When Rift Herald Breaks...
Rift Herald seems to have few bugs...
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  • Kay Bürcky
    Kay Bürcky

    He is called Harald and you know that! Stop hurting his feelings

  • Kαmūi

    Malphite : help im stuck His stepbro : how dare you to summon me?

  • Kevin Degering
    Kevin Degering

    herald used bootyslap it was super effective

  • Adam Brown
    Adam Brown

    1:44 are we sure that's not just minion block?

  • escala 85
    escala 85

    1:48 DOOR STUCK

  • Vantros

    When Viktor said "HeHAHhah" I felt that.

  • Josh Lopez
    Josh Lopez

    That Malphite dropped the soap...

  • Diopside

    Rofl 1:23 he hit the same turret twice, spaghettification.

  • Humphry Villarosa
    Humphry Villarosa

    Malphite: LET ME MOVE!! IM NOT A ROC-... LET ME MOVE!!

  • Aladdinde

    These jungle nerf are a bit too extreme

  • Cassiano Lara
    Cassiano Lara

    my dude lifting so hard the aftershocks are stronger thans its hits

  • Georgian Matei
    Georgian Matei

    I think that herald is olaying at dark harvest

  • Styner Grimm
    Styner Grimm

    SCP 001 - Riot Games A small mysterious indie company capable of releasing broken fuckfests of games but manage to make them addicting enough to be successful for a decade. Games include [REDACTED] and [Redacted] as well as games soon to be released like [REDACTED] and [REDACTED] Class: Keter

  • JuicySweetMedia

    Idk what you guys expect from such a small indie company like Riot Games.

  • olimar1000

    glad to see herald also got the same interaction as yones ult, just totally unstoppable xD

  • Serbian Raven
    Serbian Raven

    Hey Vandiril! I discovered a glitch with Viego yesterday. When you kill Miss Fortune, there is a chance that if you don't use her W, it will remain present when you go back to being Viego. It works normally, and you even have those heart particles behind you.

  • Beingallowed

    he went off with a bang

  • Dark Play
    Dark Play

    Viegos Pet

  • Vaga Anima
    Vaga Anima

    0:35 choked on my fruit juice... XD

  • Kay Art
    Kay Art

    You should've show the rift herald dancing at the end

  • Airman

    Always happens in my matches. Hits a turret, damage another.

  • Corundrom

    I actually had the bug where shelly hits one turret and damages another happen in one of my games

  • خليل الأشول
    خليل الأشول

    Hey Vandiril you should make a video about the bug where league literally doesn't allow you to enter a game Like the game doesn't load for no reason it happened to me and my friends many times and it got me bans when there's nothing I can do about it

  • Barnaby Jones
    Barnaby Jones

    Shelly, get your shit together, girl.

  • Arian comment
    Arian comment

    Dont worry guys, rift is just having connection issues

  • natsuruke

    1:30 new rift herald animation cancel trick

  • Dog or Doge
    Dog or Doge

    Is only a visual feature

  • Tha_Monsta88

    The bug literally came alive lmfao

  • Tee Hee
    Tee Hee

    Why did I just get an add about getting bigger balls

  • Γιώργος Παπαϊωάννου
    Γιώργος Παπαϊωάννου

    Rito indie company ladies and gentlemen

  • Eryn

    Finally Viego has possessed the herald

  • Mark Cheng
    Mark Cheng

    1:18 Crabbros be chilling

  • Demetrious Ferris
    Demetrious Ferris

    Team- Go get em Herald!!! Herald- How about no

  • chaosmonkey691

    1:41 and people say fizz's passive is useless... KEK

  • Victa Lau
    Victa Lau

    Wouldn't be surprised if the nexus took damage instead of the tower at this point

  • Tata Barbers
    Tata Barbers

    I've seen the rh bug and after that happened were like: W T F

  • Under Games
    Under Games

    Rift Herald has 2 new passives. Psyche and Final Resolve. You figure out what I mean.

  • Adnox

    When herald gets you into a headlock

  • just bru
    just bru

    1:51 *insert doorstuck.mp3*

  • Titomatico Random
    Titomatico Random

    How the f you mess the code to the point Herald damages another turrent instead of the one is hitting, like, dude, i failed the first semester of my first year on Programming and never messed this hard a code, and i left the career for a reason

  • Gazelle

    i have something similar in my channel :/


    main towers right tower : oh shit it's coming for me!! left tower : oh shit mate it's coming!! rift herald charge in right tower: ' surprise Pikachu face ' left tower: im die thank you forever

  • pszSmile

    That's a lot of damage

  • Juan Pretorius
    Juan Pretorius

    name a more angry moment than "I CANT FUCKING MOVE" I'll wait

  • Daniel Völk
    Daniel Völk

    I think Rifty might have just hit her head too hard too many times

  • Meep Moop
    Meep Moop

    1:30 ah yes, Drift Herald

  • Welt Siebenhundert
    Welt Siebenhundert

    Plot twist: Bad Internet (High ms numbers sometimes let me also do crazy shit)

  • Meme Man
    Meme Man

    0:25 aight im out

  • Captain Rex
    Captain Rex

    1:46 Alternative Title: What are you doing Stepherald?

