Viego + Nunu E + Caitlyn Q
Just another average Viego interaction!
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0:00 Viego + Nunu E + Caitlyn Q
1:05 Bonus clip with Azir

  • Vandiril

    My friend Johann found out about this & he regularly helps me with other bug stuff. Go SUBSCRIBE to him pls: Big thanks to him! The more bug hunters we have, the better! Gotta hold Rito accountable. Have a good day!

    • Adam Brown
      Adam Brown

      There's a bug on Heimerdinger. Idk if it's just his dragon trainer skin or not, but if you fire his rockets in any particular direction and there's something on the exact opposite side of heimer, like almost on top of him, he will hit what's on the opposite side of the intended firing direction. I found this out with shaco and his clone when his clone was right on top of me and the shaco was low and running away but I died because this bug killed the clone on top of me and then taunted me

    • malter87

      at this point it really feels like the Viego bugs are literally more than his normal interactions

    • Luckybug

      If this bug work in urf try it with Nunu E or Eve Q

    • ツKen Andrei S. Del Rosario
      ツKen Andrei S. Del Rosario


    • Trynd The Undying Wilkes
      Trynd The Undying Wilkes

      Tryndamere has a werid bug if you ult while nocturne is ult going you cant ult for the rest of the game i think thats how it goes

  • Sarp Bilge Senkardesler
    Sarp Bilge Senkardesler

    Its caitlyns q, but the animation is w, the actual skill is e and its done with ult

  • Ryan Lebel
    Ryan Lebel

    Rip irelias old ult

  • magi is still alive
    magi is still alive


  • Michal Borowczak
    Michal Borowczak

    viego bugs, interactions etc are already boring change my mind

  • Vinh Nhu
    Vinh Nhu

    Imagine this with the nunu E in urf

  • BladedJay

    imagine being in a teamfight, and you just start seeing dozens of azir towers pop up around you

  • Zachary Machado
    Zachary Machado

    just turn this channel or another channel in to viewgo committed bug channel >.> lol

  • Zardon_Zane

    Viego needs to be removed of the game and kept in pbe for some years :'v

  • Portal Oyun
    Portal Oyun

    That azir tower bug gave me nostalgia

  • Andrew Penny
    Andrew Penny

    You are making the devs of Veigo hate themselves

  • keks

    I thought the Azir towers would shoot Caitlyn Q's...

  • Andrew Wang
    Andrew Wang

    Could you do this with darius q

  • Drk

    Old irelia ult

  • Yue Yaiba
    Yue Yaiba

    That azir bug is like the global xerath X and kayn W, it will always be back at some point

  • ZektalTV

    At this point riot needs to release "spaghetti monster viego" as a skin cuz I've never seen a champion that gave us more spaghetti code

  • Blazing Heart
    Blazing Heart

    At this point riot must have a team entirely dedicated to fixing viego bug

  • Pls uninstall
    Pls uninstall

    Is Viego blessed by old Mordekaiser, or is it the other way around? I am confused.

  • Arthur Morgani
    Arthur Morgani

    Is like... any of this fixed?

  • Peak

    1:16 That sure brings back memories.

  • Ciro Essmann
    Ciro Essmann

    Bro Simeone needs to make a book of all viego bugs

  • love birds.
    love birds.

    Dream come true

  • pooplol

    Viego was just a ploy for Vandiril to have daily uploads

  • Jonsku 666
    Jonsku 666

    Riot dev: "Hey, what if we made a champ that becomes other champions for a brief time, as in like gets the enemy champion's abilities and all?" Riot after all the buggy crap with things like Sylas who only took enemy ults: "... What could possibly go wrong?" :'D

  • Momen Gaber
    Momen Gaber

    the game stopped ... what happened .

  • Carlos Andrés Arias Bermúdez
    Carlos Andrés Arias Bermúdez

    Bugima it's back jaja

  • Elvis De Jesus
    Elvis De Jesus

    like, in the programming sense we probably know why it's happening. after using unu e and immediately possesing someone else the new e thinks it's nunu e and comes out again. just like the previous video, this bug is attributed to the new abilities not fully replacing the old abilities, as the game is expecting the ability to keep going if it's a continuous ability, like nunu e. what we don't know is why this is a bug in the first place.

