Viego + Dr. Mundo = Stealing Abilities?
Healing Enemies? Freezing the Game? Infinite Sivir Bounces?
All of that and much more here!
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0:00 Maokai E
0:09 Corki R
0:21 Nami W (healing enemies)
0:47 Twisted Fate W
1:05 Shyvana R
1:12 Ziggs E
1:27 Hecarim R
1:40 Sivir W (infinite bounces)
2:16 Gnar Q
2:31 Riven R
2:40 Ryze E (RIP Game)
3:15 Ahri W (??????????????)
3:38 Leblanc R+E
3:53 Karma Q
4:00 Kog'Maw Q
4:09 Wukong Q
4:26 Lulu Q
4:35 Brand E
4:45 Master Yi Q (??????)
4:56 Jinx Q Rockets
5:04 Rumble R (?????)
5:14 Karthus R
5:24 Nautilus E
5:31 Azir something
5:41 Viktor Q
5:52 Aphelios E (yes, you read it right)
6:07 Katarina Q
6:16 Jax R
6:25 Lux R
6:33 Draven Q
6:44 Poppy Q

  • Xuan Bach Lai
    Xuan Bach Lai

    Viego makes everyone on the rift role-play his damnation arc. Fictional folks playing a real life event. A reverse larp, lol.

  • Rasnad

    Literally 99% of Viegos bugs are from "we gonna combine" meme...

  • deadend51000

    How did this champion got out of the PBE version like this? most broken champion ever.

  • Pigeon

    0:59 what are you doing here malzahar?

  • Kaue Pereira
    Kaue Pereira

    For real, at this point, just delete this champion...

  • Rias Gremory
    Rias Gremory

    Why hasn't Riot hired this man to be a bug tester yet.. he would find all of them lol

  • Argantonio@Hyperactive

    pls i want just some fine spaguetti. with tomatoes.

  • zakaria hamdi
    zakaria hamdi

    nice ping xD

  • akilmilo

    Aphelios: E Me: understandable, have a great day.

  • Llean Areñoz
    Llean Areñoz

    Small windslash ey? New skill confirmed

  • aboode 3
    aboode 3

    I want to see it with cho ult

  • Ha Su
    Ha Su

    The gift that keeps on giving

  • thomsa45

    Waiting for the urf viego so many bug incoming

  • Flif


  • Crimson

    He is not wasting any seconds exploring viego bugs, i can tell you that much lol.

  • iago Ramalho
    iago Ramalho

    2:08 Minecraft eat sound

  • REYteo

    i like the aphelios one xd that one is funny af

  • The Father in the Cave
    The Father in the Cave

    I actually think sivirs w should bounce infinitely. I don’t think it should do too much damage though.

  • Cubone

    do all these viego bugs mean if you report someone playing veigo the system can autoban them because they'll detect the bug being a hack lol?

  • Peter Briedon
    Peter Briedon

    old morde: i am the king of bugs, viege exist ...

  • Jesús E. Alfonso
    Jesús E. Alfonso

    Ahora sí se puede decir que en el sup cura al enemigo en ves de matarlo xD

  • 000 000
    000 000

    at this point riot is just givin you free content

  • Vũ Phạm công anh
    Vũ Phạm công anh

    *Viego can't use other champs R* Viego as Corki and Riven: say that again?

  • Peppin' Walker
    Peppin' Walker

    1:00 : when Artem start to use AN EXODIA cards

  • eRr0r-s3aRcHeR

    i dont get the point of this video

  • PotatoGodzilla

    At this point accept defeat and change his ult to something else. Cmon this is getting ridiculous.

  • Kay Art
    Kay Art

    Viego came from cyberpunk confirmed.

  • Yoani

    You're a Viego main at this point.

  • Metuo S.
    Metuo S.

    Next bug: Viego just dies.

  • Terra

    Mordekaiser stands up from throne, grabs his club: "Hold my beer."

  • Dylan Larrabee
    Dylan Larrabee

    I like how buggy the bugs are lmao

  • Czenek Boi
    Czenek Boi

    i just don't understand how is that even possible like how the fuck it chooses those abilities

  • Benjamin Carmelo Borg
    Benjamin Carmelo Borg

    Old mordekaiser: finally a worthy opponent

  • felipemaster532

    0:23 this it's how my adc autos looks like

  • leo hlkçjg
    leo hlkçjg

    Imagine not being able to code basic attack modifiers

  • Qubosal

    Imagine the face of the champion developer team when they announced Viego was ready for live servers.

  • giorgos haleplis
    giorgos haleplis

    You know its a good one when vandiril plays agnus dei

  • The Sloth
    The Sloth

    is this hero ever gonna be fixed or will this hero be like yea thats intented :D

  • Apocolo toth
    Apocolo toth

    I feel like thats introduced by the fix to mundos burn staying after swapping back

  • AxisTheGuide

    Uhm. I know this is isn't this good but, can you guys subscribe to my channel? I'm starting this channel with Bee Swarm Sim and trying to think of content every day. Thanks! Sorry if this made you mad.

  • Wiell Nyan
    Wiell Nyan

    Nami healing, nice, Aphelios E, nice.

  • Duhi

    hmmm yes, still playable in ranked tho

  • TheScaryreaper

    Make it stoooooop, delete the abomination already

  • 肥肥教主


  • AnimeLover X
    AnimeLover X

    In confused

  • OsuKaylan

    is it urf again?