  • Dom

    Imagine this happening at worlds/lcs

  • KurtozZ

    "Rift Herald has been temporairly removed from the game due to some issues we are fixing"

  • Matei Teodor
    Matei Teodor

    i didn't know CDprojekt is working for riot now

  • Alex

    Yeah i get it Herald is a new champion with shitty hitboxes, i'm already used to this.

  • Akiozumi

    Rift Herald is cuddling Malphite but Malphite doesn't Like it xD

  • Thiago Rêz
    Thiago Rêz

    eu acho que eu vi isso no minimo umas 3 vezes em streams e eu clipei todas as vezes que vi em partidas que eu joguei aconteceu uma vez só e eu ri pra caralho

  • efe buğra ünsal
    efe buğra ünsal


  • Mental Gollum
    Mental Gollum

    this game is so fun.. omg so fun bro

  • Llean Areñoz
    Llean Areñoz

    Idk man i find it normal to me

  • iPlayerBot

    But... That malphite inted? He had flash the whole time and didn't use it to escape

  • Cocogoat

    malphite: step herald what are you doing 👉👈

  • Rullnokk

    Rift Herald seems to have few bugs... Rift herald is a damn bug

  • Ahrl V
    Ahrl V

    That isn't Herald bugs. ・・・It's turret's power of Stand.

  • Dregoch

    Players: how many bugs this game has? Riot: yes

  • rapolas turauskas
    rapolas turauskas

    0:25 herald its 5:00 im not working overtime and leaft

  • Dr. Warren Payne
    Dr. Warren Payne

    Malphites revamp looks very promising

  • IronWolf

    Nice vid as always, chief; but by Jove, I need the song from the start please

  • Παύλος Μαυρούδας
    Παύλος Μαυρούδας

    DO my a favor DO Not Try goredrinker+R Aatrox he is unkillable

  • michael avrel
    michael avrel

    Me:Viego ,no! Viego:What? Me: Sorry.Force of habit

  • Tan. T Reverse!
    Tan. T Reverse!

    thanks shelly

  • yasiquyasiquyasiqu

    Shelly just wanted to hug Malphite :(

  • Azurity

    Leave Shelly alone, she's had a trying day! ):

  • angel

    She's trying her best

  • minhhoanglazy

    0:25 Aight imma head out

  • MurphLaws

    I knew it!!! I knew i wasn't crazy. This happened in one of my games. The herald hit the nexus tower and didn't damaged it, my team thought it was my fault.

  • Aja Lao
    Aja Lao

    Seeing Rift headbutting but no damage is so unsettling

  • George Burchell
    George Burchell

    malphite literally stuck between a rock and a hard place is the thing I needed to see today

  • Volfi

    Maybe just drunk

  • Pappa Big Nut
    Pappa Big Nut

    Man that Malphite just got molested by Herald Poor rock boi

  • hundred monster
    hundred monster

    The rift herald is depressed guys don't be so mean.

  • Varoujan Makdesian
    Varoujan Makdesian

    1:31 when i tell her to back that ass up

  • Wolf Shadowhaven
    Wolf Shadowhaven

    1:45 *Hugs Malphite* Malphite- "Help I'm stuck"

  • Joops

    I can't blame the poor thing. Imagine living your life just to give yourself major concussions.

  • Slobodan Visekruna
    Slobodan Visekruna


  • Daniel Martin
    Daniel Martin

    At this point im starting to think Vandiril is a bug finder for Riot

  • oscar reynoud
    oscar reynoud

    1:28 more like Drift Herald

  • ElapsedTime

    1:45 Boys putting their hand next to a girl’s head to flirt:

  • PewPewDragon

    Malphite got stuck between a rock and a hard place

  • Renata Kubik
    Renata Kubik

    Forgot how to Shelly. Also, I'm impressed how this is not another viego bug.

  • Igel Del Monte
    Igel Del Monte

    0:25 Rift Herald: *Aight ima head out*

  • emre ekşi
    emre ekşi

    then we call it "R. I. P. Herald"

  • Francis Johnson
    Francis Johnson

    That poor Malphite

  • Yasin Türksoy
    Yasin Türksoy

    1:28 drift herald

  • Miuzore yes
    Miuzore yes

    Riot Games: 200 years of collective experience League community: 1,000,000+ years of collective bug finding experience

  • Mr Dino Otaku
    Mr Dino Otaku

    1:44 stEp BrO I'M sTUCk

  • WolfGunnerlol

    Music pleasee ;-;

  • Redips Knuj
    Redips Knuj

    Meh its urf mode, no one cares.

  • Zishaka Joestar
    Zishaka Joestar

    1:44 out of my way son, door stuck door stuck!

  • Yaerry

    1:44 Shelly just wanted a friend D:

  • F1a2s3s4

    look how they massacred my boy

  • Tiến Võ Thanh
    Tiến Võ Thanh

    1:45 Malphite: Door stuck!! Door Stuck!!