  • Random User
    Random User

    Riot might just wanna disable viego for a month in ranked and uhh proplay

  • Παύλος Μαυρούδας
    Παύλος Μαυρούδας

    Bro why rito servers crashed?? Pls tell us

  • Bon Im
    Bon Im

    "NO FULL AUTO IN BUILDINGS" That's not full auto, this is:

  • Herbie Brodbeck
    Herbie Brodbeck

    There is a bug in practice tool, 11.4, where if sylas has Horizon Focus he can kill a target dummy with his E

  • LightGryphon

    Waiting for "This is why rankeds queue got turned off!"

    • Momen Gaber
      Momen Gaber

      yes its turned off 5 hours ago ... i wonder what happened .

  • Zefnix

    Holy fk honestly just remove viego this will never end xD

  • MeM0R1aL

    this champ is a bug

  • Joseph Durt
    Joseph Durt


  • I am INoKami
    I am INoKami

    "There are three things that are infinte: the universe, human stupidity and the number of Viego bugs. But I´m not quite sure about the universe yet." -Einstein, probably

  • Maa Boiiyo
    Maa Boiiyo

    boi this game looks fun, really buggy though, I doubt it will get out of beta by 2022

  • Arnom Mota
    Arnom Mota

    It's in PBE?

  • Katastrophycal

    Vandiril ,Riftmaker is not stacking it's mythic passive(spell vamp),please report that to Riot games.

  • Filip Olejniczak
    Filip Olejniczak

    lol is shit odpalam se gierke co nie i gowno error i nie da sie reconect kliknac a jak klikne to znowu error dzieki temu sposobowi stracilem juz 50 lp KomodoHype

  • Radio Tortuga
    Radio Tortuga

    I really hope they can fix some of these bugs on PBE before this champion will be released to the main servers, when is he scheduled to be released?

  • The Broken Dragon.
    The Broken Dragon.

    ngl, kinda tired of seeing viego bugs, i'd honestly take another azir bug at this point.

  • 김길재

    Where's the daily viego bug?

  • Kiryonn Akira
    Kiryonn Akira

    so the azir bug is still here huu ?

  • Hei Blackreaper
    Hei Blackreaper

    Here is how to fix Viego without removing him from the game: Step 1: Give every team 6 Bans. Step 2: Automatically ban Viego for both team, before players van an champs. Step 3: Bug-free experience!

  • Clara GoogleClassroom
    Clara GoogleClassroom

    Yo i have another bug: when i keept turning into galio i got his shild permannent

  • Simone Rosano
    Simone Rosano

    "No full auto in buildings!" "I'm not full autoing" "That's not full auto?!?" "This is:"

  • Aleksander Grzegorzewski
    Aleksander Grzegorzewski

    1:15 No Not this bs again Please no

  • DanteTheDoG

    I hope you are rich by now

  • Andy

    Like, who even codes this shit

  • JohonTheMighty


  • TheMoonBlueEyes

    Can they just delete that trash? Stuff like that is the reason my friends quit league with s11

  • Jayden Liberty
    Jayden Liberty

    So basically, if you play as anyone, Viego can use you to wipe your own team Perfect, just what the meta needed to clear out some of the excess sheep, or something

  • Dust D. Reaper
    Dust D. Reaper

    Cant we just delete Viego already? Like we are long passes the point where Viego became more bug than old morde atleast somewhat worked but Viego is the proof that riot doesnt care about the game and instead only thinks of how to sell more skins

  • David Schaeling
    David Schaeling

    How about making your own channel just with Viego bugs?

  • Der dessen Namen niemand weiß
    Der dessen Namen niemand weiß

    how do you find this stuff?

  • Yz Alexandrovna
    Yz Alexandrovna

    Oh sh*t.... i remember 1:28

  • Vincent Jay H. Jorque
    Vincent Jay H. Jorque

    Vandiril's family gonna eat lobster tonight.

  • Adam Brown
    Adam Brown

    Vandril: posts video Me: "So what did Viego do today?"

  • Greg E
    Greg E

    No Full auto in buildings!

