This is why these 3 Champions got Hotfixed mid-patch:
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  • Cephalon Bob
    Cephalon Bob

    ah yes the new jayce passive: upon speeding up an ally,gain a *muramana*

    • Ed s
      Ed s

      @Incognito Account .

    • 김길재

      Bug muramana could be sold for 6300

    • Giakhanh Duongmac
      Giakhanh Duongmac

      The funny thinh is Muramana is supposed to be an unique item.

    • alexander nikov
      alexander nikov

      @Onebeets 1 update you can sell it for 6k gold

    • Onebeets 1
      Onebeets 1

      update: excess muramanas stack 50 attack damage

  • Setback sentry
    Setback sentry

    Even that rare bug with kled where you would spawn but you will get abilities of kled w/o skarl and you can't use them so you have to int first xD

  • Midnight Shield
    Midnight Shield

    And yet they still haven't fixed kayns passive that makes him litterly unplayable rn

  • Enziz

    You know what they say: "I'd rather take 200 years of game design experience"

  • Novri Metalizer
    Novri Metalizer

    Ok good jobs

  • Some Kid
    Some Kid

    jayce passive: speed up ally(Rito wants us to be team friendly get muramana and you can sell it)

  • Eray Küçükçamur
    Eray Küçükçamur

    Sylas + viego pls

  • lukilsn

    Is anybody else having the problem, that items don't show up in the preferred item slot?

  • Orange Lily
    Orange Lily

    Look guys, at least they fixed it. It’s not like they are gonna make 10 other problems off of fixing the current ones.... right???

  • aleks chernev
    aleks chernev

    when you posses akali with viego you get 10k energy

  • Card Opening
    Card Opening

    can u make a video about poppy disable in pro play

  • kunjunction1

    lmao yall dont know about the new viego bug since hes back in game... he can literally use his w to grab kayne in a wall and he himself go into the wall and stay... this is real funny when you use it to get outside the map and crash the game for everyone causing the game to never have happened...

  • MikeL

    If Viego uses his passive on Akali, he gains 10000 energy, or at least thats what happened to me

  • Teemo

    ezrael crit animation???

  • Dankstar Skishe
    Dankstar Skishe

    Wait... I thought that was Graves special interaction. Literally everyone that posted graves tips and tricks mentioned this a few years ago

  • Hezekiah

    I saw your building idea for the minecraft residence video, even though i don't know about your channel i got nostalgic

  • Phenex

    Alternative video title: This is why 3 riot employees got -fired- promoted

  • mmmant tass
    mmmant tass

    Damn what a dogshit company

  • Hazakeydobepoppin

    yo i know a bug

  • Bạch Vũ
    Bạch Vũ

    Yasuo cut the smoke grenade in half. Thats why xD

  • Arturo Castro
    Arturo Castro

    Finally a Graves nerf Very 𝓷𝓲𝓬𝓮 (❍ᴥ❍ʋ)

  • Łukasz Stęposz
    Łukasz Stęposz

    League Of Bugs

  • Jed

    Vandiril, brand's passive is bugged. Cant proc on large minions and super minions.

  • Saturnoz87

    Hi Vandiril, I just found a bug with Qiyana that makes her Q to have no cd and always have the element speed passive active. How do I send you a demostrative video?

  • Grasp Faith
    Grasp Faith

    Can you tell someone in riot to fix this bug? If I mute someone in champ select why are their pings not muted in game even though it shows on scoreboard that they are? Thanks :)

  • I eat Grass
    I eat Grass

    Kled bug fixes? More like Kled code that riot finally got to finish.

  • Pog U
    Pog U

    Graves bug like only happened when facing yasuo.

  • Shiny_Alex

    Vandiril did you know about Kled and viego bug ? If viego killed kled and had his passive then viego would just jump from midair

  • Dakii

    I always forget, that Riot is a Indie Dev team

  • ha?:o

    FUCKING FINALLY MY 75% WINRATE 4KDA KLED FROM HIGH DIAMOND FELL INYO 66 CUZ OF THESE BUGS FINALLY.RIOT.NOTICED , also they forgot the bug where.if u hit all 5 bullets as his pistol pocket it would give u 24 courage,and u will end up at 99

  • Julien Lacroix
    Julien Lacroix

    I don't quite understand the kled one, it seems to be just normal kled to my untrained eye

  • OddyNuff

    Ayo Lil Mexico pass the gas!

