 我不知道要取什麽名字好

    League of Legend speedrun any%

  • Jeff oliveira
    Jeff oliveira

    viego is goku xD

  • SlyNet974

    This game seemed to be funny xD

  • Xhhxhxhxhx Dhdhdhdhd
    Xhhxhxhxhx Dhdhdhdhd

    is that what kassadin level 21 looks like?

  • Hg Gh
    Hg Gh


  • beggi bob
    beggi bob

    0:15 when you're Saitama and you just wanna play LOL normally :v

  • comi o cu de quem me respondeu
    comi o cu de quem me respondeu

    210 years of game designe

  • Coard Lowery
    Coard Lowery

    They legit put super saiyins into DBZ lol

  • Dodger 354
    Dodger 354

    Literally one punch man

  • donato tinelli
    donato tinelli


  • Şaban Şerif Akbayrak
    Şaban Şerif Akbayrak

    delete viego please

  • Icefish99

    how the f*ck didnt that get noticed by the devs when making the champion

  • ueeuew

    The classic music at the background is everything

  • AndersSon Loh
    AndersSon Loh

    I love League of bugs

  • Gungnir Estevas
    Gungnir Estevas

    now this is fun too bad they nerfed it

  • Gjemsoe

    *teleports behind turret* Nothing personal

  • Lucdera

    It's not a bug, it's a feature.

  • Rafael Carvalho
    Rafael Carvalho

    what would happens if he had that rune that removes the attspeed cap with that E?

  • Paul Edwards
    Paul Edwards

    The worst part is they wont document anything they attempt to do to fix it, so in a couple weeks, 30 more bugs will appear that were not there before.

  • ZektalTV

    For people who want to know what exactly happens. Viego die's and it accounts -4 stacks on the dark seal, but because he doesn't have one currently equipped because he took over an enemy that doesn't posses darkseal, it safes the -4, now because of that it fails to run the exception that it cannot drop below 0 which means when viego returns to his body with his dark seal and he has -2 stacks. But because the stacks are stored in 16bit unsigned integer it cannot display -2 and instead displays (2^16)-2 which is the 65534 stacks you get. Stackoverflow in programming can be bothersome if they don't consider it.

  • LesioJunior1


  • Kuu Luna
    Kuu Luna

    I'm pretty sure he can even kill a celestial dragon

  • SugoiDoog Ch.
    SugoiDoog Ch.

    League of Bugs

  • Ryx Ch.
    Ryx Ch.

    Ziggs: Oh finally a deadly opponent

  • Ryx Ch.
    Ryx Ch.

    Who just made viegos mad?

  • Master STA
    Master STA

    probably the closest thing we will have to a Minato flying Rajin in a game.

  • Master STA
    Master STA

    that was soooooo satisfying lul

  • Gabbo65

    how to use Katarina as a Viego S11!!!!

  • Lil solomillos
    Lil solomillos

    1:36 osu in LOL

  • Mike Algiers
    Mike Algiers

    With the power of 200 years, Viego has learned instant transmission.

  • Demon Simp
    Demon Simp

    Not hacker but glitch

  • StavroGavro

    Basicly, Vandril is the kind of person right now, who can get to challenger just by exploiting viego bugs :D

  • Neko Aho
    Neko Aho


  • Mateusz

    GG Riot :)

  • Uchiha Tarianu Teiyo
    Uchiha Tarianu Teiyo

    ultra instinct viego

  • Hirow

    It's not a but it's just a cyberpunk reference

  • bug5654

    "Perfectly balanced." --Rito balanz teem on patch day.

  • Wolf Shadowhaven
    Wolf Shadowhaven

    Riot is officially Italian.

  • Vapey

    Rip viego players who buyed him for 6400

  • Man Chul
    Man Chul

    "This game is chinese"

  • Jilhano

    only counter is old veigat ult that used to deal 80% of the enemy's ap as bonus damage

  • GamePad

    ??? xD

  • Özgür

    Riot Balance Team: Seems fine to me

  • David Sonto
    David Sonto

    One thing he forgot to test is viego's interaction with BORK (the ruined blade that steals ms) I wonder how most champs would fair

  • blvck_mvgic_dot_exe

    Viego: *teleports behind you* "nothing personal, kid"

  • Seraphina

    1000000000 years of game development and they probably couldn't no what direction is up.

  • Ionut Daniel
    Ionut Daniel

    this is the ug that done it for me, after two consecutive matches with two different moron who were abusing this i decided, fuck this game am i just gonna farm for skins from now on

  • Gan

    This hasnt even surpassed mordrkaiser

  • Kevin Wu
    Kevin Wu

    *moves behinds you at incredible speed* Viego: nothing personal kid.

  • Mohammed

    1:26 Trick2g wet dream.

  • Säücë Sämüräïï
    Säücë Sämüräïï

    *The Ruin King*

    • Säücë Sämüräïï
      Säücë Sämüräïï

      King of Ruining things

  • KarmaticFox

    rito should completely remove viego

  • Someone Else
    Someone Else

    Thanks for putting the music name

  • Colorado0091

    Did Riot Games implement Saitama from One Punch Man?

  • Malcolm

    This is how powerful Viego is in lore

  • Hyperphoenix


  • Kaisura Tokisada
    Kaisura Tokisada

    therapist: lore accurate strength ruined king cant hurt you, he dosent exist Lore accurate strength ruined king:

  • Ace Zaro
    Ace Zaro

    From the saga of 200 years now comes this

  • Sławomir Dulian
    Sławomir Dulian

    Delete Viego from lol 🤣

  • Tioh Lukah
    Tioh Lukah

    V I E G O G A M I N G

  • Peace Please
    Peace Please

    it will be really funny if morde oneshots him with the 10 percent of his ap


    Blade of the ruined game, and King of the ruined of the game synchronized to together to punish the addicted League players for ignoring the misfortune and inevitable fate of League of Legends

  • Gamfreke

    Viego just has a really good gaming chair and yall jealous

  • 张铁牛



    viego goes where he pleases. pretty accurate when whole runeterra cant take him down

  • Zj

    League of Legends Mod Apk: Teleport (No CD) 1 Hit Kill Friendly Fire

  • Clancamper

    ruined king heally be having better shit todo than be stuck in a league game so he bouta head out

  • Fragile Sadist
    Fragile Sadist

    This is every isekai protag nowadays

  • Blade of the Ruined King
    Blade of the Ruined King

    What have you done viego

  • Lepton Enthusiast
    Lepton Enthusiast

    I wouldn't mind if they dedicted one major patch solely on bugfixes/making the code more efficient

  • Ian Malave
    Ian Malave

    Fix ur game riot before releasing more busted craps going forward. I swear I do not even enjoy playing the game anymore

Viego + Mordekaiser
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