Viego Breaks the game AGAIN... ft. Karma & Fiddlesticks
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  • Vandiril

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    • nasus curator of the sands
      nasus curator of the sands

      i was using the practice mode and bought a riftmaker with legendary items but stat details only showed 8 percent omnivamp is it with practice tool or a bug?(sry for bad eng) edit:all of the passives are working normally except riftmakers omnivamp so it wasnt anything big

    • nasus curator of the sands
      nasus curator of the sands

      hey guys idk if its a bug or not but i think mystic item passives might not be working

    • ›

      Try the new Annie skin I'm pretty sure it also works

  • Ren siwawuti
    Ren siwawuti

    Now. I donk like league of legend .... It not fun...

  • Marcu

    This thing happen to me, but, there was no viego in the game....

  • Destinationn20

    why u accent so thick use google voice or put subtitles

  • Sean Lacap
    Sean Lacap

    This already happened to me WTH

  • Adrian Gee
    Adrian Gee

    The ruined game


    This is Karma

  • xakuyer

    Ah shit here we go again...

  • Goodkappahere

    Idk why u dont work at RIOT already !

  • MrMedavo

    Can we just delete this champ already and move on?

  • James Crookshank
    James Crookshank

    @vandiril I saw this interaction recently yone e is bugged with Camille ult. if his body is outside the zone he just leaves Camille ult and cancels it. This is definitely not how it used to work so unless they changed it it’s very bugged. Idk if you will see this but I thought I would try and tell you.

  • Bottle God
    Bottle God

    Sometimes I wonder why people make living so much harder for themselves.

  • Dzik Na Zakręcie
    Dzik Na Zakręcie

    Every bug that includes Viego and game-crash sounds like a 2010 game guide on how to get a secret achievement and a legendary tier weapon

  • Burak Öztürk
    Burak Öztürk

    Aphelius de de oluyor

  • Ninjen S N
    Ninjen S N

    You should use the word ruined instead of break

  • D'angelo Scott
    D'angelo Scott

    Idk if this is a bug or not but my games just randomly crash and I don't know how to stop it

  • xMalinowy

    mow po polsku kurwa, slychac po akcencie ze polak


    viego steals your connection

  • Troll Darius
    Troll Darius

    1:33 "Nothing Really Happened Everything Works Properly"

  • Christopher Nollan
    Christopher Nollan

    can you please ask riot to fix Ezreal's auto with Critical Chance sometimes the animation doesn't go off but the crit it does


    well lets just say karma and viego *Ruined* the Game

  • Veiss seven
    Veiss seven

    In what world did dev's think viego was ready for live?

  • KillerQueen

    ayy another free dodge

  • Calorias XD
    Calorias XD

    Vandiril someday will have to create a viego only playlist.

  • Martín

    but how

  • Loc Adventure
    Loc Adventure

    This is how you make your money worth while on League.

  • ĦѧŁİŁ Đųʀѧŋ
    ĦѧŁİŁ Đųʀѧŋ

    Ruined king ruines the game

  • Star Brichett
    Star Brichett

    I found a bug that crashed the game, but only the one who made the bug. The ekko true damage skin is required. Basically you enter a game, deactivate the sound with the option that is at the end of that configuration. End the game with the sound deactivated, you enter another but with the ekko skin, then you activate the sound, only the music of the skin and some sound effects should be heard, then you deactivate the sound again. (Sorry I don't speak English xD)

  • Rudi Him
    Rudi Him

    Viego is like sci-fi movies AI, Start as a little bug, gain intellgince, and conquer the world

  • Menelska Mongolia
    Menelska Mongolia

    Ustawione te bugi są tak myślę ENG : Riot make special it all

  • Armin Arlelt
    Armin Arlelt

    My friend is new to league and asked what is a spaghetti code. I'll show him this video. Thank you Vandiril

  • Wildgazer

    Just redo the entire game at this point like Wild Rift, the code is so fucked as it is. It's only going to get worse with each champ release AND the fact that they need them to interact with Sylas, Viego, Morde (my trist still gets glitched when jumping and he ults at the same time, that shit is frustrating) and probably some other champs correctly...

  • Arky

    U can flash during possession and when the possession animation ends u get teleported back to the corpse, thus wasting your flash

  • ggFlayeep

    Ruined Games skins will be released with Viego on patch 11.3.

  • ivcony

    I saw that smile when you said "ruined for a reason"

  • Practical PosiTVty
    Practical PosiTVty

    viego collabs are game breaking

  • Kewada

    why this champion isn`t disabeld yet?

  • Kaique Santiago
    Kaique Santiago

    Hope this time you dont wait til the patch. Maybe this time they will adress the bug on the patch notes

  • ardiite

    Viego bug book when?

  • Katarina Reset
    Katarina Reset

    vandiril explains: how to FF in under 1 min

  • victor dadério
    victor dadério

    This bug is also frustrating I know but League is riot property and they are a small indie company, don't blame them

  • Kevin The Cat
    Kevin The Cat

    ok but honestly how many views did Vandiril get since viego is in the game, its insane how much riot loves you

  • Umbra Witch
    Umbra Witch

    I hope riot create more ruined skins and champs🙂

  • Jinkuzu

    I wonder if Riot has some team making estimation of the amount of bugs something will add into the game, cause Viego surely would've broken their expectations.

  • vsiu

    this is the results of over 200 years worth game development and coding experience boys

  • clothed genji
    clothed genji

    I played Viego in a normal match, now my pc has virus

  • Vlas

    w R t I f OT

  • Zegioh :D
    Zegioh :D

    I dont know if its a bug or not but, I played viego yesterday vs a malzahar and I transformed and used the malzahar's E, then I used the ultimate to have the viego´s abylities and when the minions were killed my E was spreading into my minions and i was like, what did just happen to my wave

  • Matyáš Patejdl
    Matyáš Patejdl

    I'm so glad I stopped playing this game before Viego came

  • Asriel Dreemurr
    Asriel Dreemurr

    But why would a skin crash a game

  • Appester

    Wake up honey, new viego bug.