  • De Synk
    De Synk

    Look i like the whole kled 2 healthbars mechanic as much as the next toplaner but this is too much


    What graves bug? I only see the average Yasuo player at the start of the game

  • Artemis Apex
    Artemis Apex

    oml the kled one had me in so much confusion. I originally thought it was the interaction between me buying health items while dead but no ended up being a bug

  • Roy

    The one time I played Kled in a very long time was about a week or two ago in ARAM, and I experienced the not full HP bug, it was very frustrating spawning wihtout max HP in a game mode where there is no fountain healing. All I can say is that I reported it and that makes me feel good.

  • JediMage

    But what did you expect from people who think that having free guardian as a passive, blink with no cool down and Xin's ulti but as a skill and better in their game is okay, and having all said stuff on a single champion is even better

  • UberBR_

    Feedaboi appreciate it

  • Phuong Nguyen
    Phuong Nguyen

    They're not bugs. They're features

  • Владимр Володин
    Владимр Володин

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  • The Wolf
    The Wolf

    The Jayce bug literally made me say "what?" out loud. I thought it only applied double muramana, but it was far worse than that.

  • Shyvana M
    Shyvana M

    This Kled bug is still not fixed .-.

  • Surreal Snipe Gods
    Surreal Snipe Gods

    me: i'm hungry. Vandiril: *serves Spaghetti*

  • GarfieldGaming

    How tf did they mess it up so bad that jayce gains a new muramana when he presses w

  • xJammi TheRealGuy
    xJammi TheRealGuy

    If Darius ults and smites a minion right as the axe hits the target he gains his passive instantly.

  • Thomas Pereira
    Thomas Pereira

    Community: *Veigo* *no* Viego: What? I'm over here? Community: Sorry, force of habit

  • Cocogoat

    at this point fixing a bug creates another bug lmao

  • Draken dead
    Draken dead

    Damn i just played kled a couple of days ago and wondered why kled couldnt recover his own health after remounting

  • bananarama

    0:26 is that seju top?

  • Kaosu cocoa
    Kaosu cocoa

    Yet another bug for things coded as minions

  • fn

    Kleds' respawn bug literally isn't fixed. It happened to me today.

  • alial66

    New type of bugs

  • Stripes 3
    Stripes 3

    Smoke screen vs teemo

  • Grizzly

    Just how..., how does Jayce get a second Muramana by speeding up an allied champion? What kind of spaghetti code is this?

  • BLW37DC77

    why ads? 👎

  • Enrico Drawe
    Enrico Drawe

    when a 10yo game has more bugs than cyberpunk in any state of its lifespan its actually sad

    • xKelp

      League gets patched every two weeks, which means there's bound to be new bugs when they add new content and change stuff.

  • Sang Thanh
    Sang Thanh

    Hi Vandiril, I just discovered a small bug, that is when you are fully equipped and you sell eyes to buy controlled eyes you will not have control eyes and lose money

  • el jojaja
    el jojaja

    So, what happens with the levitating champions bug?

  • ᚠᛖᚾᚱᛁᛊ

    kled's bugs are still not fixed...

  • Mistakken

    @Vandiril I found another *viego* bug. If viego is pantheon, and ults during panth's e, the ult doesn't dash or do damage.

  • DairyGecko 485
    DairyGecko 485

    Ah yes, riot is fixing the game just like they said on last video.

  • Youssif Hossam
    Youssif Hossam

    that Kled bug literally destroyed his stone plate build still will go and test it again

  • Reckless Derp
    Reckless Derp

    still waiting for Qiyana but fix :)

  • zanzza


  • Hergotzer

    This is no longer just spaghetti code. It's so twisted and complex it has become noodle code.

  • A C Major
    A C Major

    Yay, now my top sejuani is famous. I hope it becomes viable again soon.