  • Zokerino

    HOW DO THEY BREAK THE GAME SO HARD DUDE. If the fundation of the game was ready for champs like that it would have been much easier.

  • Aryan Kumar
    Aryan Kumar

    so its nunus'e but its caitlyns'q BUT veigo uses it Truly, you can choose any play style in season 11 Even if its bug manipulation

  • RinneBlxu


  • Melissa

    1:05 oh no... It's back... The s3 azir bug is back, god help us

  • Aaron KitGB
    Aaron KitGB

    What is the song of the video? Plz


    Old Irelia as a Doom Bot

  • Kemperc007

    But how do they manage to do that?

  • Sswwaaggyy Zadar
    Sswwaaggyy Zadar

    What nexts Qiyana Q + Viego

  • lunecker

    Viego: **exists** Vandiril: I can milk it

  • Mithos23

    The V in Vandiril's name and profile pic stands for Viego

  • TowelHeadFred

    Riot: *Releases Viego* Vandiril: "stonks"

  • lambert dobry kolega geralta
    lambert dobry kolega geralta

    i still can not belive why they do not remove this dogshit champ from game, huge fail...


    I feel like riot needs to keep up with this channel to fix the bugs or maybe hire you as an consultant. It is ridiculous that you spotlight a bug almost every single day. Viego has been a bug making machine, like I don’t know how these bugs can even be mistakenly programmed into the game, since some of them are really specific and have certain requirements (like you have to play with a certain skin to activate it).

  • Seven Aries
    Seven Aries

    Just another day at League of Spaghetti

  • Deathpower962

    1:05 Ah shit, here we go again... *Insterts the old clip of azir spamming turrents in a ranked game.*

  • Vi Ursa
    Vi Ursa

    i noticed that the item collector does 999 damage. if someone has over 20k hp is it possible to survive the collector proc?

  • Sycu

    Somehow Viego has more bugs than damage XD

  • M-k

    Why is that caitlyn thing just kayle at lvl 16

  • Christian Jarecki
    Christian Jarecki

    why does riot keep doing this to themselves. they are honestly so fucking stupid

  • Hugh

    Vandril: Puts ads on Bug videos. Viego: I'm gonna give this man an entire career.

  • Innovative Pick Highlights
    Innovative Pick Highlights

    Somebody called it in the previous video's comment section

  • Grzegorz Jędrzejowski
    Grzegorz Jędrzejowski

    Oldschool azir passive bug, classic.

  • B P
    B P

    After first poop

  • H B
    H B

    this bug is championed

  • pawwlo67

    Those bugs are so frequent I was able to guess what will happen just by reading title

  • Mina

    Viego of the week :)

  • Katarina Bot
    Katarina Bot

    oh no the azir turret is back

  • Nicolas Banegas
    Nicolas Banegas

    "Nv Shiro" playing Gragas KEKW

  • Bryson V.
    Bryson V.

    Rapid Fire Cannon be looking a little different.

  • Felipe Wichert
    Felipe Wichert

    "This is not full auto. This is full auto."

  • Markos P
    Markos P

    stop calling it a bug its a feature

  • theXblackXwolf98

    Riot just hire this man

  • Duo_Septimdra

    Oh no honey it's not a bug, viego has a secret passive that let's him mix champion abilities and *usually* break the game while he's at it so you can practice his mechanics without fear of a loss!

  • Grommy

    OK new Viego bug, now tell me whats new

  • Johannes Araya
    Johannes Araya

    Daily Dose of Viego Bugs.

  • Just Another Buckethead Fan
    Just Another Buckethead Fan

    Who would win? Azir with his infinite towers bug or Viego in his current state

  • Noisy Silence
    Noisy Silence

    Damn, Riot staff really woke up one day and chose Vandiril gets rich huh

  • Lars Kuhlmann
    Lars Kuhlmann

    Please stop :(

  • fog

    Yup, I knew from the title.

  • Tomáš Beneda
    Tomáš Beneda

    I like the evolution of the names of the videos :D At the start it was like *Champion that can ERASE whole game!* but now it's just like a baking recipe *One Viego, Possesed Kindreds R, Six eggs* Week later the names won't even include Viego, because why, when every video is about Viego...

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