  • Zodiac

    at this rate viego will never be usable in pro play ROFL the guy coding is a literal bunch of bugs...

  • BrendanMskating

    how is this abomination live? -mark yetter "yes."

  • Nguyễn Huy
    Nguyễn Huy

    Senna: We don't fear the darkness, but his bug scared me.

  • ChuckNormis218

    How does a SKIN ruin the game. Riot is so bad LMFAO fuck

  • rodrigo corrales chaupi
    rodrigo corrales chaupi




  • Russ Bus
    Russ Bus

    But *why* does this bug happen?

  • Gavrata Mazalov
    Gavrata Mazalov

    am i the only one wondering why isnt this champion disabled considering the amount of game braking bugs he's doing ?

  • uchiha rapael
    uchiha rapael

    Everyone: fix this champion! RIOT: Let's ruined the game

  • FireMocs Brickz Rivera
    FireMocs Brickz Rivera

    Everyone: fix the Game!! Rito: Let's make a New Skin of Master yi

  • John Ford
    John Ford

    ah yes, The Ruination

  • ›

    Try the new Annie skin I'm pretty sure it also works

  • Hethalean

    Riot just releasing more and more champions they literally CANNOT HANDLE AS A TECHNICAL STANDPOINT. Can't wait. Just imploding their own game hoping we switch to their probably equally shitty developed MMO. These are only the bugs that have been FOUND. There's 1000 skins, 150 champions, etc, etc.

  • Aatrox The Accursed
    Aatrox The Accursed

    i love how viego comes with not only his gameplay but his real lore actions on the summoners rift haha

  • uchiha rapael
    uchiha rapael

    This guy is printing bugs

  • RuneKatashima

    I feel like because they code skins as individual champions and not as actual skins causes this. There's no other way. Which means there was bad QA on Karma. They missed something.


    God damn it, just delete this champion

  • Mansur Ali Bilgiç
    Mansur Ali Bilgiç

    I thought league would be alive for like 20 years And then Viego came Such a fucking disaster

  • Ametist Dumas
    Ametist Dumas

    we got a new word to replace "bug" with when we play LoL. instead of "oh well that's a weird bug" say "oh well that's a weird viego"

  • Mental Gollum
    Mental Gollum

    what happened to this game? :(

  • Nicole Eleuterio
    Nicole Eleuterio

    Come on, it's *RUINED KARMA*

  • nameless

    I am so curious on how Riot wrote its spaghetti code

  • Bluh !
    Bluh !

    Viego can cast W/E/Q at the same time

  • Incognito Account
    Incognito Account

    At this rate the whole riot offices will dissapear

  • Kotik Kotik
    Kotik Kotik

    How many times is that now?


    Played a game with a Viego who took over an Ornn and he was able to upgrade his entire team's items at lvl 14 (when the Ornn was only level 13)

  • Ajmi Yessine
    Ajmi Yessine

    People who voted mordekaiser prt2 be like :O

  • ShadowxDark87 Gaming
    ShadowxDark87 Gaming

    Ah yes, *The Ruination*

  • Alexander Reid
    Alexander Reid

    As it turns out the real horror of Fiddlesticks was the bugs

  • Farael Willdabeast
    Farael Willdabeast

    Ruined King. Translation: Buggy POS that will crash the game.

  • stelios kosmas
    stelios kosmas


  • antony varvaris
    antony varvaris

    ngl this should turn in to a video series with that many bugs happeninin

  • Jonas Schlagin
    Jonas Schlagin

    Ah shit here we go again

  • Captain Rubber Nipples
    Captain Rubber Nipples

    Does anyone know wehre in vods this happened?

  • FausxD

    Playing in a ranked I possesed Fiddle, and when you leave his body, you can't change Fiddlesticks ward xd

  • Hakkı Ertuğrul
    Hakkı Ertuğrul

    it's not a bug, it's a feature !!!

  • Nils Breer
    Nils Breer

    this bug should appear with all ruined skins not only with karma if i am not mistaken

  • Jose L Quispe
    Jose L Quispe

    Hey Vandiril leave some bugs so I can see them at LCS 😂😂😂😂😂

    • Jim Afanas
      Jim Afanas

      Smth had happened in worlds if im not mistaken where a game bugged or smth and riot named the winner based on who was winning at that point you need to check it was sad to watch

  • The Shadow
    The Shadow

    As a main Karma i now have a counter for viego lol

  • Christopher Nollan
    Christopher Nollan

    Try looking out champions with cull and posses them you have instant 1gold per minion kills and cull resetted to 100 and it decreases as long as the possesor has its item

  • moiiimoii

    its a whole series at this point

  • Ray Denki
    Ray Denki

    At least they are fixing these bugs... altough they could have, I dunno, maybe tried the champ during the extra long PBE duration to see how much is fucked up...

  • Diaz

    custom games should have all skins unlocked for bug testing and checking if a skin looks good without having to restore to third party resources like yt videos

  • Anonimo

    this is like a daily viego bug

  • Hebert Cleiton
    Hebert Cleiton

    I saw that if viego kills galio, he gets the W passive of galio, even after killing others champions

  • zealshock

    Riot: *releases viego* Vandiril: It's free real state

  • Mello kingTV
    Mello kingTV

    viego: how to break a game in 100 ways

  • Golden Heart
    Golden Heart

    I still think that Vandiril discover more bugs than Riot itself xD

  • Just a Person
    Just a Person

    I feel like they created Viego just to fix some extremely hard to find bugs

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