  • Awakatte izy
    Awakatte izy

    Vandiril do you speak Spanish?


    well skaarl has finally done with kled's yelling

  • William Jones
    William Jones

    Remember the bug where the Muramana's stats were being displayed twice in the same box?

  • Andy Lee
    Andy Lee

    Syndra too

  • Diggydogsp

    The Kled bug hasn’t been fixed. Was in an Aram less than 12 hours ago, a Kled was still spawning with missing health.

  • TheLino1000

    you have a typo in the video. you wrote "bugs" but i think you meant "viegos". isnt that the new term for them?

  • Adusakful

    Wait... no Viego? Time for celebration!

  • Casper Sandbaek
    Casper Sandbaek

    there is a bug at fiddel that does so that he doesn't get's his w reset

  • Pawel S
    Pawel S

    Hey Vandiril. I've hear that there is a bug or more likely exploit where players can choose next patch 11.6 and go to ranked que with 10 accounts. It's almost 100% chances that those 10 machines will be in same RANKED game, cause noone is on this unofficial patch. That means players can get free climb on ranked que.

  • Carlos Ernesto
    Carlos Ernesto

    No entendí el de jayce XD ? Alguien me explica

  • Meiesphas

    Oh my god so much spaguetti

  • áaaaaaaaaaa

    Can he sell one muramana?

  • Vu Dao Minh
    Vu Dao Minh

    Leagute is dumb

  • Nicolay Caro
    Nicolay Caro

    Kled's bugs have been in the game for YEARS , I even thought they were intentional features

  • Doom Doot
    Doom Doot

    Skaarl respawning at 80% health is something I definitely noticed last night playing ARAM. Which is really fun, considering I start out each respawn at 20% less health. In a gamemode where the fountain doesn't heal.

  • Mat Pl
    Mat Pl

    Finally something other than a viego bug

  • A.c.e -130
    A.c.e -130

    Jayce: Its Free Real estate

  • the wert1199
    the wert1199

    Still waiting for yorick bug fixes...

  • Kontrol

    So have they fixed the bug yet where graves will sometimes auto/auto-cancel 100 times in half a second? Happens sometimes when I’m trying to cs with him and it’s so incredibly loud.

  • Milf- Hunter
    Milf- Hunter

    Jayce: make two muramanas Riots with reworked shop: Its impossible...

  • Aleksandar Kos
    Aleksandar Kos

    i played kled with that bug it affected me hard in a ranked game.i did notice smth was off but i dont play kled too much

  • Axelovskji

    I have come to the conclusion that there's a group of people employed by riot, and their sole purpose is to sabotage code so that bugfixers have something to do

  • Sheriff Shrigga
    Sheriff Shrigga

    Hi Vandiril I have an interesting bug on A Sol his Q cost at rank 1 is 60 mana but in my game when I cast it on lvl 1 it cost me 100mana like 4 times and then I think it was normal but maybe u can show this bug to riot

  • C55 gt
    C55 gt

    Question number 1: is vandiril a debugger?

  • Elder

    Can yuumi attach to graves W?

  • Dindon farci
    Dindon farci

    Can you pls do a video about sion E interactions with senna W zilean Q ...

    • Leo

      why? theyre not bugs or anything

  • Luigi

    12 years of beta

  • Angel kr12
    Angel kr12

    Wow a bug without a viego

  • Reclusive Eagle
    Reclusive Eagle

    Huh, 2 of them have form changes and the 3rd is just broken. Unfortunately the hotfix can't fix the last one

  • IL Bianco
    IL Bianco

    1:25 Xerath name is VEGAN MEAT (carne vegana in Italian) xD

  • skydragon

    I like the graves w this way. Can the bug come back ?

  • Atro

    I had this Bug on Kled last patch in an Aram, didn't know that they fixed that. Thanks Riot, now nerf Fiora, Irelia and Yone ty

  • Alexander Maxx
    Alexander Maxx

    I randomly checked Kled on the wiki and it mentioned a change along the lines of [redacted from patch notes] and was wondering what that was about Now I understand,, thanks, Van!

  • Mew On YT
    Mew On YT

    Ay yo that‘s why my ashe arrows disappeared against the graves