  • Cookie Creepy
    Cookie Creepy

    Yesterday I was playing in urf and an assassin killed me with the collector, I was playing Karthus and my passive did not activate Idk if you can test this, or it's normal

  • ShinyDuck

    me: Jesus this cc is never ending team: just buy tenacity boots me even with the tenacity boots: 0:59

  • SCP 049
    SCP 049

    After witnessing these bugs, there's one word that popped up in my mind. “SPAGHETTI"

  • K A R M A
    K A R M A

    oh yeah the buged king

  • Eloy Garcia
    Eloy Garcia

    1:00 Twisted Fate activates Berserker Soul

  • Sesugawa Aruno
    Sesugawa Aruno

    Viego is such a huge content for Vandiril. Keep it up!

  • Nyuuni

    Aphelios E : exists with Viego Me : THE FUCK IS THIS SH*T?!

  • Danund81

    how many ARE THERE?

  • Adamanthus Zeraxis
    Adamanthus Zeraxis

    Ryze E (RIP GAME) lol well you're lagging too suddenly haha

  • f1r3 hunt3rz
    f1r3 hunt3rz

    He ain't called "The Ruined King" for nothing.

  • Ian Sanders
    Ian Sanders

    I want a game mode where you abuse broken bugs to win

  • Doxal Ruzze
    Doxal Ruzze

    I now understand, Riot created Viego to contain the League Client bugs and future bugs regarding new champions

  • AssassinXMod

    Viego? Is that not the name of League Client?

  • Jim Afanas
    Jim Afanas

    Throughout your vids i have counted at about 500viego bugs alone 😂😂😂

  • poijn ve
    poijn ve

    0:35 hahaha so namis heal is an attack with -damage? hahahaha

  • JChamp 00
    JChamp 00

    Darn was kinda hoping Lulus would be permanent polymorph auto attacks

  • Huy Pham Duc
    Huy Pham Duc

    I like the Aphelios E part 😂

  • Pepa

    At this point they shoud open up a pizzerie of some kind of pasta place.

  • max jomocan
    max jomocan

    Nami is healing the enemy team to win?!!!

  • Warwicks Soul
    Warwicks Soul

    When did they patch Viego into the glitch?

  • Mrn Lyza
    Mrn Lyza

    Report nami Reason: Healing enemies

  • Nepals

    I’m surprised they haven’t disabled the fucker

  • Kobitka

    Only I wantto see Viego wet dream with mundo + sivir W bug?

  • eriper

    Yeah this stupid ass champion will stay banned in everygame I'm in for sure, sad to let others champions I don't like go through but it's just stupid what Viego is

  • Roland aka Ecak
    Roland aka Ecak

    Riot at this point is like: whatever, let's just release the champion and let Vandiril do all the testing

  • Rodrigo Portales Oliva
    Rodrigo Portales Oliva

    Vandiril: Riot dear! It's 4pm! Time for your Viego bug showcase! Riot: Yes darling.............

  • Windows Open
    Windows Open

    Nah the video was in reversed

  • Hilm

    so you tell me that rito fucked up a champion so hard that he heals the enemies????

  • Roberto R
    Roberto R

    Ah yes, infinite TF stun cards. Exactly how it feels to get hit by a Morgana Q.

  • jj 2812
    jj 2812

    this new season is amazing

  • kunjunction1

    please put a seizure warning on this just recovered from one watching this the sivir bounces at the dragon triggered it.

  • Alex

    They should've just make the possesing his ult, kinda like Sylas. There weren't that many problems with Sylas I think

  • TheTwistedRebellion

    tbh. If I saw this bug as riot employee looking at this bug I would be baffled myself since its makes zero sense that mundo's E Should have this effect at all.

  • Jacob Henn
    Jacob Henn

    I think the "Azir Something" is his soldiers attacking the target, but he doesn't have any soldiers, so nothing happens

  • Marcel ET
    Marcel ET

    Im not seing much viegos, its like old morde all again.

  • Double Coffee
    Double Coffee

    Very curious about Jayces interactions with Viego, Jayce’s Kit is already feels like spaghetti code

  • Nini Salamander
    Nini Salamander

    Is it possible he surpassed mordekeiser with these bugs


    This is genuinely really interesting to watch, kind of gives a weird insight to how Viego was made.

  • Shiro 'André' Amurha
    Shiro 'André' Amurha

    vandiril, try to enter the urf cannon while charging pantheons R and see the bug

  • T- 115
    T- 115


  • Yet another Overlord
    Yet another Overlord

    See them rework mundo instead of fixing these bugs


    How does the game decide which spell to spam tho?

  • nelson smith
    nelson smith

    I swear to God that when I saw "healing enemies" I thought it was a nerf to Akali

  • Crayon Mellow
    Crayon Mellow

    Viego has a new bug every couple of days, it feels more like a feature than a bug

  • 123DJ321

    Viegaiser is all I need to say

  • ro perez
    ro perez

    i play viego in urf and now mi sounds are bugged

  • Đắc Đắc Bủ Bủ Lmao
    Đắc Đắc Bủ Bủ Lmao

    When you sp and tired with ADC 0/10, 4 cs per minute. 0:23

  • Snuffy !
    Snuffy !

    I think it's safe to say... That Veigo is more glitxhed than old Modikaiser

  • Lucas Soares
    Lucas Soares


  • Andreux7000

    The bug actually isnt only for mundo, but for draven too, I once was fighting as viego killed draven, got his axe (Q), and turned into the enemy thresh and as thresh I could use Q with my autoattacks

  • Daemoniack

    Enemy team : Play Mundo and Twisted Fate. Viego : So you have chosen... D E A T H

  • Bentuldum

    Enemy team locks in Mundo Viego:It's my time to shine

  • baldgum

    If D ream playerd league of legends 0:49

  • Sharkness

    There is a Viego bug where, if you steal Draven, and uses his Q and W, when you go back to Viego, the Q is still active and your W stun of Viego resets.

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